30 Health Benefits of Kelp – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

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kelpIf you’re so proud of yourself that you could grow any organic vegetables, hold for a second, because kelp is not typical of vegetable you could grow in your own garden unless you’re a mermaid. Kelp is one of the sea vegetables which is also best known as seaweed and only been able to be harvested from the sea floor. Japanese are adding seaweed in their sushi and Chinese have been adding kelp as part of their cuisine since ancient time, but now seaweed like kelp is already part of any kitchens around the world due to its healthy properties and many benefits to human’s health. That’s why kelp is well known as super food. As a result, here are the health benefits of kelp that you need to check out.

Nutritional Facts of Kelp

Here is the Nutritional Facts of Kelp:

Kelp: Raw

Serving Size 100 gr

GeneralsValue and DV%
Carbohydrate9.57 – 3%
Fiber1.3 gr – 5%
Sugar0.6 gr
Protein1.68 gr – 3%
Choline12.8 mg
Folid Acid180 mcg
Niacin0.47 mg – 2%
Panthothenic Acid0.64 mg – 6%
Riboflavin0.15 mg – 9%
Thiamin0.05 mg – 3%
Vitamin A116 IU – 2%
Vitamin C3 mg – 5%
Vitamin E0.87 mg – 3%
Vitamin K66 mcg – 82%
Calcium168 mg – 17%
Copper0.13 mg – 6%
Iron2.85 mg – 16%
Magnesium121 mg – 30%
Manganese0.2 mg – 10%
Phosphorus42 mg – 4%
Potassium89 mg – 2%
Selenium0.73 mcg – 1%
Sodium233 mg – 10%
Zinc1.23 mg – 8%

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The healing properties of kelp have been widely known by the Asian, especially by the Japanese and Chinese. That’s why kelp is really common found as part of Asian’s cuisine but the popularity of kelp in western world is just recently but many benefits have been proven by people around the world including the Westerns themselves.

Kelp for Beauty Treatments

Meanwhile, here are the health benefits of kelp that uses for beauty treatments.

1. As Natural Detoxifier

Do you know what the main function of kelp for this world is? Sea has the best filtering system in the world and kelp has prominent role for the filtering process. So, if you’re consuming kelp it is also able to detox your body so you’ll feel like you’ve been rejuvenated.

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2. As Skin Cells Protector

Young skin cells are the reasons behind healthy and firm skin. The fact that cells will die is also true but some nutrients contained in kelp could help you making sure the death cells will be replaced immediately with the new healthier and younger cells for healthier and younger skin.

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3. As Main Contributor to Radiant Glowing Skin

Healthy skin is not enough but it should look healthy also. Kelp is so rich of fluorine, magnesium and calcium. Those minerals are responsible to the healthy glowing in your skin. Furthermore, as rich of Vitamin A, C and E surely kelp is good for skin cells as well as skin tissue.

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Kelp for Best Weight Loss Treatments

4. As Replacement for Salt

Just admit it that sometimes it is hard to live without salt. However, too much salt in your body could be harmful but now you don’t need to worry anymore since kelp is so rich of iodine and the extract of kelp is an excellent replacement for salt. The same taste but healthier properties.

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5. As Super Food for Daily Diet

As mentioned in the point number 5, kelp is an excellent replacement for salt. So, consuming kelp is considered to be a healthy diet because if you have stopped consuming salt, so you could reduce the consumption of sodium significantly. Surely you’re aware that too much sodium inside your body could cause serious cardiovascular problems.

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6. As Weight Loss Solution

Having problem with weight loss? Kelp is also one of the super food that could assist you in losing some weight. It is because as algae, kelp is so rich of fiber. It is not only good for metabolism so most of nutrients will be absorbed optimally while the excessive compounds will be washed away, so nothing left for weight gain.

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7. As Metabolism Booster

Healthy metabolism means your metabolism is working without pressure but could function optimally. Healthy metabolism means all foods consumed will be extracted and all nutrients will be absorbed by the body and used so body could function normally. If body could function normally is much easier to fight diseases and prevent infections.

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8. As Rich of Antioxidants

It is important to put foods that are rich of antioxidant in your daily diet. It is because antioxidant is probably the most effective way to fight free radicals. However, now with pollutions in the air, water even soil are kind of hard to avoid free radicals completely, that’s why you need one more layer of protection inside your body and antioxidants are what you really needs and kelp is so rich of antioxidants from carotenoids, alkaloids and flavonoids.

