20 Proven Health Benefits of Turnips – Beauty – Weight Loss – Ovary Treatments

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turnips health benefitsTurnip is one of the healthiest vegetables that belongs to Brasiccacecae family, similar with cabbage, sprouts, kale, and many more. This vegetable is commonly grown in temperate areas and many countries across the globe. Specifically, Japan, Brazil, and the USA have their own culinary recipe on turnips. That fact is not a surprise since we can describe turnips as ‘perfect vegetables’. This is because they have various nutrition in every inch of their parts, from their roots until their leaves. Aside from that, turnips have delicious and sweet taste and thus, you can consume them even in a raw condition.

So, as other kinds of vegetable, you might already know that consuming turnips in a regular basis will give you a lot of benefits. But, do you know the exact benefits of consuming turnips? If you still in doubt about that, in the article below you will find a lot of health benefits that you can get from consuming turnips:

1. Good for Cardiovascular Health

Turnips, just like most of the herbal remedies, contain a lot of compounds that will act as an anti-inflammatory. Turnips contain a high amount of Vitamin K, which is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it will prevent you from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. Aside from that, turnips have the ability to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body by absorbing greater amount of bile. If the cholesterol levels are low, then of course you will be prevented from various severe cardiovascular diseases. Also, the folate that contained in turnips will be beneficial for cardiovascular health too.

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2. Strengthening Your Bone

It turns out that turnips will also be very beneficial for your bone. This is because turnip has a lot of calcium and potassium. As you already know, potassium and calcium are very essential to strengthen your bone and muscle. Those nutrients will also boost the growth of your bone. Thus, your bone will be stronger and you will be less likely to have a disease associated with muscles or bones such as joint damage or osteoporosis. In addition to that, turnips are also have high amounts of minerals. This is beneficial to support the overall body production of connective tissue.

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3. Good for Digestive System

As a herbal source, there is no surprise that turnip will be a very good addition to improve the health of your digestive system. If you have some problems related to your digestive system such as constipation, bloating, or diarrhea, then start consuming turnips would be a good idea. This is because turnips are classified as dietary fibers that will help to bulk up the stool which will make it easier for the stools to move. Also, dietary fibers like turnip will be very beneficial to increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption to your body.

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4. Boost Your Immune System

Turnips contain a lot of Vitamin C in it. Hence, it would be a very good addition to improve your immune system. Vitamin C is considered as one of the most important nutrients to boost the immune system. This is because it will stimulate the production of white blood cells and antibodies. In addition to that, Vitamin C can fight the free radicals so that you will be less likely to have various kinds of disease. Also, the compound called ascorbic acids that contained in turnips is considered as the one of the main booster of the immune system.

5. Good for Metabolism

There is also no surprise that turnip could be a very good addition to maintain the health of the metabolism of your body. This is because turnip has a lot Vitamin B complex in it. Those vitamins would make it easier for the body to control the enzymatic processes that occurs all around our body. In addition to that, the Vitamin B complex will also ensure that all parts in our body functioning properly. Another reason, the Vitamin B complex in turnips will also be very beneficial to maintain and stabilize the levels of various hormones in our body.

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6. Anti-inflammatory Properties

If you have inflammations, then it will be very good if you start to consume turnips. This is because turnips have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The Vitamin K and omega-3-fatty acids that contained in them are the main source of their anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, omega-3-fatty acids are considered as good fats that can soothe the inflammation as well as maintain the overall health of your body. So, if you are suffering from chronic pain that associated with inflammation, just enjoy the bitterness of turnips.

7. Improves the Health of Your Lung

It turns out that turnips would be a very good source if you want to maintain the health of the lungs. This is because a turnip contains a high amount of Vitamin A. Aside from its main benefits to maintain the health of your eyes, this vitamin will also counteract the danger that will harm your lungs that commonly occurs due to your bad daily habits, such as frequent smoking and many more. So, if you want to stay away from a lung disease, then consuming turnips would be a very good choice.

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8. Excellent Source for Healthier Eyes

As already mentioned above, turnips contain a high amount of Vitamin A. This vitamin will maintain and improve the health of your eyes. Aside from that, there is another compound called lutein that makes this herbal source hailed as one of the greatest natural source to improve the health of your eyes.  Many studies have shown that every cup of chopped turnip has approximately more than 7,000 micrograms of lutein, which will fulfill up to 70% of daily requirements for your eyes to maintain their health from vision loss. If you want to have healthy eyes, then turnips would be great addition for that.

