20 Top Health Benefits of Acai Berry – Weight Loss – Skin Treatments

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Acai Berry, which is famous as Euterpe oleracea as its Binomial name among scientists, belongs to the same group of other berries that has a more familiar name to us such as strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and grapes in Arececaeae family.

Physically seen, this type of berry has a tiny round fruit with various tone of color from green when it isn’t ripe yet to purple blackish ones when it is ready to harvest from its tree. But the color also depends on which type of acai berry it is. It has less pulp in comparison to grape fruits, and usually hanging up there in a twig full of 500 up to 900 tiny round fruits. Its seeds are pretty large, about 7-10 mm in diameter, covered with 1mm or less mesocarp which make 80% of it is its seed, and 20% the berry juices we can actually chew and swallow. Every year we get twice times to eat this berries, during dry season especially in July and December (or another month according to the place you live and its climate).

Freshly taken from its trees acai berries are so rare to find in the nearest marketplace, because they substantially sell the other type of frozen and processed acai berry fruits such as Acai Juices, Acai Puree, Acai Powder, Acai in Capsules or even Acai Oils. Why? It has always been caused by its ability to get rancid very quickly, there were no enough time to ship them directly to other places. So its been blessed for any of you, who get to live in Brazil, who can find and consume this type of berry fresh and succulent. In Brazil, acai usually turned into an acai na tigela, which look and taste like an Acai Bowl.

Acai Berry Nutrients Values” state=”closed

A powdered preparation of freeze-dried açaí fruit pulp and skin was reported to contain (per 100 g of dry powder) 533.9 calories.

The Nutrients Serving size 100 gr
General Information 
Carbohydrates52.2 g
Dietary Fiber44.2 g
Protein8.1 g
Total Fat32, 5 g
Calcium260 mg
Iron4.4 mg
More Nutrients Contents 
Oleic acid
Palmitic acid
Linoleic acid
negligible vitamin C,
U vitamin A,
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

The scientific proven that Açaí juice has the antioxidants source less than that of blueberry, grape, and black cherry juices, but it contains more antioxidants more than cranberry, orange, and apple juices.

In fact, Acai Berries not only has a potential to be turned into a delicious and healthy food at the same time, it can also be made into numerous type of commercial art and craft products. Acai has a palm trees with a strong and unique leaves that can be creatively turned into hats, rugs, roof, brooms, even alternative building constructions. The palm trees can also be turned into a tasty dish.


Acai Berry Advantages

It’s such blessed especially for those who live in Brazil and have a chance to eat this other type of berry, which is Acai Berry, many as you desire. The fruits from Acai Palm are fortunately rich in vitamins and minerals and bring good improvement to our body. Here are some of the health benefits of acai berry that have already been discovered by research:

1. Escalates Body Protections and Immunity

Acai Berry contains rich of vitamins and minerals which are great for our body. One of the benefits is to escalate our body protection and immunity, and prevent us from getting sick. As a result, acai berry can be use for your immunity booster.

2. Acts as an Antioxidant

Without the presence of antioxidant our body might be in a caution state of protection against bacteria, germs, even free radicals surrounding us. Acai Berry can provide us enough amount of antioxidant when consumed regularly. Acai Berry has been studied in 2011, and proofed to be a suppressant biological activity agent that could possibly degrade cellular integrity, aside from its ability to be an antioxidant rich agent.

Source of Antioxidants:

3. Anti-Cancer

Associated with its prosperous amount of antioxidants and vitamins and also minerals, Acai Berry has the ability to prevent the cancer cells growth inside our body. Acai berry is really effective to let us free from outside bad influence that can cause a cancer cells to start growing rapidly.


4. Maintains Heart Health

Acai Berry is immensely good at maintaining our heart health. It is important to be sensitive with our own healthiness so another hearth disease, such as hearth attack and heart failure, won’t be happening in the future.

5. Good for Digestive System

A good source of fiber could help our digestive system to work properly without too much work to process our food. Fibers keep our stomach, small intestine, colon and friends not feeling too exhausted to do their works.

6. Prevents Hemorrhoids and other Digestion Disease

Hemorrhoids is one of digestive health problems that occur due to the condition of lack of fiber in the body, by consuming acai berries on a regular basis, then the symptoms of hemorrhoids and other digestive disorders can be resolved easily. Here are some of the symptoms of indigestion: Diarrhea, Sembeli, Diarrhea, Constipation, renal failure, kidney stones, appendix.