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Another Kelp Uses for Body

9. As Food to Reduce Blood Pressure

If you have problem with blood pressure the easiest solution to reduce it is by avoiding salt in all cost. It is because salt contained high sodium and excessive sodium in the blood is the main factor of the raise of blood pressure level. Kelp which is rich of iodine could be used as the replacement of salt and at the same time, as rich of minerals like potassium will assist in reducing the blood pressure level.

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10. As Natural Solution toward Iodine Deficiency

Do you know what will happen to you if you’re suffering from iodine deficiency? Well, iodine is one of the main compounds which has prominent role in the production of thyroid hormone. So, the deficiency of iodine could cause a serious hormone imbalance. Many people are depending on consuming supplement to deal with the condition but just one serving size of kelp could fulfill the daily intake of iodine.

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11. As Immunity Booster

Healthy immune system means your body is able to fight some diseases or prevent them. Some factors could weaken your immunity system and one of them is when the vitamins and minerals in the body is not enough to provide the protections. Kelp as rich of vitamin and mineral will assist in fulfilling the gap.

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12. As Natural Energy Booster

A study has been conducted among the athletes in UK by adding kelp into their daily diet. The result is there is a significant boost of energy in each of the athlete. Furthermore, the same athletes also found that their level of endurance is also increasing after consuming kelp in daily basis.

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13. As Excellent Source of Folid Acid

Folid acid is essential for a pregnant woman. It is because folid acid has prominent role in developing the brain in fetus as well as the nerve systems. The deficiency of this compound could cause serious problems to the fetus and the worst case is a baby born with birth defect. Consuming kelp during early semester of pregnancy is highly recommended since kelp contains adequate amount of folid acid.

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14. As Main Source of Minerals for New Mother

Not only during pregnancy, minerals like iron, calcium and potassium are important for a new mother. Breastfeeding is not an easy job; a mother should consume healthy foods so she could provide enough nutrients for her own body as well as for the baby. Kelp is an excellent source of minerals that a new mother really needs.

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15. As Excellent Solution to Deal with Menstruation Symptoms

Menstruation or best known as PMS in women could become really uncomfortable, especially the symptoms like fatigue, cramp and anemia could really influence the mood. However, kelp is rich of minerals like iron that could make sure the production of red blood cells are under control could assist in reducing the risk of anemia and fatigue while other minerals like calcium and potassium will reduce the pain of cramp.

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16. As Rich of Vitamin C to Combat Oxidative Stress

What is oxidative stress? It is a condition that could be harmful for your health especially the cardiovascular health. Along with others minerals like zinc, manganese and potassium surely kelp is good for your heart because potassium will bind the excessive amount of sodium and eliminate it from your body system.

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17. As Natural Protections Against Cancerous Cells

Some studies have been conducted related to healthy properties found in kelp. Some studies show that there are positive impact like compounds found in kelp is able to prevent the spread of cancerous cells in prostate and lung cancer though the same compounds are only able to slow down the spread in breast and colon cancer. Though surely further studies are still required.

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18. As Control to Blood Sugar Level

Some studies have been published related to the possibility of kelp to control blood sugar in diabetic patients. It is because there is a certain compound found in kelp that influence the glycemic control which will affects the level of blood sugar. Furthermore, as rich of fiber and contains of alginate, type of fiber that could bind fat block, kelp is also good for people with diabetes type 2 to deal with the obesity.

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19. As Super Food for Brain

Kelp is considered to be super food with a specific reason because it is also good to maintain the brain health. Healthy brain is not only affecting your memory or your intellectuality but also your motor skill and your nerve system. It is due to high content of iodine in kelp.

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20. As Source of Powerful Nutrient Called Fucoidan

What this powerful nutrient called fucoidan could do for your health? Well, the answer is a lot especially related to blood problem. Fucoidan is able to prevent blood clot and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. So, this powerful nutrient will make sure that your body will get enough blood to function optimally.

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21. As General Defense Against Inflammatory

In other words, kelp is a powerful but natural anti-inflammatory. You must have realized that inflammatory could cause some serious conditions in your body and by consuming kelp you could deal with the condition effectively. It means that kelp could assist you in fighting all kinds of inflammatory that suffered by your body naturally.

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22. As Natural Defense Against Osteoporosis

Having problem with your bones like osteoporosis? Well, it means that you should consume foods that are rich of minerals like calcium. Most calcium comes from dairy products, however not all people love dairy products or could deal with it, especially those with lactose intolerance. However, kelp is one of the vegetables that contain high amount of minerals that could fulfill the gap.