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9. Improves the Circulation of the Body

Commonly, the main source of iron is from various kinds of meat. But, it turns out that certain vegetables, including turnip, also contains a high amount of iron in it. So, turnip is considered as a non-heme iron that will be beneficial for the body to produce the red blood cells. As you already know, red blood cells are very important to transport the nutrients from the food that you just ate to the other parts of your body.

Thus, if your body produces enough amount of red blood cells, it means that your body has a better circulation and you will be healthier. In addition to that, non-heme iron is commonly slower to absorb by the body than heme iron. Thus, you need to make sure that you consume enough Vitamin C to boost the absorption of non-heme iron.

10. Good for Respiratory Health

If you have a problem related to your respiratory system for example asthma, then consuming turnips would be a great idea. Many studies have already shown that turnip would be very beneficial for people who have asthma. The asthmatic patients who ate turnips were shown to have less wheezing than the other. This is because turnips are being loaded with a high amount of Vitamin C, which is well known as a powerful antioxidant. In addition to that, turnips also have anti-inflammatory properties, which enables them to cure various respiratory problems, especially asthma.

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11. Prevent Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is considered as one of many dangerous health conditions, which in most cases would cause a fatal result in human’s life. Atherosclerosis is a health condition that will cause the damage in the blood vessels, which then causing the oxidation of bad cholesterols and clumping of the platelets. One of the most efficient things to overcome those conditions is improving the amount of antioxidants in our body. As already mentioned above, turnip contains powerful antioxidants from Vitamin C and beta-carotene which will eliminate the free radicals. As the result, the amount of oxidation of bad cholesterol and platelet clumping would be significantly reduced.

12. Prevent the Damage of Blood Vessels Wall

This benefit of turnip is closely related to the benefit that already mentioned above. So, you already know that turnip contains a high amount of Vitamin C, E, as well as beta-carotene. Those nutrients are powerful antioxidants which will fight against free radicals. As the result, the oxidation of the bad cholesterol would significantly reduce and the blood vessels in the body will stay healthy. In addition to that, those nutrients would also reduce the amount of a specific dangerous substance called homocysteine, a substance that could damage the blood vessels wall. So, if you want to stay away from dangerous health condition such as coronary artery disease, then consuming turnips would be a great choice.

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13. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadliest health conditions in this world. So, you need to start to consume foods that will help you to avoid cancer. One of the beneficial foods that you can consume is turnip. In the matter of fact, many studies have proved that this vegetable can help people to avoid cancer because it can stimulate the detoxification process in the body. For your information, the detoxification process is one of the most effective ways to avoid many diseases, especially cancer. The powerful antioxidants from Vitamin C, E, as well as beta-carotene that contained in turnip will get rid of the harmful toxins which potentially will turn our cells become cancerous.

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Turnips Benefits for Weight Loss Treatment

Thus, here are the health benefits of turnips for your daily doze diet tricks:

14. Good for Your Diet

If you’re planning a diet program and want to lose some weight, then turnip is one of the vegetables that you need to consume regularly. So, as most of the vegetables, turnip has a low calorie. Thus, there is no surprise that this vegetable would be beneficial for weight loss. Aside from that, turnip is a kind of vegetable that has a great mount of dietary fibers, which then of course will improve the metabolism process in the body. As the result, of course you will have a healthy gastrointestinal and better control of your body weight.

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15. Detoxification Support

Various kinds of turnip, especially turnip greens, would bring a great advantage to detoxificate harmful chemical things out of your body. This is because turnip contains a special compound called glucosinolates, which is divided into two parts, gluconasturtiian and glucotropaeolin. That compound would help to stimulate and control the detoxification process of various enzymes. In addition to that, the powerful antioxidants from turnips would also stimulate the phase I and phase II detoxification activities. As the result, many harmful chemical things will get out from your body and you will be healthier.

Turnips Benefits for Beauty Treatment

Here are the health benefits of turnips for your alternative beauty tricks:

16. Boost the Skin Health

As one of the main sources of Vitamin C and A, there is no doubt that turnip is very reliable to enhance the health of your skin. Those vitamins have excellent anti-ageing properties because they eliminate the free radicals. Free radicals are well known as the main cause of various skin health problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, or black spots. As the result, of course your skin will be smoother than before. Also, you will be more likely to look younger than your actual age. In addition to that, various minerals and the beta-carotene that contained in turnips will also essential to boost the health of your skin.