7. Lowers Down Cholesterol Level

Acai let us also have a wide variety of content that is shown to be effective in controlling the levels of cholesterol in the body. Besides being able to control the levels of cholesterol in the body, the acai berry was also able to lower cholesterol levels in the body, so that the acai berry can be one of the mandatory menu for those who suffer from cholesterol.

8. Treatment to Metabolic Diseases

Due to some researches, Acai Berry evidently has the ability to lower the levels of numerous metabolic disease markers such as blood glucose reductions, lower insulin level, and total cholesterol. This fact proved by a study of 10 overweight adults consuming 100 grams of acai pulp 2 times a day, in a month. Number of blood glucose, insulin, and cholesterol were reduced during the study time and indicating that further studies might be revealing other surprising and promising beneficial health facts, especially for heart disease and diabetes.

9. Goof for Mental Health

Acai berry fruit is also rated good for mental health. This is because the blood supply and nutrients to the brain and nervous system become better and more smoothly without any interference or obstacles.

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10. Keep Us to Stay Fit and Fresh

We need to stay Fit and Fresh during a busy day with a lots of activities to do. Acai Berry can provide our body a huge amount of amino acid, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E along with minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, calcium, copper, and also potassium to help us get through the day.

11. Boosts up our Energies

Just like other types of berries, acai berry contains nutrients that are very good for the body. Acai berry intake can provide enough energy for the body, so it is good for those of you who are doing a diet of carbohydrates.

Acai Berry for Weight Loss Treatment

12. Maintains Body Weight

For any of you who would like to try new source of natural helper on losing some weight, you definitely can try this Acai Berry extract! With regular usage in a recommended dose, hopefully this berries could help you reach your ideal body weight. There are many choices to consume this berries such as in form of fresh juices, supplements, oils, acai bowls, etc. Assisted by daily regular exercise, it surely will form a better result.

Another Natural Ingredients to help Lose Weight:

13. Helps in Detoxing Process

Detoxification is needed to release bad toxic from our body. Acai Berry contains good omega fatty acids that can act as a detox agent which will help the detoxification process.

14. Help Building Muscle Mass

Apparently, the acai berry also has a fairly high protein content. This of course will be very useful for those who are in muscle mass building program, and it can also help the process of decomposition of fat in the body.

Acai Berry for Beauty Treatments

This is the lists of acai berry for your beauty tricks:

15. Good for Skins

Due to some studies, it had been proved that Acai Berry has a plentiful amount of Vitamin E which is extremely good for our skins, and apparently for our hair health too.

16. Prevents Acne and other Skin Problems

For those who have acne that is very disturbing, do not worry, because the content of various kinds of vitamins that exist in the acai berry is able to treat and eliminate acne, especially as vitamin E and vitamin C it. Acai berries contain vitamin C which is good for health. Vitamin C is in addition to keep the immune system, can also prevent irritation that occurs in the body.


17. Helps us to Stay Young

Rich quantity of antioxidants inside this berry make it expert on warding free radicals from our circumstances, that might occur to be the cause of premature aging.

18. Good for our Bone

Acai berry contains calcium and phosphorus. Both minerals are very good to protect your bone health, and may help: preventing osteoporosis, optimizing nutrient absorption by the bones, maintain bone structure, assist optimal bone growth.

19. Prevent Infection

The content of vitamin C and antioxidants found in the acai berry can also be used to prevent infections that arise. Usually these infections can occur outside the body, or on the organs of the body.


Recommendation on How to Consume Acai Berry

Although the taste of Acai pulp is not as sweet as strawberry and other berries, looking at its nutrition that contains inside of its fruit makes us want to try another way to deliciously consume this berries. Here are some of the choices to make.

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Acai Berry Bowl” state=”closed

Beautiful looking Acai Berry Bowl

What we need:

  • 1 cup of frozen mixed berries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 pack of acai puree (or 2 tablespoon of acai powder with 4 ice cubes)
  • 4 tablespoon of oats
  • 150ml soy (or almond) milk
  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup

Additional: Coconut flakes, Chia seeds, Mix nuts, Mango, Banana, or your other favorite fruits.