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23. As Food for Healthy Bone

All foods rich of calcium is good for bone but kelp is more than just vegetable that is rich of calcium or other minerals but kelp is also rick of Vitamin K. Among other vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Vitamin K is probably not that popular but it is actually the key of healthy bone by making sure you have denser bones.

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24. As Rich of Vitamin E to Promote Blood Vessel Health

Well, there are a lot of factors that contribute in healthy cardiovascular system and healthy blood vessel is one of the key. Vitamin E along with Vitamin C contained in kelp could contribute in the healthy blood vessel. It is because the tissue in blood vessel should be strong enough as well as healthy enough to distribute blood throughout the body system.

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25. As Protection Against Radiation

Radiation is not going to kill you directly but radiation could be harmful for your body in long term. You probably don’t realize that your body is affecting by radiation almost every day like from photocopy machine and even your smart phone has radiation. Sodium alginate contained in kelp has been proven to be able in protecting your body from radiation as well as removing it from your system.

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26. As Red Blood Cells Stimulator

Surely you have guessed that kelp will be good for your red blood cells production because it is rich of minerals like iron, potassium, manganese and zinc. However, as it is not enough, kelp also contains chlorophyll which in nature is the reasons how plant could convert sunlight into energy. In human body, chlorophyll could be the natural red blood cells production stimulator.

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27. As PH Level Balancer

Some people might often hear about food rich of alkaline is good for balancing PH balance in the body. However, not all of those realize how important alkaline food for their body. Kelp is one of the excellent sources of alkaline that will help in maintaining the balance of acid-base in the body system to support essential body function.

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28. As Rich of Protein

Amino acid is one of the important proteins that human’s body really need and kelp is containing about 16 types of amino acid and each of them has prominent role in your body. Just by adding kelp in your daily diet, it could boost the protein content in your body, so there is no need to consume additional supplement.

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29. As Food to Hydrated Body

Not everyone realize that dehydration is not only able to make you feel so uncomfortable but dehydration is actually the root of serious problems. Dehydrated cells in your body could cause the regeneration of cells and kelp which is containing relatively high amount of water and fiber could help you dealing with the condition.

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30. As Healthy Heart Food

Overall, all the minerals contents and vitamins found in kelp is good for heart. However, those who have problems with heart condition should consult with the doctors first due to rich of sodium found in kelp.

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Cautions of Kelp You Should Aware

Well, even consuming too much good stuff could be harmful for your body and kelp which is considered to be super healthy food still contains some cautions you should aware of, though you don’t need to worry too much because as long as you consume it in moderate amount, nothing you should worry about unless you have certain conditions.

1. Too Much Iodine

As mentioned above, iodine is one of the perks you could get from kelp. The deficiency of iodine could be harmful for your body and too much iodine in your body could cause similar problem as well. However, according to some researches, it is very rare for a person suffering from too much iodine in their body just by consuming kelp. What you should really aware is when you’re getting iodine from supplement and then you should be really careful with the dosage.

2. Kelp Could Be Toxic

As mentioned in point number one of the benefits of kelp, this type of algae is the reasons why the sea is still healthy until today. Its function to detoxify the sea is making kelp absorbing minerals and some of those minerals are probably harmful like arsenic or lead. That’s why finding out where your kelp comes from is important or you could only consume certified kelp only to avoid the worst case that probably happens.

3. Blood Thinning Drugs

For those who are currently consuming some types of blood thinning drugs is probably wise to avoid consuming kelp in all cost. It is because kelp is containing high amount of Vitamin K. This type of vitamin is surely has some benefits for human health but not for those who are consuming blood thinning drugs because vitamin K is only reducing the effectiveness of the drugs.

4. Rich of Sodium

Sodium in kelp is relatively high though kelp is also containing potassium that could balance the content of sodium. However, for those who already have problem with heart issue and cholesterol, surely you don’t need to reason to add more sodium in your blood stream, so instead of taking the advantage of the potassium is better to avoid kelp until your heart problem is taken care and the cholesterol level is back to normal.

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From the health benefits of kelp compared to the cautions, you will find the health benefits of kelp are enormous compared to the cautions however don’t ever take the cautions for granted because though this type of seaweed has prominent role in your body but still the cautions could be even more harmful if you don’t take it seriously.