5 Health Benefits of Walking for Toddlers

Walking is a simple activity which brings a lot of good impacts to our body, including toddlers. It is considered as one of the easiest ways to be physically active too. You don’t have to buy some special tools to make your toddlers active, you just need to buy them a pair of comfortable shoes. […]

6 Refreshing Mental Health Benefits of Walking in Nature

Can you remember the last time you spent quality time with some trees and grass? Global pandemic makes us stay at home most of the time. Though it’s for the better, staying at home for too long is not actually that healthy. Even elderly still need to have those health benefits of walking for seniors. […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Exercising is an important activity to do even when you are old. Unfortunately, many parents are no longer actively moving and choose to rest a lot at home. In fact, by actively exercising, the health and strength of the elderly will be maintained so that they are not easily affected by diseases, you know. Just […]

Let’s Take a Note of These Health Benefits of Walking During Pregnancy

Wanting a fit and healthy body requires a simple step. Exercise. Other than consuming nutritional foods, for sure, exercising is the only way to make your body healthier, while staying in shape in the process. You can gain so many benefits from exercising, even doing it within a form of light exercise like the health […]

Health Benefits of Walking 6 km A Day, This is What Will Happen to Your Body

As people, walking is undoubtedly one vital part of our daily activities and it will always be that way for our entire lives. This happens because we only have the option of using two legs to get from one place to another, that is why we walk! However, not all individuals are well educated and […]

Health Benefits of Walking 3 km A Day, This Is What Will Happen to Your Body

As a human being, walking is inevitably part of our daily activities. Of course, us human beings only have the opt ion of using the foot to get from one place to another, that is why we walk! However, not all individuals are well aware with the fact that there is more to walking other […]

8 Proven Health Benefits of Walking 60 Minutes A Day

Today, we can say that people and mass of transportation have a very high dependency. People go anywhere by car or motorcycle. A research showed that people in Asia, especially South East Asia barely walk except in their home. Outside, they go anywhere riding motor cycle or public transportation. Although we might find the Health […]

10 Health Benefits of Grounding Walking Barefoot for Your Health

In ancient times, humans have not known footwear. Many of them do activities without the use of footwear. However, as the times progressed, many people used footwear to walk. However, did you know that walking without using your footwear will get the health benefits of grounding walking barefoot? Let’s look at the benefits below. The […]

20 Health Benefits of Taking 10000 Steps A Day (Fit Lifestyle)

Exercise is a good way to maintain a healthy body. But many peoples have not enough time to do the exercise. This is due to their business and activities. Therefore, the easiest way to replace the exercise is by taking steps. As known by everyone, there are many benefits of taking 10000 steps a day. […]

14 Health Benefits of Walking and Running #1 Top Mental Treatments

How much money you should spend to be a membership in the most famous gym club in town? How much time you should spend just to reach the gym for a workout in a week? Well, do you know that just by doing walking and running regularly you could get all the health benefits you […]