25 Scientific Health Benefits of Falsa Fruit (No 24 is Great)

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Falsa or Phalsa is a small berry which grows in a small tree and native to India and South Asia. This fruit with Latin name Grewia aslatica now is being widely cultivated in tropical countries. Most of the falsa’s farmers grow its trees where there is the land which has loamy soils. Also, the taste of falsa fruit is incredible which has a combination of sour, bitter, and acidic taste. Then, the texture is similar to grapes due to the presence of a white color pulp inside. Further, falsa fruit belongs to berry family.

It is known that this fruit has many great purposes to help human’s life. The wood is being used as golf sticks, poles, and singles caused by the strong and elastic form. Not only providing that function but also the bark has a role as a good ropes material to make. Then, falsa fruit is such a natural and beneficial fruit to help with many kinds of purposes.

As the consequence, consuming good foods is a must. One thing that is also important is how we pick the best food to fulfill the nutrient needs perfectly. Then, there are many options to choose. Moreover, in this article, we will describe a fruit which is excellent in nutrients contained. Yes, it is falsa fruit which gives you a great option to eat.

Nutrients Value of Falsa Fruit

Then, before going to health benefits of falsa fruit section, it is best to have a look the nutritional value of falsa fruit below.


Amount per 100g


90.5 Kcal


1.57 g


21.1 g


136 mg

Dietary Fiber

5.53 g


24.2 mg


1.08 mg


372 mg


17.3 mg

Vitamin A

16.11 µg

Vitamin B1

0.02 mg

Vitamin B2

0.264 g

Vitamin B3

0.825 g

Vitamin C

4.38 g

*Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


After looking for some information which has shown on the table, now, we will provide you the list of health benefits of falsa fruit below.

1. Source of Antioxidants

As a fruit which has a great source of antioxidants, falsa fruit is having a role in maintaining the body health. Moreover, if you want to eat other fruits which are rich in antioxidants, try to have orange, strawberries, lettuce as options.


2. Source of Sodium

As you can see on the table above, falsa fruit has a great source of sodium. Then, what is the function of sodium in our body? Well, it acts as an electrolyte and essential ion to promote the enzymes operation and muscle as well. Moreover, it also increases the performances of a nervous system and is needed for blood regulation. Hence, it is very best option to have falsa fruit as your number one sodium’s food source.

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3. Source of Vitamin A

With the high concentration of vitamins contained in falsa fruit, it will boost your health for sure. Like other nutrients do, Vitamin A is a great natural nutrient that helps to promote good vision and prevents macular degeneration.

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4. Source of Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 which presents in falsa fruit helps to maintain the heart and nerve function. In contrast, the deficiency of vitamin B1 consumption may lead to certain health problems including anorexia, muscle weakness, and nerve damage.

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5. Source of Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 as known as Riboflavin is having a role in promoting blood cells and the body metabolism. To fulfill the needs of vitamin B2, you can consume almonds, egg, and spinach as well.

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6. Source of Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is referred to as niacin which helps in maintaining the cardiovascular and metabolism system in the body. Indeed, it also helps to balance the cholesterol levels.

7. Source of Vitamin C

You may have to consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. Hence, it is recommended to have falsa fruit in case fulfilling the needs of this nutrient. Then, with the great consumption of vitamin C, you will get a healthier body for sure.


8. Treats Rheumatism

It is known that the barks part of falsa tree is good as a treatment of rheumatism.

9. Treats Arthritis

The symptoms of having arthritis are including the pain and the limited function of joints. It is also linked to the presence of inflammation. Then, to prevent this disease, you may have to consume falsa fruit as an option.

10. Treats Respiratory Problems

Drinking falsa fruit juice is great to treats the respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis, colds, and others. For the tips, simply mix falsa fruit with ginger or lemon juice to add the flavor. Therefore, you will have a glass of enjoying and healthy drink at the same time.

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11. Builds Muscle

Build a good muscle by consuming falsa fruit regularly. Due to the presence of potassium and protein, it will promote the muscle function as well as strengthen the muscle.


12. Provides Energy

As described, falsa fruit contains a good source of protein. As a result, with protein, it helps the body to gain more energy. Then, it is time to say no to the presence of weakness.


13. Builds Healthy Bone

Due to the presence of calcium contained in falsa fruit, indeed it is beneficial to increases the performance of healthy bone. At this point, it strengthens the bone and promotes the bone density.

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14. Relieves Stomachache

Fiber, which presents in falsa fruit is taking part in relieving stomachache. You can have a falsa juice to relieve the pain of stomachache, nausea, and other digestion system problems. Then, drink the falsa juice daily to prevent the risks of having the stomachache.

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15. Treats Diarrhea

As explained before, falsa fruit is having a role in treating the stomachache naturally. Hence, it is known that falsa fruit is also great to treat diarrhea as well.

16. Promotes Heart Health

The regular consumption of falsa fruit helps to control the blood pressure and soothing the liver as well as promoting the heart health.

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17. Prevents Stroke

This statement is linked to the previous statement. As a consequence, with the function to control the blood pressure, then the falsa fruit also works to prevent the stroke.

18. Prevents Diabetes

According to research, it has shown that falsa fruit is a low glycemic index fruit, then it has a role in controlling the blood glucose metabolism. As a result, this fruit is really preventing diabetes greatly.

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19. Lowers Cancer Risk

Also, the recent research has shown that chemical in falsa fruit helps to prevent the cancer cell growth including breast cancer cells and liver cancer cells.


20. Cures Anemia

The presence of iron contained in falsa fruit helps to treats anemia. Besides, the lack of this kind of nutrients may lead to certain health problems including the chronic fatigue.

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21. Heals Wounds

It is also known that falsa fruit leaves help to heal the wounds and eczema. Grind the leaves and apply it on the skin, leave it for a few minutes to let them work.

22. Prevents Free Radicals

To prevent free radicals, you may have to consume fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients contained. Consequently, eating the falsa fruit may become one of best options to choose as it contains really great nutrients in it.

23. Acts as Anti-Inflammation

Our body needs anti-inflammation nutrients to prevent certain inflammations including coughs and sore throat. Then, with the great consumption of falsa fruit, it helps you to have a natural anti-inflammation as well.

24. Acts as Anti-Microbial

The study shows that falsa fruit is beneficial to prevent the fungal growth. As a result, falsa fruit is great to act as antifungal and antimicrobial to promote the body health.

25. Heals Urinary Problems

Last, falsa fruit is taking part in healing urinary problems as well as it promotes the healthy digestion system.


Tips for Consuming

Now you know the health benefits of consuming falsa fruit regularly. Then, we also provide you some great tips to consume this kind of fruit below. Check it out!

  • While eating falsa fruit, you do not need to remove the seeds as it has a pleasant crunch texture.
  • Store this fruit at room temperature and consume it as soon as possible. Moreover, keep it in the refrigerator can make it last for one week.
  • For recipe tips, make the falsa fruit as your favorite syrup, juice, pies, and even for an ice cream. Indeed, you will be very happy to eat such a wonderful and tasty meal.

Consuming falsa fruit is very recommended due to the health benefits of falsa fruit it has provided. Then, the option is now in your hand. Whether you want to be a healthier person by eating best food or not. Then, eat this kind of fruit regularly to get the best benefit. Hence, your life will be perfectly complete by eating this great fruit as well.