18 Health Benefits of Loaf Bread (No.4 Insane)

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Loaf Bread is popular worldwide as a kind of food which usually consume during breakfast. Bread is typically made from wheat flour, egg, yeast and other. It is considered as the oldest food that have been manufactured by man. People love to eat loaf bread by slicing it and spread butter or jam on it. They also turn it into toast and eat it with egg, meat, sausage or even as sandwich. It is one of the most favorite item in western type breakfast.


Bread has been eaten worldwide since thousands years ago and it is popular until nowadays. The first bread that manufactured by man were flat and having hard texture since they made from the mixture of ground grain and water only. There is no oven in ancient time so people on that age bake the bread under the sun or on hot rocks. Differ from the earliest bread, the loaf that we consume nowadays made from smooth flour and leavened with yeast and also baking soda. Loaf bread is one type of bread which largely consume by people in the world especially in America. They also regard the loaf bread as a stuff of life.

It was the Egyptians who firstly introduce the loaf bread leavened. The leavening of bread completely change the hard texture of bread into soft, light and filled with air. The yeast is the reason of the leavening. The spore that contained in yeast floating in the air and later settle in the bread dough. The yeast consume the sugar and turn into some gas that make the texture of bread porous. It is also Egyptians who made the first oven in the world. They realized that to bake the bread they need enclosed area of heat that can bake the larger mass of loaf bread. This principe of making loaf bread is still been followed until today by many bakers around the world.

Nutrition Facts

Loaf bread contains some nutrients which is good for the body. Even some people consider that loaf bread is not healthy due to the flour contains high calories, still loaf bread will give you many benefits if you consume it. Bread contains most carbohydrate, protein, sugar and some vitamin and mineral. The amount of nutrition is vary depend on the ingredients which used to make loaf bread. Commonly, in one Serving Size or 40 gr of loaf bread contains 70 calories, 0.5 mg fat, 210 mg sodium, 16 gr carbohydrate, 4 gr dietary fiber, 4 g protein, 2 g sugar, 10% calcium and 10% iron.

Health Benefits of Loaf Bread

Since the loaf bread contains some amount of nutrients, it also provide us with several benefits. Below are the list of benefits that you may gain from consuming loaf bread :

1. Provide energy

Bread contains carbohydrate which is the main source of energy. Eating loaf bread in the morning will provides you with energy and keep your stamina during activity. The carbohydrate which is contained in loaf bread is categorized as complex carbohydrate. People should consume carbohydrate to fulfill 45-65% of total daily calories intake.

2. Promotes healthy digestion

Bread which is made by whole grain are good source of fiber. Fiber is well known in improve healthy digestion. Fiber add bulk to the bowel and made it softer so it will be easier to pass the large intestine.

3. Relieve Irritable bowel syndrome

Fiber which contained in loaf bread also can be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome is a common problem which occur in the digestion tract especially large intestine. Based on Recommended daily allowance (RDA) we should consume fiber at least 25 grams daily for women and 50 gr for men. Loaf bread contains some amount of fiber which can help to fulfil the daily needs of fiber.

4. Prevent heart disease

Loaf bread which manufactured by whole grains contains fiber which is not only beneficial for digestion but also can reduce the risk of heart disease. According to a study which published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that whole grain product including loaf bread can significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The US Department of Agriculture ( USDA) recommend to consume grain 6 ounces for women and 7-8 ounces for men per day. For information, 6 ounces of grain is equal to 6 slices of loaf bread.

5. Prevent from weight gain

People consider loaf bread is unhealthy and can cause obesity or overweight. Actually there is no scientific evidence that reported the effect of loaf bread in gaining weight. This misunderstanding is maybe leaded by the ingredients of loaf bread that contains flour (flour considered as factor which can rise weight) . The fact is loaf bread which is made from whole grain acts opposite than gaining weight, its the food that you can consume to maintain normal weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). A study which published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that women who eat regular grain has less weight than them who rare to consume grains. The fiber contained in loaf bread will be slower to absorb by the body and it make you feel full and prevent you from hunger before next meal time.

6. Prevent from Alzheimer

Loaf bread especially the whole grain contains some kernels which is the vital germ of the grain. This kernels of grain contains many vitamin and mineral such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and etc. These nutrients are vital in keeping brain tissue. The Vitamin E also Acts as antioxidant to prevent brain damage that cause by antioxidant and lead to mental disorder such as Alzheimer.

