15 Top Health Benefits of Langsat Fruit – Diet – Beauty Treatments

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Langsat fruits have many benefit. The fruit is a variant of the species Lansium domesticum. The species is native to Southeast Asia. The Lansium domesticum can be planted on the height of 600 meters above sea level until 1500 meters above sea level and grows well at the rainfall condition of 1500 millimeters until 2500 millimeters per year and soil types of latosol, yellow posolik, and alluvial.

Langsat fruit, other than it is good for consumption, has many health benefits.We’ve list just for you some of the health benefits of langsat fruit:

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1. Langsat Fruit Helps Your Diet

Are you on a diet? Seeking to reduce those extra pounds? Add langsat fruit to your diet menu. Now as you probably have known every diet relies on burning more calories than the amount of your calory intake. In order to do this a good body metabolism is needed and langsat fruit does just exactly that. Langsat fruit contains riboflavin which helps the body release energy from carbohydrates.

It means that your body will become more efficient because with a small amount of food you are able to get more energy to do all of your activity. On the long run eating langsat fruit will reduce the number of snack such as fried foods that you consume and thus lower your overall food intake while still keeping you healthy.

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2. Langsat Counters Cancer

Langsat, other than its flesh is good for your diet, its skin is also good to cure cancer and very potent in inhibiting the reproduction of cancer cells ( just make sure that you clean it very carefully before you eat it). It contains many nutrition, minerals, fibers, and vitamins which is said to be useful for treating cancer particularly the ones associated with our digestive system.

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3. Langsat Reduces Fever

Additional to the various nutritions that are in langsat fruit flesh is that other parts of langsat fruit can also be used. It seeds has been known to be able to reduce fever. Generally, you don’t want to eat seeds because it taste bitter, but in cases where you need to we recommend for you to crush them thoroughly first that way the nutrients are extracted most and brew it with hot water (of course you want it to past as soon as possible). To crush the langsat seeds, you need to dry them first. Once the seeds are dry enough to be roasted, crush the seeds. After that, brew the crushed langsat seeds with warm water.

4. Langsat Cures Worm Infection

Other than to reduce fever, if your child suffers of intestinal worm infection, langsat seeds are effective in treating the child’s intestinal worm infection. These herbal method are easier to be done and are safer to be used regularly compared to drug based worm treatment. Again, you should served the seed in a mixture of crushed seed with water as suggested above to gain the maximum benefit of the treatment.

5. Langsat As a Mosquito Repellant

Research suggests that substances contained in langsat fruit’s skin is disliked by mosquitos thus making it a very good mosquito repellant. It doesn’t mean you should just let the skin lying around your house. To use langsat as mosquito repellant you need process it. To make a repellant from langsat peel, you need to dry it first. Once dried, you can burn the dried skin. The smell of the burning skin repels mosquito and it has been proven to be safer for breathing than conventional repellant on the market.

6. Langsat Strengthens Our Teeth and Bones

Langsat fruit contains vitamin A, also known as retinol or carotenoid, and phosphorus. Vitamin A a vitamin soluble in fats, plays a fundamental role in maintaining teeth and skeletal bone. Phosphorus too is useful as an agent for bone and teeth formation. Eating langsat fruit will allow more of these vitamin and mineral to enter your body.

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7. Langsat Treats Insect and Scorpion Bites

Whether you are in the middle of a trip in the wild and get bitten by insects or even a scorpion or just hanging around your house. Langsat tree especially the bark can be used as medicine to treat insect bites or scorpion bites. To use the bark of fruit: start by taking the starch stored in the tree bark. Starch is then applied to the part bitten by insects or scorpions and left to dry up. Perform this treatment process several times until the bite wound is no longer swollen and completely cured.

8. Langsat Prevents Malaria

We know that extract from chichona plant can help you in preventing malaria especially if you are travelling to tropical areas. Recent research suggests that langsat fruit is a source of compound that works against chloroquine-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum one of the protozoa that causes malaria. Extract of langsat fruit interrupts the life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum and are active against a chloroquine-resistant strain of the parasite.

