20 Benefits of Cuddling in the Morning for Mental Health

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All the couples in the world might agree that cuddling can do more wonder than it looks, or sounds. The act of resting together and embracing our loved ones indeed has the ability to make everything about our lives great. The demonstration of intimacy also serves to represent affections, security, trust, as well as loyalty towards each other. Suffice to say, cuddling promises some great things in our lives and leaves those who have never cuddled wanting.

There is no denying that hormones affect how we feel and think. Arguably, all we feel and think is more or less the results of secretions and rushing of certain hormones in our bodies, with each own composition. That explains why intimate acts of touch such as hugging, embracing, and cuddling feel so special, almost indescribable. The rushes of different hormones as if racing against each other give us the feelings which can be described as the mix of pleasure, calmness and tension.

Of course, one could sum it up that cuddling makes us happy. However, many things can entail happiness. One of them is good health on both body and mind. Therefore, in the following paragraphs we will discuss how is cuddling good for us, judging from more scientific, if not objective viewpoints. So, here are the benefits of cuddling in the morning.

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  1. Strengthen the Immune Systems

Who would’ve ever thought that the simple act of cuddling with your loved ones can do so much as to reinforce your immune systems? Neither do we. The secret, as it turns out, lies in the human touch. Researches suggested that the human touches, the intimate ones in particular, are associated with the drop of cortisol level in the bodies. Cortisol itself is a useful hormone which mainly related to stress.

As explained by Roberta Lee of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York stated that cortisol works by suppressing the immune response. The relationship between stress and immunity might explain why uptight persons are more likely to get sick than those who are more laid-back in nature. Therefore, by keeping yourself out of stress and unnecessary tension, and spend more time cuddling with your loved ones, you can help your immune systems get stronger. Talk about the power of love.

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  1. Protects from Blood Pressure-related Problems

Cuddling with your loved ones does indeed help you to forget all the hardships of the day, relieves you from the anxieties and worries in the future. That doesn’t stop at that, when you cuddle more, you might also stop worrying about heart disease and blood pressure altogether. Why, you ask? Because there is this awesome chemical called oxytocin.

When we said that oxytocin is wonderful, you better believe us. In fact, some of the best functions in our bodies are possible due to the presence of oxytocin. But then, how do we know that oxytocin is at work? Pretty simple, as cuddling gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings, you’ll notice that your heartbeat becomes easier, your muscles relaxes, and the most important thing, you feel peaceful. So, never fear, as long as you’re together with your loved ones, you can get through all the problems in life together. Just don’t start worrying if your partner is cheating or not.

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  1. Helps Regulate Body Temperature

The best time to ask for cuddle is when it’s cold in the air. That is because people will have a hard time to refuse when they are in fact cold and in need for some warmth. Even when added by extra layer of sweater and jacket, the closeness with someone you love will get your body heat soaring high, and so is the case with the other party as well. We’d say it’s mutually profitable, as you can cut down some of your spending for heating.

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  1. Relaxing the Nerves

If the rat race in the office left you uptight and tense, then make sure to cuddle with your loved ones back home. It is normal for couples to snuggle up to each others and sharing their thought when it’s time to rest. Moreover, judging from biochemistry viewpoints, cuddling after work can do great to relieve the tension in the nerves. That is important because tense nerves are often associated with insomnia, anxiety, and other health problems such as headache, muscle pain and even nausea.

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  1. Keeping Couples Close Together

The best rule of thumb of maintaining relationship is that we should never deny that couples do fight at times, the most important thing to address is whether they made up or not. As we already learned about what cuddling do to our bodies, it is not hard to arrive in the conclusion that cuddling can be such a relief in the harsh reality of life. One of the biggest possible crisis in our lives would be a fight in the relationship.

When the situations aren’t as dire as not wanting to see each other anymore, cuddling might be the easiest and the most effective solution. Even if your couples sulk or replying everything with one words, just embrace and cuddle them. Chances are, in the crisis where both parties don’t actually know what they’re doing, all your couple need is more closeness. As cuddling releases some oxytocin in your bodies, it won’t be long until you and your couples make up and stay cuddling, hopefully, stay together as well.

