12 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits (No.3 Shocking You)

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Himalayan salt lamp is chunks of salt crystal taken from the Himalayan Mountains, and in it were given a bulb to be exposed to heat energy, so that the salt crystals are able to spread negative ions into the surrounding air. Himalayan salt lamps have a function as natural air purifier that can kill bacteria, removes dust, removes allergy-triggering substances (allergens), smoke, odor and fungi spores. As a negative ion generator (air vitamin) can naturally clean the air and relieve various symptoms of asthma, allergies, migraines, insomnia and snoring.

Himalayan salt is an organic salt, which comes from the primeval ocean about 250 million years ago formed and dried naturally by the sun. This salt does not contain bleach or other chemical additives, it is also derived from sea water that still pure uncontaminated both pollution and wastes, not like sea water conditions at this time. Himalayan salt if used to cook more easily absorbed by our bodies because it contains 84 kinds of minerals that needed by the body.

This product is very safe to be stored anywhere for various ages and conditions. Even for children with special needs can give a good effect, so what the benefits of himalaya salt lamp?

Benefits of Negative Ions in the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Speed to get the effect of light is very diverse, depending on several things, namely the sensitivity of each person, the condition of humidity of the room or the amount of light that is used. There were a matter of days have felt the benefits, some people  who already using this lamp for few weeks began to feel the benefits. Most people who have used these lights said that the first reaction is perceived a better quality of sleep and feel fresh when wake up.

1. Produce Negative Ions

Mountain Salt Lights is a lamp that has a natural ability to produce negative ions or often referred to as anion. What is Negative ions or anions? Based on research conducted by Japanese scientists, Negative ions are charged particles, electrons every time flying in the air around us. Negative ions in the air can enter the human body through the respiratory and skin pores. These ions get into all the cells of the body to ride the flow of blood flow.

2. Improve Air Quality

himalayan salt lamp benefitsHimalayan salt lamps can produce negative ions in the presence of water vapor absorption process and then evaporated continuously on an ongoing basis. Himalayan salt lamp with negative ions, able to clean the surrounding air into the air with better quality.

3. Improve the Health and performance of Spleen

The lactic acid in the body wiil be break down by negative ions from himalaya salt lamp. In addition Negative Ion has the ability to improve the work of the spleen to produce in the immune system. Having automatic endurance in our body is better, especially to prevent incoming viruses.

4. Help Lactic acid fermentation

Negative ions in the air can get into the human body through the respiratory and skin pores. These ions get into all the cells of the body to ride the flow of blood flow. Negative ions in the body can break down the lactic acid into harmless substances is easily carried by the bloodstream to the landfill, when the body is tired and tense, lactic acid in the body will be confined in a cell that gives rise to a sense of soreness.

5. Prevent Incoming Virus

Besides negative ions have the ability to improve the work of the spleen in generating immunity. Auto body able to deal with the incoming virus. Influenza and other viral diseases are reluctant to enter the body.

6. Improve Indoor Quality Room

The rooms or offices in high rise buildings that use Negative Ion generator. The room is not only cool, but also contains more of negative ions. So the pollutant particles from motor vehicles and industrial origin, dust and cigarette smoke positively charged scattered, will react attract each other with negative ions of air exhaled from clumping Negative ion generators and fell to the floor.

Similarly, the particles of bacteria, fungi and viruses floating in the air also positively charged ions will be experiencing the same fate, so the room was now a clean and free from all kinds of pollution. Thus equipped space Negative ion generator to be relatively free of pests.

7. Neutralize Superoxide

On the other hand, Negative ions are also known to be useful to neutralize superoxide. Superoxide in the blood that is used to kill the microorganisms in the body, but sometimes quite the opposite actually can damage cells if when the high concentration levels. While the presence of negative ions will be able to increase the amount of  Superoxide of Dismutase, which serves to reduce levels of superoxide in the our blood.

8. Asthma, allergy and respiratory disease problems

Research conducted by scientists showed that high levels of Negative Ions can cure asthma and allergies and diseases related to the respiratory tract.

9. Overcoming Migraine

Negative Ion can normalize the production of serotonin in the brain. Excess production of serotonin can cause migraines, and fatigue. It is normalize the production of serotonin in the brain.

10. Improve Quality of sleep

Study in France found that Negative Ions help to sleep better, because it normalizes the production of the chemical serotonin in the brain.

11. Improve Mental and concentration

a few test shows that people who do care with Negative Ion showed a better mental state in activity compared with thise who get no treatment.

12. Overcoming Burns and can be therapy

Study in a hospital showed that patients who suffered burns will recover faster by using Negative Ion. It has been proven clinically by agency FDA (Food & Drug Admin) American, that it is used as therapy for patients with allergic diseases.

Is it dangerous to use these lights in the long term?

There has never been any complaints from people who have been using these lamps. Besides people who live in the mountains of the Himalayas is a healthy population, has a strong endurance and longevity.

How to Take Care of Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • The lights should be always switched lit so that the lamp can emit negative ions to the fullest
  • If the bulb broke up, Replaced it as soon as possible
  • The bulb in use can be tailored to the needs. In 5 watt, 10 watt or 15 watt lamp is for 5kg size down, while the lamp size of 6 kg and over can use the bulbs 15 watts, 25 watts to 40 watts.
  • If the lights are not used for a long time please wrap with plastic the salt lamp so the lights do not emit water, as if on leave will result in continuous aqueous shrinkage lights
  • Wipe the surface of salt lamps and saucer on a regular basis in order to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the lights so that the function can be fixed up