12 Health Benefits of Not Eating Junk Food (Short & Long Term)

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Do you like junk food?

If we say yes, unfortunately, there is no health benefits of not eating junk food we can get. But if we are no, we are the most happy people in the world. Because we can get health benefits of not eating junk food.

There are three health benefits of not eating junk food, namely:

  1. Curing
    • Obesity
      There are excess calories that contains in junk food. There are carbohydrates, good fats, salt, and sugar on it. Those content is contains in high levels in junk food. Our activities is not use all of the nutrition. Time by time it will heaped in our body. Obesity is the end effects of this process.
      But the solution also in this process. Stop to consume the junk food. Will reduce the obesity time by time. For fast and best results just do some exercise.
  1. Maintain Health
    • Bone
      Soft drink is the best friend of junk food. There is something wrong if junk food without it. But actually this kind of drink is not kind. Because it can lead brittle bone. The most dangerous is bone growth does not make perfect.
    • Deficiencies of nutrition
      Junk food is only give us energy to continue our activities. It is not give us all nutrition that we need, such as vitamin dan mineral. Our organs need those nutrition to keep our metabolism work in good way.
      Deficiency of vitamin can damage our vision, bone, skin. Deficiency of mineral can impact badly to our blood, heart, and brain.
    • High Fructose Corn Syrup
      If we find “High Fructose Corn Syrup” in junk food label. It is sign to do not buy it. We have to know that those food must be converted to glucose first. Than, it can be use to be our energy. It is not good for normal people especially for who got diabetes.
      Process to convert those food to be aour energy is not short. The process is need energy too. It is takes two times just to got an energy.
  1. Prevention From Disease
    • Causes Obesity
      High nutrition is contains in junk food. But if we are not do exercising. It will lead obesity. The overweight condition could cause various diseases. Because obesity is a condition of over nutrition in our body. So such as sugar, salt, oil, preservatives can causes many disease. This various nutrition will be heaped because can not break down in our body.
    • Depression
      Many people did not realize, especially parents. Junk has a part to makes hormonal changes for teenagers. It cause teenagers prone to changes of mood and behavior. Nutrition that teenagers need is not contains in junk food. But many teenagers like to consume this food.
      This hidden process lead teengers to suffering depression. The possibility is about 58%. This is big and this is a important information that parents needs to know.
      Depression is worst if complication happen. Because nitrates and MSG that contains in junk food can cause headaches. Beside that information. There is 51% possibility to get depression, who eats junk food than who does not.
    • Diabetes Type-2
      Sugar that contains in junk food is so high. Our body can not break down it in short time. So if we consume junk food regularly. We can not say no to diabetes type 2. Indonesian who got diabetes, about 80% of them is got this diabetes. This diabetes is happen because reduced of insulin hormone or the glukosa in our body is bigger than it. So, better consume it rarely. But better to stop.
    • Heart
      Everyday salt that we consume is not derived from nature salt. But come from junk food, such as noodles, sauces, and others instant food. All of that food is contains high salt content. If consume it regularly is can impact badly to our heart. Because it is more that 5 gram salt everyday that was suggested from WHO, World Health Organization.
    • High Blood Pressure
      High content salt in our body is not good to our blood pressure. According to the information that was given from WHO. Salt is enough to our body only 5 gram a day. More than that we can not say no to high blood pressure. Because high content of salt is contain junk food.
    • Liver
      Sodium and cholesterol that contains a lot in junk food are not good to our liver. Liver need extra energy to break down it and cure body from toxic. Liver need extra time to to do that. So if the liver is not finished it job yet. We can imagine how hard the liver will work.
    • Stroke
      WHO, World Health Organization was released an information that 5 gram salt everyday is enough. More than that can cause diseases, one of that is stroke.
      We need to know that high content of salt in contains in junk food. So consume it everyday is not good to our body.
    • Trans Fats
      Saturated fat is nothing if we compare to trans fat. It only has one bad effect. But trans fat has two. It can raise level of bad cholestrol and reduce good cholesterol level.
      We must know that that crackers, popcorn instant, and muffin contains that. So, I do not need to say it anymore right?

After talk the health benefits of not eating junk food. So how we can hold ourself to not eating junk food?

1. Consume brown rice

How we can get health benefits of not eating junk food if does not know how to to that, right?
Let us start with consume brown rice. This rice has a lot fiber and can make a full stomach. So thare no time to think we are hungry and eat junk food. The best part of consume brown rice is good nutrition for our body is contains on it.
After read this information do not take too many times to thinking. Leaves white rice and consume brown rice.
So what do you waiting for?

  1. Consume Oat or Wheat

This pasrt is same like consume brown rice. Oat or wheat is contains a lot if fiber. This content is good to hold our stomach from junk food.
For other nutrition, oat or wheat is contains good nutrition such as chemical plants, good fatty acids, iron, magnesium, protein, and vitamin. All of that content is better if we consume for breakfast.

  1. Consume Fresh Fruit

Just eat fresh juice or fresh fruit. We need to know that junk food is contain chemicals and preservatives. The junk before is healthy food but because both of it later are not healthy food anymore.
The most important thing about consume fruit is the fiber. When process to make fresh fruit to juice. It will brake the fiber. This condition will worst after added contain chemicals and preservatives.
So the adversiting is not beautifull like the product?

  1. Consume Fresh Vegetable

Same like the fruit. Fiber in vegetable can avoid our stomach from junk food. But which vegetable is contains high fiber levels?

The leafy one. Leafy vegetable can help us from many disease. Blood sugar levels can be reduce by it. Especially disease after get worst from consume junk food. Spinach and lettuce are two from all the leafy vegetables. That can reduce the possibility and cure the disease. Leafy vegetable will more powerfull if it combine with beans, eggs, and fish. Eat the combination of those food in our daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fiber is the the point of the four way to avoid juck food above. So do not just read but do something with it.