Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes (# You Must Try)

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Zero drop shoes style is relatively a new trend in shoes industry. It began to become a common talk following the popularity of barefoot running done by some people to do exercise and keep the health at one time. Needless to say, the zero drop shoes is intentionally created to support the barefoot running style which becomes more attractive day by day.

The word zero drop shoes is particularly popular among runners who consider that the shoes, ranging from the style to the quality is a very essential part for the activity they are doing. They could be running athletes, professionals or regular runners doing the activity as daily routine for having fun or covering special health need.
If you are curious about how zero drop shoes look like mainly its benefit for health or fur running itself, you could find the simple, basic and thorough information by reading this writing.

How Zero Drop Shoes Look Like

Every newbie on running or exercise world would likely be confused hearing the word of zero drop shoes at the first time. If you do the same thing, you do not to worry because you are not alone and it is still normal because the zero drop shoes is relatively a new trend.

Well if you wonder how it looks like, you could easily assimilate it with flat shoes in which you are not required to raise your heel from the position when you are barefoot. Technically, zero here means there is no different level of height between the heel and the toe, between the area of heel and the area of toe. When wearing the zero drop shoes, you will put your feet in the natural position as when you wear nothing. If you still have no clear idea about this talk, it is fair to say that block here means heel height size.

Why it is called a new trend is another question for newbie. Common shoes for professional runners or other branches of exercise athlete usually has drop from 10-20 mm. The average drop number is 10-15, while the minimum is zero and the maximum is 20 mm. Later, the trend came into a zero drop shoes with no heel following the increasing trend of barefoot running which is considered healthier and more supportive in making running faster even better.

As it is a new trending product, you may likely find it rather expensive compared to common running shoes with a number of block. However, you could have various choices available and pick for the best and most interesting one. Furthermore, it would be hard to choose any product, particularly a new-released product type different from common styles before knowing its benefits. This is why we need to talk about the benefit of wearing zero drop shoes.

Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes

Following is the list of zero drop shoes benefits you could really consider on whether or not you would change your shoes into the zero drop one;

  • Placing your heel and foot at the natural position which would then allow you to run more stable and then faster.
  • Reducing any injury you possibly suffer in wearing non-zero drop shoes such as foot pain, lower back pain, hips pain or shin split.
  • Making your shoes burden or weight lighter so you could run faster than before.
  • Taking away any strain from knee area as the problems of knee is common in wearing non-zero drop shoes or say it traditional shoes.
  • Enabling all the pressure for running directly absorbed by the calf muscle, a thing that traditional shoes could not do

Things to Pay Attention to

After knowing about the benefits, you may likely be interested in choosing your shoes style. This normally happens, moreover because the phenomenon of zero drop shoes is not only about health or running activity, but also about trend, business as well as marketing strategy. Therefore, it is normal if you want to browse as much as possible information about this type of shoes even going to the shoes stores right away.

However, there is a few things that you have to know before;

First, if you used to wear traditional sporty shoes with any number of drop, it would take time for your body, particularly your feet, to adjust with the new type of shoes you have. Some pain may appear and you have to ‘compromise’ well with your body. Do not force it too hard or too much to change its ‘house’ immediately.

Second, the problem of whether zero drop shoes are really good for health as well as preventing even healing any common problems of runner is still debatable and controversial. Some people support the idea of zero drop shoes while some others do not. Each of group has logical arguments and scientific base. What you could infer from this is that a new product tends to be always controversial so do your own research, or if possible, consult to the medical staffs you trust before taking action for changing your shoes.

Third, everyone has different body anatomy and self-tendency which would influence on many things, including the type of product they would feel most comfortable wearing. This includes shoes type. Meaning to say, what fits other people does not always fit in you because of physical or habitual factors. This also applies at the topic about zero drop shoes. You may find it fit with your feet and your body while others do not so and vice versa. Moreover, the purpose of the use intensity of people are certainly different each other and this really influences on what type of shoes they fell comfortable at most wearing it.