27 Top Health Benefits of Lettuce #Beauty & Bone

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Lettuce is one of highly rich in nutrients vegetables. This crunchy-textured and greenish vegetable has the incredible health benefits for human’s body. This organic vegetable is also known as one of few foods which can be eaten raw. Moreover, it belongs to the daisy family of Asteraceae and was first cultivated by the Egyptians many times ago.

Afterward, lettuce has a few different variety. Romaine is the variety which has the slightly higher nutrition among other lettuce varieties. Then, on the opposite, Iceberg lettuce contains the lowest nutrients. However, each of lettuce varieties still has best nutrients for our health.  Lettuce Nutrients Amount” state=”closed

To give you more information, we list the nutritional facts of the lettuce with Lactuca sativa as its name below.


Amount Per 100 gram

% Daily Value



Total Fat

0.2 g



0 mg



28 mg



194 mg


Total Carbohydrate

2.9 g


Dietary Fiber

1.3 g



0.8 g


1.4 g


Calcium    3%

Vitamin A    148%

Vitamin C    15%

Iron    4%

Magnesium    3%

Vitamin B-6    5%

Note: Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

As listed above, you have to take into account to consume lettuce as it contains many good nutrients in it. Thus, here we explain more about the health benefits of lettuce.


1. Improves Body Metabolism

Metabolism is a reaction that converts the food we have eaten into the energy which can give our body the power to do something. Subsequently, the nutrients of the food are having a role to support and control the chemical reaction of the metabolism system. In this case, lettuce has a significant role in improving our body metabolism. As it contains iron, magnesium, and potassium, it helps to increase the metabolism of the body. In addition, this vegetable also has a good source of B- complex which also help to improve our metabolism system.


2. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

We must aware and watch the level of bad cholesterol in our body. The high level of bad cholesterol may lead to cardiovascular disease and other dangerous diseases. Even, bad cholesterol often causes heart attacks and strokes. In another hand, studies show that vitamin C and beta-carotene inside lettuce are working together to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol by preventing the artery walls forming as plaques which can block off and break the blood flow. Besides, fiber and potassium in lettuce are also able to lower the cholesterol levels. Then, with vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, and the fiber, lettuce have a role in making a healthy condition for our heart.


3. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Lettuce can be beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes. At this point, lettuce that has a few calories, makes the glycemic index considered as zero. For this reason, the low glycemic index is great for those who watch their blood sugar level. The lower the blood sugar level, then it also lowering the risk of having diabetes. Thus, eating lettuce routinely will make you feel less worried about having this disease in life.


4. Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation affects every health aspects of our health including the migraines, dental issues, or pain at your back. However, those could be avoided by consuming lettuce as the option. Indeed, lettuce extracts act as anti-inflammatory induced by biocatalysts such as lipoxygenase and carrageenan. Then, it has been proven that lettuce has a significant role in controlling the inflammation.

5. Prevents Cancer Growth

Nutrients in lettuce leaf help to control certain type of cancer. Furthermore, research shows, it helps to control the leukemia cells and breast cancer. In the same way, it has shown that consuming lettuce required to kill 50% of leukemia cells. Similarly, vitamin A contained in lettuce also helps in preventing cancer which will assist in dealing the risk of mouth cancer and lung cancer.


6. Antimicrobial Properties

The next benefit you can get from eating lettuce is its ability as antimicrobial properties. It is due to the latex that deforming upon the yeasts. Meanwhile, there are biochemicals that also helping our body to act as antimicrobial. This function goes to the terpenes and cardenolides which are working to defense our body from bad microbes. From here one, it will be a good idea to add lettuce to your salad in case making your body healthier.

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7. Boosts Sleep Quality

We may experience a condition called insomnia and problem in sleep. To deal with this problem, you can consume lettuce routinely. The one that works on it is called lactucarium. What is lactucarium? The answer goes to the white fluid that comes out when you cut lettuce leaves. Consequently, it makes you relax and may boost your sleep quality. It also has been found that lactucarium has similar properties to opium. However, you do not need to worry as it has no any toxic side effects.


8. Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

This statement will explain about how lettuce can fight Alzheimer’s disease. As the lettuce extracts showed considerable control of neuron cell death caused by the glucose or serum deprivation contained, it may help you to fight this disease. At this point, neurons are the important parts of our body which have a role in making up memory. Nevertheless, in order of the important role of neurons, significant neuronal death may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, lettuce also has the potential as a neuroprotector to be the remedy for neurodegenerative diseases. That’s why we need lettuce as a food to fight the possibility of having this disease.

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9. Removes Toxins

Removing toxins is one of lettuce’s ability to help our body to be healthy. It is actually caused by minerals inside the lettuce. As a result, it has the ability to keep your acid balance in order. Moreover, by removing toxins in our body, your body only contains the great substances. Thus, there are a lot of benefits that you can get such as greater and healthier body.


10. Fights Anemia

Anemia is one of the most common blood’s disorders. If you suffer from anemic symptoms, from being tired and weak too often, you can choose lettuce to eat for recovering. Since lettuce is iron-contained, it is good to know that this vegetable may help you to fight anemia. In addition, taking probiotic-rich foods may also help you more.

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11. Treats Arthritis

In the first place, finding a cure for arthritis is very important to those people with this disease. Provided that, it is recommended to avoid the certain harmful foods which are high in fat and calories. Moreover, it may increase the swelling and pain to your body. While, on the opposite, consuming lettuce may help you reducing the risk of arthritis. Indeed, choosing the right food is becoming a serious thing because it depends on what our body needs.

12. Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are many nutrients that are good for our health. Given that,  lettuce is one of rich in nutrients vegetables, it is good to know that lettuce contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are really beneficial for maintaining our health. With a 2:1 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6, it is a great composition for our body. It is not too much, not too less.

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13. Controls Anxiety

Anxiety becomes a serious disease that is often linked to a depression in problem’s health. Besides, Research shows in recent times that lettuce has a role in neurological health process. It possesses anxiolytic properties which help to control the anxiety. Though, this benefit has long been exploited during ancient times for anxiety’s medical treatment.


14. Improves Digestion Systems

It is a must to keep our digestion systems healthy. Then, every meal that we have eaten, every nutrient, and every substance go to our digestive systems. In fact, lettuce laid the fact that it has a good source of dietary fiber. Next, it helps to improve the function gastrointestinal tract. Last but not least tips, combine your lettuce salad with other vegetables such as cucumber and carrots to make it delicious and also make a healthier digestion system.


15. Hydrates Body

People usually drink more water to get hydrated. However, as this article recommend, you can consume lettuce for getting a fresh and hydrated body. As well as one of the vegetables that are rich in nutrients, the good substances that are contained in lettuce are having a role in fulfilling the nutrients and the ability to hydrate our body. Moreover, it makes lettuce one of good sources for a healthier body.


16. Low in Calorie and No Fat

Having lettuce salad for your diet menu is a right way, due to the low calorie inside. In this case, it is true that lettuce has no fat contained. As a matter of fact, lettuce has only 12 calories for 1 shredded cup. Thus, consuming salad in your diet routine may help you lose weight faster.


17. High in Fiber and Cellulose

As mentioned before, it is commonly known that lettuce is highly rich in nutrients. This vegetable is also highly rich in fiber and cellulose. Thus, the fiber itself have a role in removing bile salts from the body which also helps to break down the cholesterol. At this point, it is undeniable that lettuce is an amazingly healthy food. 

18. Source of Vitamins

The vitamins inside the lettuce provide much nutrition. Accordingly, there are vitamin C as Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin K, Iron, Proteins, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium which are very much essential for body metabolism. In other words, if you do not want to eat lettuce as your dish option, it means you must have removed the chance of your body for getting the good nutrients indirectly.


19. Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants have a role as barriers to free radicals. These bio-chemicals is really needed by our body. Furthermore, research shows that lettuce has antioxidants which can neutralize free radicals during cellular metabolism. In the second place, lettuce also contains Vitamin C as an antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical and cause health diseases.

20. Source of Energy

Eating lettuce adds more energy to our body which may fulfill the nutrients needs. Moreover, it affects to improve the energy production inside the body. Then, we use the energy as the fuel for our daily activities. The more energy you have, the better your work results be.