7. Maintain healthy skin

Not only can prevent brain disorder, the vitamin E which is contain in loaf bread can help to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E is strong antioxidant which is known can tackle the effect of free radicals especially the damaging effect on skin.

8. Keeping mental health

Mental health is one of the key to keep healthy body. Depression and stress could trigger the development of heart disease, diabetes and other serious health problem. Magnesium can calm the nerve and reduce anxiety. By eating loaf bread which contain magnesium and other nutrient, you has protect yourself from such mental illness. Just noted that the amount of magnesium in a slice of whole grain loaf bread is equal to one orange fruit or banana.

9. Prevent inflammation

The nutrients inside loaf bread act as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help your body from developing certain inflammation. Inflammation is usually happen when the body exposed to pathogen, chemical or free radicals. Consuming some slices of loaf bread daily can help your body to prevent inflammation.

10. Help in body repair

Loaf bread is also made from egg and sometime milk. It is make loaf bread also source of protein. Protein is one important or vital nutrients that the body needs to repair organ or tissue. Providing the body by protein, you can heal your wound faster and it also help to regenerate skin.

11. Improve brain function

If you need to start work in the morning, having presentation in class or any activity that need the optimum function of brain, choosing loaf bread as breakfast is a good option. It provides you with energy, vitamin and minerals which can keep your focus and improve your brain function

12. Reduce the risk of Cancer

Fiber and antioxidants, both are natural properties that can combat and prevent cancer. Consuming loaf bread can help your body stay away from certain types of cancer such as colorectal cancer. Antioxidant found in loaf bread can also protect the body from oxidative stress that occur because free radicals effect.

13. Help in fight infection

The antioxidant content in loaf bread is one factor that can help your body to fight infection that occur by several case. This benefits may be served by the presence of Vitamin E and other vitamin which contain in loaf bread.

14. Maintain normal metabolism

Normal metabolism is required to keep whole body function. it provide cells with energy. Loaf bread contains Vitamin B complex which play important role in maintaining normal metabolis. Vitamin B acts as co-factor and some enzyme in the metabolism process. The absence of certain enzyme will disturb the metabolism process.

15. Reduce cholesterol

Fiber has significant effect in lowering the cholesterol level in the body. It also inhibit the absorption of bad fat into the blood that can cause blood vessel thickening and promote heart disease. Loaf bread contains fiber that can keep your body from high cholesterol level.

16. Prevent diabetes

Contains small amount of sugar, loaf bread will not give a high impact to your blood sugar level. Instead, it provide you with fiber which can delay the absorption of sugar inside the body. Consuming loaf bread is believed can prevent from diabetes especially type 2. So, instead of eating rice, it is better if you choose loaf bread as breakfast.

17. Strengthen Bones and Teeth

Even loaf bread doesn’t contain abundant amount of calcium, it still can help your body to keep strong bones and teeth. Calcium is the building block of bones and teeth. Lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis and tooth decay.

18. Help to prevent anemia

In one single serving of loaf bread (40g) contains 10% of daily intake of iron. Iron is a mineral which play important role in maintaining function of red blood cell and make sure the oxygen is transferred to every parts of the body. Lack of iron can cause anemia and it may disturb your activity as well.

Health Risk of Loaf Bread

Certain people may develop allergy to loaf bread. It is reported that people with celiac disease (allergy to gluten that is contained in some food product which made from flour and other wheat product ) can’t easily eat loaf bread. If you have certain disease or allergy try to avoid loaf bread which contain high amount of gluten ( a protein which commonly found in wheat )

How to Purchase, Store and Consume

If you want to get all the benefits that mentioned above, follow these tips when you gonna purchase, store and consume loaf bread :

  • It is better to buy fresh loaf that is just baked in the store or if you want to make sure its quality, you can try to make it at home.
  • Always check the date of expire if you purchase loaf bread from store
  • Keep the bread in air tight bread container but if its not available you can just wrap it with paper bag and put in normal temperature
  • Fresh loaf bread usually only can be kept maximum three days.
  • Slice the loaf just when you get home and enjoy it with your favorite organic fruit jam or fruit slice
  • You can also make it as sandwich combine with some lettuce, vegetable or even protein from egg or meat.

If you are a person who concern with health and want to have a healthier lifestyle, its time for you to change your breakfast item and get the benefits.