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  1. Improve Your Sleeps

Remember the time when we need to hug pillows or stuffed animals to go to sleep? Undoubtedly, there are grown people out there who still do that. The general comfy feelings which everyone shares mean that hugging something is actually effective in improving the quality of sleeps. Turns out, oxytocin is behind that feelings too.

Yes, you heard that right. The act of clinging into something that is perceived as soft and affectionate releases oxytocin throughout the bodies. When you’re grown out of stuffed animals though, it’s time to cuddle with someone you love to maintain the same quality of sleeps you have when you were kids.

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  1. Might Relieve From Pains

There are many proven and effective ways to deal with pain, but nothing does it quite like the human touch. Oxytocin, again, is the key. We learned that oxytocin deals with many parts of our bodies, including circulation and nervous systems. Consequently, oxytocin is also present when someone gives you massage for your back pain, or when someone rub a bump in your head. Therefore, cuddling in the morning can help you get rid of the pain that comes with bad sleeping position which might bother you throughout the day.

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8. Healthy Psychology

Those are many benefits of cuddling in the morning for us. By reading the paragraphs above, it became clear to us that to be happy we need to figure out what constitute our happiness in the first place. Turns out, many types of hormones are involved in the emotional, mental and psychological processes in our relationships. By gaining insight as to how our physics work along with our psyche, we can focus on what makes us happy and our relationships more meaningful and lasting.

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9. Improves Happy Hormones 

Yes, there are indeed some types of hormones which greatly affects how we feel about ourselves and our lives in general. The hormones are so prominent especially in many researches on psychology and happiness, that they are sometimes dubbed as “happy hormones”. Those are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and adrenaline. If there’s explanations why the certain activities affect us in certain ways, it’s them.

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10. Promote Dopamine 

First there was dopamine, which is more or less can be described as “pleasure hormone”. The way it works is rather interesting, because basically dopamine is a neurotrasmitter, whose works is passing signals from one neurons to another.

Any kind of feelings related to rewards, such as achieving results through efforts, getting paid, winning games, all increases the level of dopamine in the brains. That said, dopamine makes cuddling in the morning pleasurable by “tricking” our brains that we receive rewards, thus the satisfied feelings.

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11. Promote Oxytocin 

Then there was oxytocin, which mainly and popularly described as the hormone which deals with trust, loyalty and affections. There presences of oxytocin explains why couples stay together, especially after doing intimate activities together. That’s why, couples who are together long enough usually cuddle more, and those who cuddle more are likely to be together longer.

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12. Promotes Happiness 

Serotonin is probably the closest hormone to be associated with happiness. Researches have been suggesting about how serotonin contributes to the feeling of well-being and happiness. Viewed in biochemical approach, serotonin is a neurotransmitter, just like dopamine, which is synthesized in serotonergic neurons of the central nervous system. There the hormone works in regulating mood, improving appetites and sleep.

In short, serotonin makes us calmer and more peaceful. The benefits goes beyond that by affecting our co gnitive functions as well. The combination of dopamine and serotonin creates the pleasant and calm feelings when we cuddle with our loved ones.

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13. Many Functions of Bodies

Lastly, there is adrenaline. This hormone serves as a “war drum” for us. Creating the suspenseful, blood-rushing feelings especially to new couples. Mostly present in stressful situations, adrenaline is also found in high amount when people feel “falling in love”. As described before, this hormone plays the important part in increasing blood flows which are essential for many functions of our bodies.

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More Cuddling Benefits

So, here are more benefits of cuddling in the morning:

  1. Makes you happier
  2. Opens up your minds
  3. Makes you a better person
  4. Refreshes you
  5. Gets some inspiration
  6. Makes your bright day
  7. Makes you a positive ones

Cuddling in the morning sounds exciting, fun and also relaxing at the same time. No wonder then, as there are practically different hormones play each parts in our brains which induce different feelings. We thank you for reading, hopefully you’ll learn something about how cuddling might benefit your everyday health, and will also be prompted to cuddle with your loved ones more. Don’t stop learning and keep your body and mind healthy.

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