10 Health Benefits of Narra Leaves (Angsana Leaves Facts)

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Narra Trees, Angsana LeavesNarra Leaves ( Petrocarpus Indicus ) is a species that mostly live in Asia. “Narra” is usually called by Philippines people, while Indonesian and Malaysian called it “Angsana”. Narra leaves sometimes called “Rosewood” because it has a strong scent of rose flower and the wood of the leaves usually use for build house construction and furniture.

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Narra is important to people in many ways. As you may know that Narra Leaves is one of immune booster for keep your body healthy. Narra leaves is already recognized as one of medicinal Plant in the world. It contains some nutritions which can prevent or fight certain diseases. The leaves are derived from timber trees is mainly famous as effective natural remedy for a variety of health problems. One of the young leaves of narra can be consumed by people. Their leaves are not the only food they produce and it flowers are a source of honey. The herbs and medicine derived from this leaves can cure many kinds of diseases. There are some Benefits of Narra leaves for health .

1. Prevent Us From Cancer and Diabetes

Narra Leaf has been recognized as one of plant that can reduce blood sugars levels based on some researches from using animals. It sounds good if you want to control blood sugars levels and change your diet life, you can consume Narra Leaves by boiled it and brewed it like tea or coffee.


2. Curing and Treat the Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can form in the kidney, in the tube draining urine from the kidney (the ureter) or in the bladder. They can be many different sizes and shapes.Most of them is unknowingly there with no reasons.  Most stones are made of calcium while in other cases, the amount of calcium and other chemicals in the urine and blood is normal.  If the level of these chemicals is high enough in the urine, they can form into stones. Narra leaf can be one of alternative to treat Kidney Stones especially for those who choose traditional medicine. Just use the bark of the leaf as much as 3 grams then mix it with Keiji leaf and Cat Whisker leaf. After that, you boiled it with 115 ml of water. you can consume it on 110 ml in daily. meanwhile, after drink it, usually the stone will come out in the form of crystals or urine.

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3.  Known as Natural Immune Booster

Narra leaf works more as a natural immune booster which enhances what your body naturally has. It is an amazing health supplement which equalizes and optimizes body’s natural immune system for fight against illnesses. It targets whatever is unbalanced in the body. Narra Leaf is also can be food suplement that anyone can take it for help to prevent illnesses by boosting the immune system.

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4. Curing Thrush and Diarrhea

Thrush and Diarrhea are the most common reasons for people to seek medical advice. It affects every age so then it becomes a common health complaint. How to cure those medical problems with Narra leaf potion is quite easy. You just cut the older bark of the leaf then boil it to the water to cure Thursh. While for diarrhea, Add a little salt and then made a complaint mouthwash for canker sores and drink the potion

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5. Relieves Pain in Menstrual Disorders

Narra leaf is also can reduce pain when every woman get through their daily periods. some woman are having a physical or emotional symptoms just before or after menstruation. From heavy bleeding and missed periods to unmanageable mood swings, these emotional syndromes may disrupt a woman’s life in major ways.

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6. Curing Fever

Benefits of Narra leaf is to cure and relieve fever disorder effectively. Fever which usually affect patients of all kinds of ages. You need to add the palm sugar or brown sugar into the juice leaf water which has been crushed or ground. With the sweetness of palm sugar or brown sugar, consume this herb in the middle of a high fever likely will not be a problem, especially in pediatric patients because palm sugar can reduce the bitter taste of leaf.

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7. The Most Effective Anti – Oxydant

Narra is known to be a very effective antioxidant, particularly a blood purifier. It is good for people with imbalance hormonal conditions and prostate problems. Narra Leave also can help those who want to lose weight and find back their balancing body. 

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8. Anti – Aging For Skin Care

The fresh young Narra leaf is used for skin problems such as prickly heat rash, and sores, and they are also used most of cosmetic ingredients. It leaves are useful for fight against skin problems such as acne which become problem for every women especially teens. As you know acne is the common cause of spots. Most people with acne are aged between 12 and 25 but some older and younger people are affected. therefore, using young Narra leaf is one of alternative to reduce some ance in your skin.

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9. Overcoming Burn

Angsana leaf has flavaoid which can relieve pain which caused by burns. You can mashing the leaf until smooth then boiled for 1 minutes than cooling it immediately. After that, You can past the boiled leaf into the pain by burns slowly. Narra leaf also can relieves the pain of burns then heal the skin to regeneration once again into new skin  which was burned before.


10. Use to be Natural Hair Treatment

Narra old leaf also can be used for hair care, especially for getting it more thick than before. You just  squeezing some leaves into bowl and the boiled it for a while. After that, wipe the boiled leaves on the scalp then wait until dry. Mix it with shampoo, wash and rinse them with hot water for the better treatment.

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Meanwhile, narra leaf is quite no popular yet it has amazing benefits for our body. Thus, you may now try to find narra leaves for your worth herbal plant.