15 Health Benefits of Korralu #Best Super Food

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Korallu, also better known as foxtail millet is a kind of cereal seeds plant which widely cultivated in mostly countries in East Asia and South East Asia. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included as the country which has large plantation of millet even though it belongs to South East Asia part. For those living in East and South East Asia, millets or korallu has been a prime consumption dish since many years ago.

Nowadays, the cultivation of millets has been spread out to more countries, particularly those which are having Mediterranean and Semi-tropic climate. Millets are the new trend of healthy and balanced diet menu which contain numerous amounts of B vitamin and beta carotene.

It is the second main ingredients of several infamous energy drink and cereal products over the world after wheat for sure. You might do not familiar with this millet, but for people living in northern hemisphere, they tend to use millet as their daily menu especially for diet purpose.

According to the case of plantation, millets tend to grow up in such low rain density and dry climate. Therefore, Asia and Africa are probably the most appropriated continents to cultivate the plants. Millet is rich of carbo, fiber, and anti-oxide compound which greatly contribute to a better body metabolism. As the substitute staple food of among rice, corn, wheat and potato, millet is surprisingly contribute more positive impact on our body and health due to its nutrition. Here are several health benefits of korallu or millets which you might never read before.

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  1. Fulfill the Daily Needs of Carbs and Protein

As the substitute food, millet can fulfil your daily carbo needs by its 79% carbo containing and more than 11% protein, which is higher comparing to rice or potato. High protein indicates more fiber nutrition, something you don’t get from rice in the same portion. By consuming a bowl of about 150 grams millets each day, you can have your energy saving and keep you stay full even longer due to its long fiber digestion.

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  1. Source of Protein

Next health benefits of millets or Korallu has such high fiber contain which similar to wheat and any other staple food. However, the protein in korallu or millets has a better quality for its easy and quick process of absorb in human body. Millet has gluten essence, and many people particularly those live in East Asia manage to make their bread and noodle from millet. When you make noodle or bread from millet, the bother will be overlap and chewy so that it can fulfil your hunger.

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  1. Smoother Metabolism

Millet is rich of carbo and fiber to give great impact for our metabolism. It will balance acid and basal inside your body and form cells and body organ in their revitalization process. The carbs works by optimally stimulating protein’s millet when it mixes with the blood and others nutrition inside our body.

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  1. Diabetic Diet

Diabetic survivor will have to fight for their rest of life to not consume any high sugar containing food. It is caused by sugar can stimulate and affect their sugar blood level which destroy their insulin. By consuming millet or korallu, its high fiber essence will be digested longer and automatically will not increase the blood sugar level to maintain it normal instead. Change your rice or any high sugar stable food with millet starts from right now to obtain a healthy and balance body.

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  1. Zinc Deficiency Level Inclining

Our body needs zinc to keep producing red blood and circulate nutrition along the cells and body organ. Lacking of red blood plasm can cause to some diseases such low blood pressure. Consume millet as your daily menu variation can help you incline the deficiency of zinc which slightly produce and transport nutrition along the cells by blood.

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  1. Preventing from Heart Coronary Obstruction

Cholesterol and fat are two dangerous and cruel sources of deathly diseases. One most risky body organ to get suffered by cholesterol is heart, of which might obstructed by fat so that the blood pumping all the way of our body will be hampered. Millet has a good fiber and low fat containing, which make it perfect for reducing the cholesterol and fat out of way.

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  1. Bone Strengthen

Human’s bones are very constructive and complicated yet so strong. There is no way you can stand up steadily with your healthy body without having strong and healthy bones. In order to get more nutrition for your bones, please consume millet as your daily menu variation because it has rich of calcium and mineral to propose and form bones’ structures.

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  1. Diet Friendly

Gaining a body shaped needs sacrifice; therefore you need an appropriate diet menu for supporting your diet menu. Eating millet as your main consumption will make you stay full longer, of which is really good for your diet program due to its long digestion time.

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  1. Recovering Destroyed Cells

When you are in a growth moment, your body needs such high protein and amino acid to support the cells growth and quickly recover the destroyed cells caused of disease or immune reducing. Millets can be the best food to support such cells recovery due its amino acid and protein portion inside.

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  1. Anti-Aging

No woman wants to get old soon. Thus, they need millet to help them get a slower aging process. Millet has tons of anti-oxide which regenerate and revitalize your cells in order to keep you stay young even longer with healthy organ and skin.

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  1. Liver Cleansing

Love your liver, and life will love you back. Such idiom is best represented how you need to maintain and keep your liver healthy since it is the only one organ you have to filter your blood from any damaged fat. Consuming millet will work a lot to help liver in cleansing the fat which can be obstruct the blood vein.

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  1. Breastfeeding Support

Are you a breastfeeding mother? If it is yes, then it is a good time for you to consume millet to boost your milk production feeding the baby. Millet is rich of multiple nutrition which combine the milk production hormone and works effectively to boost the milk. Thus, one of the best benefits of millets for you.

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13. Fresh Power Drink 

In term of its processing, millet is similar to rice. You need to harvest, drain, peel off, and when the millet has only seed left, then the process is done. Millet can be processed more into flour to substitute rice flour. Millet has B vitamins and carotene, of which enable it to be made into fresh power drink such as cereals, two most popular food and energy drink.

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14. Best Breakfast Menu 

Millet is widely processed into mix of soup or broth food with steam way of cooking. People in Europe often cook millet with their chicken or pumpkin soup to give an extra carbs containing. They also love to make porridge millet as their breakfast menu combined with eggs and baked bread cheese.

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15. Best for Vegetarian  

Although they don’t consume millet as hard as potato or corn, millet is quite favorite for some vegans who consider its best taste and fiber essence compare to any other ingredients. Millet is friendly menu for vegans who consider to have a healthy and gluten free food to come inside their stomach. They can never have enough millet for their life. Mushroom, cheese, and potato are top three food ingredients which are most often used by vegans to be combined with millet. Thus, there are many health benefits of korallu.

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Millet Consumption in Western Countries

For those who are living in Europe, America and around, millet is not unpopular food. You may find it easily in the markets with different package. Another good news is its quite cheap price. Some millets have white round pulp which blowing and smoother when it is boiled. You will think it is rice because the appearance is very similar. So does the taste.

For some traditional European food, they don’t always extract or add millet but they tend to modify the menu with millet when they think they need to have such healthy and balanced diet menu. You can also find millet as the mix compound of energy drink and milk sold in the markets, just like in Indonesia. Basically, they like to add millet in their daily menu no matter what.

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How to Cook Millets

American has a little bit different style of serving millet into their daily menu variation. They sometimes eat millet as rice substitute to accompany their beef, chicken, lamb or poultry menu. They also can pour less millet into their potato soup, chicken soup, pumpkin soup, and etc. When they have breakfast, they rarely combine and cook millet as their menu unless it is for elderly people or baby menu.

However, millet processing is still limited and more people prefer to cook millet in such traditional and conservative way. They make millet into rice or porridge done by drain the millet until well-dried, and then mix into coconut sugar and red palm sugar. Then, the millet is cooked in medium heat for more than 2 hours until it is blended into such sticky rice. They eat it not as daily menu, but more like snack or special occasion meal instead.

When they want to have soup, they will millet too to give them more power and carbo to stay full longer.  Vegans love to cook millet with their dishes; you mention any kind of dishes that they can find a menu to cook into. They can creatively modify millet into their daily menu without don’t even feel bored. So, get the health benefits or korallu or millets now.

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