15 Health Benefits of Semolina (No.1 Insane)

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In this chance i will explain the health benefits of Semolina. Semolina or also known as suuji is one of wheat that use to make dish, cakes, or pastas. Semolina can be found plenty in India. The original texture of this wheat is a little bit coarsely. But the texture after it cooked is lovely and very unique. It also have a great taste.

Semolina also can be your night dish because semolina is light. Your stomach will not feel any burden during the night that is why semolina can be one of best dish during your night.

Nutrition Information

Table 1. Semolina Nutrition Facts

In a cup serving (167 g) of Semolina contain these nutrients
No.Nutrient NameWeight% Daily Value*
1Total Fat2 g3 %
2Cholesterol0 mg0 %
3Sodium2 mg0%
4Total Carbohydrate

–          Dietary Fiber

–          Sugar

122 g

–          7 g


–          26%

5Vitamin E0.4 mg2%
6Thiamine1.4 mg90%
7Folate306 mcg76%
8Calcium28.4 mg3%
9Iron7.3 mg40%
10Magnesium78.5 mg20%
11Phosphorus227 mg23%
12Potassium311 mg9%
13Zinc1.8 mg12%
14Selenium149 mcg213%
15Protein21 g

*% Daily Value is based on 2.000 calories

In India semolina is very popular to use in pasta, halwa, upma, and porride. Semolina become a very popular wheat around the world because it’s taste and benefits. For you who don’t know yet what are the benefits, i already make a list of several benefits below.

  1. Weight Loss

The first health benefits of semolina is weight lose. One certain cause of gaining weight is hunger. By eating instant food or snack can’t give you enough energy and nutrients. It only will make you want to eat more. But lucky for you semolina can resolve your problem. According to researches, semolina have the ability to keep you away from hunger because semolina will release energy slowly. Semolina is also rich in fiber which can powerfully you digest your foods.

  1. Great for Diabetics

Semolina contains low glycemic that is why eating semolina is very recommended for diabetics. While giving enough diabetics daily energy, semolina also can keep lowering sugar blood.

  1. Boost Energy

SemolinaBecause semolina releases energy slowly, it is obvious that your energy will not be easily waste. Therefore, semolina is a very recommended appetite for people who living an active lifestyle. Your energy will be charged and your performance will be improved. Moreover, you don’t feel lethargic. Adding vegetables along with semolina will complete your day.

  1. Improve Kidney

The potassium compound that is found in semolina can improve kidneys function.

  1. Powerful Diet Food during Fever

Why you feel like have a fever or upset tummy, you can change your diet with semolina. Physician recommended semolina as a great diet for this condition. Even it is fine to consume for toddles.

  1. Promote Immunity

The selenium present in semolina is known to strengthens your immune system. Besides selenium, there are vitamin B complex and vitamin E contained inside. Those vital vitamin is very important to boost your immune system fighting disease.

  1. Perfect Bones

Semolina can help increasing your bones density while maintaining it’s strength and health condition.

  1. Keep Nervous System Healthy

Known as the well-being of the nervous, semolina is getting more popular as a dish. Semolina offers phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium which are important for nervous system function.

  1. Prevent Heart Problems

Semolina offers a chemical selenium which can protect your heart from infections. Semolina can also keep your heart in a good shape. It helps you promote your cardiovascular health beside keeping you away from heart attacks, heart failures, and more.

  1. Avoid from Anemia

Your blood need to be produced if you want to avoid some problems cause by less blood condition. Anemia occur when your red blood is below the amount of your body’s need.  To increase red blood you will need some substance called iron. And this iron is found in semolina.

Semolina contains sufficient amount of iron for your body daily need. If your body have enough iron, not only anemia you will be avoided but also your blood circulation will be increased. You can get more fuel for your day to day functioning.

  1. Easy Bowel Movement

The fiber present in semolina can help your digestive system function. As a result you can digest food easily and help in easy bowel movement too.

  1. Balance Food

Because inside semolina present low cholesterol and low sodium, it makes semolina as a perfect balance food to nourishing your day.

  1. Healthy Muscle

Inside semolina contain with enough calcium and magnesium which can help your muscle keep healthy.

  1. Control Portion

Thanks to the durum wheat (hard variety) in semolina it can takes a while for your stomach to digest this food. That means, you can feel not hungry for longer period of time and you can graduate of overeating habit.

  1. Nourishing Skin

The last health benefits of Semolina is good for skin. As a rich source of protein, semolina can nourishes your skin. Make it more healthy and look nice.

These many benefit some of you may already realize it. For some countries like India, a plenty source of semolina may be found. Semolina can be a replacement of rise or any main dish which contain lots of carbohydrate. Some of the benefits might already told for generations. But for those who are unfamiliar with this wheat can try to change their diet and take the benefits.

In this tech-based era, get on of this wheat can be easier. Try to visit some supermarket or online shop. There are plenty product of this wheat.

But there is a caution for they who are glycemic-intolerant or having celiac disease. They who have those condition should not consume this wheat because semolina is high of gluten. It can turns out to be harmful for them. Otherwise it is very recommended dish. Trying to change your healthy diet sometimes can make you feel exiting. And always make sure to add some vegetables so that you can have your daily perfect dish.