17. Strengthen Your Hair

Aside from its benefit to your skin, it turns out that turnip is also offers a lot of benefits for your hair. Many research studies have shown that the regular consumption of turnips will cause a good effect on your hair. This is because turnip is being loaded with great amounts of chopper. Chopper is a compound that has great influence on melanin formation. As your information, melanin is a substance that plays a big role to provide the color of your hair. In addition to that, melanin is also being loaded with a lot of nutrients such as beta-carotene, Vitamin C, zinc, lutein, and zeaxanthin. All of them are very important to improve the health of your hair. Hence, they will make your hair become stronger than before.

18. Cures Torn Feet

It turns out that turnips would also offer a great benefit for your body if you applied them externally. So, in case you feel the pain or find wrinkles in your feet, then you might want to try to apply turnips in that area. As already mentioned above, turnips have anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-ageing properties which enable them to cure the torn feet. You can apply the turnips externally by boiling some turnips into the water. After that, you can start to soak your feet for about 10 minutes to the mixture of turnips and boiled water. If you’re doing this regularly, then there is no surprise if you will get a soft and smooth feet immediately.

Turnips Benefits for Sexual Organs Health

Meanwhile, here are the health benefits of turnips for traditional cure of ovary organ.

19. Protect the Ovary Health

As a woman, it is really important to keep the health of the ovary. But, the ovary is really prone from the growth of the cancerous cells in it, which will promote the ovarian cancer in the later stages. So, if you want to stay away from ovarian cancer, then you might want to consume turnip since this vegetable would be greatly beneficial to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the ovary. According to researchers, 100 grams of turnip greens contain 12 milligrams of kaempferol. Kaempferol is a flavonoid which will prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the ovary. Although more studies are needed, but the researchers have suggested that this kaempferol would make the treatment of ovarian cancer become more efficient.

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20. Antimicrobial Benefits

Turnips also have anti-microbial properties in it. Thus, they will be very important to give you a protection against many deadly diseases, such as prostate cancer. This benefit comes from their glucosinolates component, which have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and also anti-parasitic properties. So, with so many health benefits that you will get from consuming turnips, there is no doubt that you need to include this vegetable on your must consume food lists.

How to Buy Turnips

So, after you know all of the turnips’ benefits, we bet that you want to consume it immediately. Although you can easily find turnips in the market, but you need to know how to buy the best turnips, so that you will get the full advantage from this vegetable. This is some tips on how to buy good turnips in the market:

  • If you find that the roots of the turnips are connected with their greens, you better choose the turnips that have a dark green color in their leaves which have the appearance just like spinach leaves.
  • If you find the turnip greens that have a yellow color in them, just avoid it. The yellow color in turnip greens is the obvious sign that they are the older stock and might not be fresh anymore.
  • It is highly recommended to buy the turnips that have an average size in their roots. Turnip with big size in its roots may have a bitter taste in its leaves. Meanwhile, the turnip that has average size in its roots is commonly has a better leaves.

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How to Storage Turnips

After you have the turnips, then you need to storage them properly so that you will get the full health benefits from them. So, these are some tips on how to storage turnips:

  • In case that you buy the turnip greens which are connected with their roots, you need to split the turnip greens from their roots.
  • After that, it would be very good to wrap the turnip greens in a plastic bag and squash out as much air that you can possibly do trough the plastic bag. After that, you need to place them in the coldest section in your refrigerator. Remember, don’t keep it in the refrigerator more than 4 days. Consume them immediately and you will get the full advantage of them.
  • It is good if you consume the turnip greens as soon as possible since the greens are prone to lose their nutritions rapidly. Therefore, it is not recommended to cook them in a long amount of time.

Turnips Side Effects and Precautions

Although you already know that turnips could bring you tons of advantages, but of course they will have some side effects on certain people with certain conditions. So, in case you wonder whether you’re allowed to consume turnips or not, here are some side effects and precautions on turnips that you need to take notice:

  • Patients with gallbladder stones or kidney problems should not consume turnips. This is because turnip green is one of the certain foods that contain a high amount of oxalates in it. High amount of oxalates will concentrate in the body fluids and then crystallize. That phenomena will harm people with kidney problems in the future.
  • Patients with thyroid problems also should not to consume turnips. This is because turnips contain a specific substance called goitrogens. These substances are commonly known could interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland. As the result, those substances will harm people with thyroid problems.
  • In most cases, people with a constant flatulence problem are also not recommended to consume turnips. This is because turnip contains a high amount of sulfur compounds. As you already know, the high amount of sulfur compounds will cause the digestive problems and flatulence for certain people.

So, now you already know all of the turnips health benefits. Also, you already know how to buy them, how to store them, and some side effects about them as well. There is no surprise that turnip is considered as one of the greatest vegetable you could consume since it will bring a lot of goodness for your body. So, just grab some turnips from now on and consume it immediately. Stay healthy!

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