21. Helps to Lose Weight

Lettuce is low in calorie. Besides, it has good fiber in it. Both of these things make a good collaboration for losing weight. While zero amount of calories is working for some weight loss, the fiber is also working to fulfill the nutrients that our body needs. Such a perfect team, right?


22. Helps Muscle’s Development

Some people may go to the gym to train themselves. Indeed, a workout may help you to build a good muscle and body curve. However, there is one another way to help muscle’s development. Due to proteins contained, lettuce is good at muscle’s development. Lettuce itself contains 20% of proteins in its total quantity. Consequently, proteins in lettuce is a good source of proteins that may help you building a healthy muscle.


23. Helps Pregnancy Development

The present of Vitamin K in lettuce is giving a good benefit for pregnancy. This vitamin helps you to prevent neural defects during pregnancy. At this matter, lettuce also contains good amounts of folates and Vitamin C. Moreover, Folate is required for DNA synthesis and play a vital role for a healthy pregnancy. Now, you have already known that lettuce also has the benefit for pregnancy, haven’t you?

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Improve Bone Health with Lettuce

24. Improves Bones Health

When it comes to the function which may help to improve our bone health, it must lead to the benefit of the calcium. People tend to drink milk as their calcium source. However, since lettuce contains a high amount of calcium, it has the ability for protecting and improving the health of our bones. Thus, if you want to have a good bone’s structure, try to add lettuce in your food menu.


Beauty Tricks with Lettuce

25. Improves Skin Health

As a matter of fact,  people want to have a perfect skin. They tend to buy beauty products that may help them to make a better and youthful skin. However, it is the best way to take the natural action rather than having many chemical substances applied to your skin. People have to understand that consuming a good nutrients supplying is the right way to improve the skin’s health. At this point, green vegetables as a storehouse of vitamins, fiber, and good nutrients might be the best choice.

26. Improves Hair Growth

Further, lettuce offers range benefits for your hair. It has an adequate supply of nutrients that can support the health of your hair. Moreover, it provides the essential micro minerals for hair. In another hand, it also has the function for preventing hair fall and preventing graying of hair, due to Vitamin K and potassium contained. Hence, consuming lettuce regularly will help you having a beautiful and healthy hair.


27. Promotes Smooth Skin 

There, lettuce is considered for having benefits to skin’s health. It supplies the nutrition that our skin needs. Moreover, it helps you revitalizing the skin since the amount of Vitamin A contained. It also provides protection against sun’s ultraviolet rays and pollutions due to the combination of vitamin E and vitamin C. Next, it has the benefit of making your skin youthful and preventing from earlier aging. Then, as the conclusion, lettuce has best benefits for healthier and more beautiful skin as the work results of its natural nutrients.


As a result, that’s all the health benefits of lettuce. Here we give you special tips for the recipes and tips for consuming lettuce:

Tips for Lettuce Recipes

  • Vegetable Juice: Make lettuce as your option for juicing. Then, it will be good for your digestive systems.
  • Green Salad: Make a perfect salad by adding lettuce in your bowl. Add some tomatoes, red pepper, carrot, and other vegetables. Therefore, don’t forget to try adding some cheese for more delicious taste.
  • Smoothie/Pudding: It is always being a healthy smoothie or pudding if you add some lettuce in it. For the tips, combine it with sweet fruits such as bananas, apples, and mangoes.
  • Vegetable Dish: You can simply add lettuce on your baked salmon, cheeseburger, sandwich or even on your chicken soup. For this reason, it will give you more crunchy texture taste.

Tips for Consuming

  • First, make sure that lettuce leaves are still crisp, fresh, and bright in color. Lettuce is delicious as long as it is fresh. Keep your eyes on to avoid lettuce bunches that are brownish, wilting or having spots and holes on them.
  • Then, ensure to wash the lettuce thoroughly in cold water to avoid the existence of pesticides and other organisms.
  • Proper storage of the vegetable is a crucial thing. Moreover, keep lettuce unwashed in the plastic bag or in the crisper section of the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Eating green vegetables is a way to fulfill the nutrient needs. It is an absolute thing to keep our body healthy by consuming good foods. Thus, having lettuce as an option for your meal is a good choice. If you add this vegetable to eat, you will not only taste the crunchy texture but also get a chance for having an enormous amount of nutritional value. So, keep eating well for getting a good and healthier life!