Health Benefits of Long Term Fasting and How to Do It Correctly

For some religions, fasting has been part of the believers’ spiritual lifestyle and right now the lifestyle has been shifted into becoming healthy lifestyle as well. It is because according to some scientific studies, fasting may bring a lot of benefits for human health and this article will be focusing on discussing about the health […]

Do It Properly and Get the Benefits of Working Evening Shift for Health

When a person is talking about working evening shift, most people will think ‘Is he a security?’ Well, the fact is nowadays, evening shift doesn’t always related to security because hospital is open 24 hours; it means doctor and nurses should work evening shift as well. Not only medical practitioners, there are also some stores […]

Find Out Here! Reasons Why You Should Always Make Love with Your Partner in the Morning

There are thousands reasons why you should make love with your partner but there are more reasons why you should always make love with your partner in the morning. There are a lot of people out there prefer to enjoy their sex life at night when the fact is, there are a lot of benefits […]

Find Out the Benefits of Chewing Gum Oral Health and Beyond

Though in some countries, chewing gum in public considered as rude but still this activity is very soothing for some people. Do you know that chewing gum is actually having therapeutic effect? Though there are a lot specific studies required but there are a lot of people have claimed how beneficial chewing gum is for […]

15 Health Benefits of 30 Day Fast – Weight Loss Solution

No one can live without food and water, that’s why the idea of fasting could be really strange for some people. However, for those who are not really familiar with the term ‘fasting’ it is not the same like you force yourself to live without food or water because even fasting has procedure that should […]

10 Benefits of Singing and Dancing for Toddlers – Parents Must Know

As parents, surely you want to give all the best things for your children. How much money you have spent to buy your toddlers education toys or how much time you have sent your children to private teacher or professional in order to optimize their development? Well, do you know that the best and the […]

20 Benefits of Cuddling in the Morning for Mental Health

All the couples in the world might agree that cuddling can do more wonder than it looks, or sounds. The act of resting together and embracing our loved ones indeed has the ability to make everything about our lives great. The demonstration of intimacy also serves to represent affections, security, trust, as well as loyalty […]

20 Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning (Metal and Physical Health)

Waking up early in the morning is never exciting, particularly for working world. The startling sound of an alarm clock that we set on our cell phones is not a happy sound at all. Even a song that we used to like feels terrorizing as soon as we use them as a sound of an […]

22 Benefits of Kissing on the Lips for Physical and Mental Health

Kissing is truly something. The simple act of touch between two lips can be physical, mental, emotional or all of them at the same time. Some even say that kissing can be magical. As many Disney’s fairy tales would suggest, kisses can revive poisoned princess from death, wake a beautiful princess from deep eternal slumber, […]

25 Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health (No.1 Is Excellent)

When it comes to healthy living lifestyle, most people are only concerning about their physical health and forget about their mental health. Sometimes, they only aware of how they look in the mirror and what people thought about their appearances, whether they are fat or slim enough. They only concern about how much time they […]