9. Langsat Treats Dysentery

Research have recently shown that langsat tree bark extract is also useful in treating dysentery disease, there is also a lot of local cultures that uses langsat tree to treat dysentery.

10. Langsat Useful For Beauty

If you think that the benefits of langsat fruit was limited to health and disease related benefits, then you are wrong. In terms of aesthetics, particularly langsat fruit extract can be used to lighten our skin.Whats with langsat that make our skin look better? Again, vitamin A plays a role here. Langsat fruit contains vitamin A which plays a fundamental role in maintaining healthy skin and soft tissue and so its consumption will improve our skin quality.

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11. Langsat Counters Free Radical

We have discussed previously of how langsat fruit can help prevent cancer especially digestive related cancer such as colon cancer part of that is because of langsat ability to repel free radicals in the body. Free radical can lead to destruction in cell DNA which leads to failure of cell reproduction. This leads to a lot of chronic diseases. By eating langsat fruit, we will also be kept away from these other diseases caused by free radicals that may be lurking for our health.

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12. Langsat as a Source of Carbohydrate

Although we may be more familiar with the soury taste of langsat fruit, other facts indicate that langsat fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates that when consumed will be very good. For every 100 grams of langsat fruit, there is around 10 grams of carbohydrate. Additional to this remember how earlier we have discussed about how langsat fruit help our metabolism extract energy out more efficiently. This makes langsat fruit suitable to replace your unhealthy snacks.

13. Langsat as Eye Drop

Have something that irritates your eyes but don’t have an eye drop? Langsat fruit extracts can help replace the need for an eyedrop. Langsat fruit leaves can be combined with langsat tree’s bark then brewed. Once the liquid is obtained, it can be used as an eye drop for inflammatory in the eye.

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14. Langsat Fruit Against Diabetes

Langsat fruit contains thiamine which the human body uses to decrease the level of blood glucose. By decreasing the level of glucose in our blood it helps prevents diabetes mellitus. Also read: Types of Diabetes

15. Langsat Fruit Helps Our Digestive System

As with all fruit, langsat fruit contains fiber which help our digestive system in digesting proteins and fat from our food, it also helps in the formation of our waste and preventing those very unpleasant stomachache.

Thus, there are many health benefits of lansat fruit that may get you a healthier lifestyle. Indeed, it’s a native fruit from Asia, so it may be hard for you to find it on the store.

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Different Between Langsat, Duku, and Kokosan Fruit

People tend to confuse between langsat fruit with duku and kokosan although they all are different from each other. The reason for this being that the fruits resembles each other in terms of both size and color. But, if you after reading reading this article are interested in trying this fruit we have save your time researching and give you this fool proof way of distinguishing them.

Duku Fruit 
The three fruits are almost morphologically the same. Duku trees commonly have a big trunk and the branches are crowded with leaves. A cluster of duku fruits contains little amount of duku. The size of the duku fruit is relatively bigger, tends to be round, and the fruit’s skin is a little bit thicker. When ripe, duku fruit is sapless and usually has small seeds with thick flesh.

Kokosan Fruit
Kokosan trees have hairy leaves which means they have a lot of fruit. Kokosan fruit is very dense, denser than langsat fruit. Its size is relatively small and hard to peel off its skin. So the only way to eat the fruit is to chew the fruit and suck the juice out.

Langsat Fruit
Langsat fruit is smaller and a bit oval in shape with a size same as hazelnut. This fruit is well known for its soury taste, although there is a region in Southern and Western Sulawesi that is known for its sweet langsat fruit. A cluster of langsat fruit contains around 15 until 30 langsat fruits. Langsat fruit has more sap than duku fruit. When ripe, langsat fruit is sweeter than duku fruit and contains more sugar.

That’s all for our discussion today regarding langsat fruit. So what are you waiting for go grab your fruits now and even better if you can plant a small tree at your home! cheers!

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