How to Process Acai Berry Bowl:

  • Put Acai Puree (or Acai powder with ice cubes) inside the blender. Blend it thoroughly.
  • Add that frozen banana & mixed berries, along with another ingredients.
  • Blend it together until smooth
  • Place the mixture in a bowl, and garnish it with your selected additional ingredient as you wish!

 This Acai Bowl is great for snacking and replacing one of your meal in a day. This one taste really refreshing!

Acai Berry Smoothie

Acai Barry Smoothie

What we need:

  • ¼ cup of acai juice or powder, or puree
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 banana
  • ¼ cup of frozen strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 5 ice cubes

How to Process Acai Berry Smoothie:

  • Put all the ingredients inside the blender
  • Mix it all together
  • Ready to serve

Or, simply add 2-4 tablespoon of Acai juice, or powder, or puree to your favorite fruit smoothies such as banana smoothies, or apple smoothies to add more flavor to your drink. Best consume summer while sun-bathing.

Acai Flavored Shake

What we need:

  • 2 tablespoon of acai juice, or powder, or puree
  • 2 scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream

How to Make Acai Berry Shake

  • Put all the ingredients inside the blender
  • Mix it all together
  • The Acai Shake are ready to serve

Acai Infused Water

What we need:

  • 2-6 teaspoon of acai juice, or powder, or puree
  • And enough water

How to Make Acai Infused Water:

  • Add enough water to your water bottle, pour down the acai extract into it
  • Shake a little bit
  • The Infused (or flavored) Acai Berry Water are ready to drink

This one is for you who don’t really like strong taste of Acai but still curious to know how far the nutrition inside it can benefit you. Add enough acai juice or powder amount according to your own taste preferences.

Type of Acai Berry Products in Markets

1. Acai Juices

This is the least recommended type of packed acai berries sell in the markets. Some studies had been shown that there were less antioxidants in acai packed juices than it was in regular apple juice, whereas acai berries are famous of its antioxidants nutrition.

2. Acai Puree

This Puree is the most recommended one because it has directly been frozen right after it been harvested from trees so it might still hold up ample of good nutrients we crave for. Plus, the farmers normally let it the way it is without adding up any other additives or sweeteners in it. You just need to pay for generally $2.50 for 100 grams of puree, which will be delivered directly to your home frozen with dry ice to keep it cool and safe.

3. Acai Berry Powder

For you who live far away from Brazil, are recommended to buy this acai powder online. This one may cost more than the puree, approximately $4.50 for 100 grams, but the farmers have a better way to preserve its nutrient by making it dry and froze afterwards. The water is removed and then the berries are frozen up in a plastic sack.

4. Acai in Supplements

For you who would like to consume acai berry directly, clean and simple, need to try buying this Acai Supplements. This supplement of course has no taste, literally at all. This product usually being advertised as a product to help weight loss.

5. Acai Oils

 Usually green in color, has a bland aroma and is high in oleic and palmitic fatty acids. The oil may be used for various functions such as cooking, salad dressing, or cosmetics usage for shampoo, soaps, or even skin mosturizer.

Other Acai Berry Facts

1. As a fresh berries, Acai Berry doesn’t contain of any caffeine. Some people think it does, while in fact caffeine has been added into a pil or supplements of Acai berry for several beneficial reasons.

2. Up until now, Acai has been proofed not to have a side effect if consumed. But, we need to pay attention on our sensitivity of pollen allergies, or sensitiveness on similar berries such as blueberry, blackberry, strawberry or grapes. Do not push yourself to consume this type of berries because there might be another sources that contain similar nutrients for your health. Just don’t consume it, replace it with another fruits. And even though you are okay with acai berries, consume it in moderate amounts to keep it safe to your body.

3. Producing and delivering Acai Berry is a challenging experience because we need to cooperate with time. Acai berries need to be picked, processed, flash-pasteurized and frozen real fast because it has a potential to oxidize, turn brown, and putrid real quick. Why? It is because of less sugar and acid protections inside the fruits. And as it turns putrid, it will also lose its beneficial nutrients inside it.

As a result, acai berry maybe not so popular from berries family. Thus, there are many health benefits of acai berry that you now know. It’s a simple fruit that is good to maintain overall health.