13 Health Benefits of Duck Eggs (#No.8 is Amazing)

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As we already know, duck is one of fowl that is eligible. We can eat every part of duck, including its egg, just like chicken. People eat duck egg in a different way at each country. Such as in Indonesia, particularly in Java Island, people bury it in a mud for couple days so that it become cooked and salty and it’s called “telur asin” in Indonesia. While in Vietnam, people used to eat duck eggs when its yellow part already formed as an embrio, ready to born.

But do you know what is the benefit of consuming duck egg? Duck egg contains lot of things that our body need, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, and vitamins. What kind of vitamin that contained inside duck egg? There are vitamin A, E, B 12, D, and E. Also, duck egg contains iron, selenium and sodium that is important for our body.

Now we already know a bit about duck egg and important things contained inside it. And because it contains lot of good things, of course it is healthy for our body. Do you want to know that health benefits of duck eggs serve to us? Let’s find out!

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  1. Keep Eye Healthy

As we already know, duck egg contains high-level vitamin A which is needed for our body healthiness. One of its benefits is to keep our eye healthy. Eyes, as we already know, has important responsibility for our body. If our eyes lack of vitamin, its color will turn from white to yellow and it will look turbid. It seems like lack of vitamin will not cause a serious effect for our eyes, but who knows? Maybe those effect is a starter of more serious eyes disease. So, consuming food or beverage contained vitamin A in it will keep our eyes healthy. And one of which is duck egg.

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  1. Boost Immune System

Here is another health benefits of consuming food contains vitamin A in it. Boost our immune system. Is it important? Yes, it is. Nowadays, humans live such a chemical life. Direct or indirect, our body is contaminate by chemical essence every day, even some of our daily necessities made from chemical essence. For you know, human’s body designed only to accept natural essence. So, if our body contaminate by over-limit chemical essence, it will affect our healthiness. One of disease cause by it is free radical.

  1. Increase Bones’ Strength

Another health benefit of consuming duck egg is increasing our bones’ strength, including teeth. For your information, teeth is considered as bones. Bones are really important for our body. Just imagine what if one bone is suffer illness, then it will affect our body as a whole. The same thing goes for teeth. We already know that suffer toothache will affect our body as a whole, even our mood. That’s why it’s really important for us to increase our bones’ strength.

How? By consuming healthy food. One of which is duck egg. Beside vitamin A, which is known as a good material for our body, duck egg also contain minerals which good for our body’s healthiness.

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  1. Help Digestive System

Another health benefit of consuming duck egg is to help our digestive system’s work properly. We already know that vitamin A contained inside duck egg has a lot of jobs for our body healthiness. This time, it’s vitamin E’s job. Vitamin E will help our digestive system so it can work properly. Also, duck eggs has that kind of texture that is easy to digested, so it will not cause a blockage in our gut. Because of it contains vitamin E and easy to digested, duck egg will prevent us from suffer constipation.

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  1. Boost Metabolism

Another vitamin E’s responsibility for our body is to boost metabolism. Duck egg contains 0,9 mg of vitamin E, which fill 3% of vitamin E need for our body and this amount is the one that recommended by nutrients master.

Along with vitamin A, vitamin E will work as antioxidant and prevent from free radical. Beside, it can boost metabolism inside our body. A good metabolism can protect our body from diseases caused by virus.

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  1. Help Hormone Production

Another health benefits of consuming duck egg is to help our body product hormone. Duck egg contain selenium that is useful to boosting immune system and product hormone called tiroid.

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  1. Help Red Blood Cell Production

We already know that duck egg contains iron in it. Iron has a lot of benefits for our body. One of the benefits is to boost red blood cell production. For you who don’t know, red blood cell is really important for our body. It’s like an electricity for electronic stuff, our body can’t work properly without red blood cell. Red blood cell has responsibility to carry oxygen that needed to each part of our body. Beside, iron also has responsibility on producing energy for our body. Also, it will prevent us from anemia.

  1. Boost Man’s Vitality

Duck egg is one of food that contains high-level protein in it and that’s the reason why we recommend man to consume this. Why? Because it can boost man’s vitality. For man who have such a hard, difficult, and tiring job, consuming duck egg will give you more energy not only for work, but also for you sexual life.

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  1. Increase Brain’s Work

Based on researches, consuming duck egg will help us increase our brain’s work because duck egg contains lot of nutrients that is needed for our brain. And, it’s related to point no. 7, red blood cell is also important for our brain. So, consuming duck egg will give a lot of health benefits, especially for those who consume it since child.

  1. Cure Dry Skin

Maybe some of you think that we can apply duck egg as a mask or skin care cream right now. Well, that’s not wrong. We can apply raw duck egg as a mask or skin care cream to get a beauty and healthy skin. But, we’re not talking about that now. We’re talking about how consuming duck egg actually can help cure dry skin.

Some of you may think “Wait? Really?” right now. Yes, it’s real. The fact is duck egg contain vitamins that is good for our skin’s healthiness, such as vitamin D. Also, duck egg is a good source of proteins and minerals that can keep our skin healthy. So, you can take care of your skin from inside and outside by using duck egg.

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  1. Help Body Building Process

For you who want to build your body or just gain weight, we recommend you to consume duck egg. Why? Because duck egg contains fat and protein that needed for you who want to build your body. But, remember to balance it with exercise regularly and not to consume it out of rules. Because, if you over-consume it, it will cause obesity.

  1. Stress Relief

Well, maybe some people questioning this point. Really? Consuming duck egg will be affect on stress relief? Yes, it is and it has reasons. The fact is duck egg contain fat and protein which are sources of energy for our body. And another benefit of fat and protein is it can make us feel saturated easily than usual. When our stomach full, isn’t it stress relieving? So, that’s why duck egg can relief our stress. But, please take a note that over-consume it can increase our weight and cause obesity.

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13. Free Radical Sources 

What is free radical? Free radical is a condition when our cells are attack by chemical substance. Then, those cells will be damaged and become “bad” and those “bad” cells will attack another healthy cells. Is there any way to prevent from it? By boosting our immune system. There are a lot ways to boost our immune system, one of which is consuming food that contains vitamin A in it. So, duck eggs is a good, delicious solution for us to boost our immune system. That’s the health benefits of duck eggs for you.

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Side Effect of Over-Consuming Duck Egg

We already know that duck egg actually has a lot of health benefits for our body. Now, we will find out its side effect if we over-consuming it. As we already know, there are always negative side of everything in this world, including consume healthy food. If we consume it at certain amount and time, it will help our body to reach healthiness. But, if we consume it over the limit, it will turn into one of disease’s source for our body.

The same case goes to duck egg. Duck egg contains high-level cholesterol inside. Although some researcher said that there is no direct relation between cholesterol level contained inside food and cholesterol level contained inside blood, we have to take a note that consuming duck egg over the limit may increase cholesterol level inside blood and the risk of getting heart disease will be increase.

Now, we already know that duck egg is one of healthy food. Actually, all kind of egg is healthy. Duck egg contains lot of good things that needed for our body. So, consuming duck egg regularly will prevent us from disease.

But, “consuming it regularly” and “over-consuming it” are two different things. Consuming it regularly means consume it at certain amount. certain time and follow rules based on doctor’s advice if need. While over-consuming it means consume it whenever we want without calculate the amount. And it’s not good for our body. Just like we already said before, over-consuming duck egg will increase cholesterol level inside our blood.

So, for those who already suffer from heart disease, already verdict have risk of getting heart disease by doctor, or want to prevent from heart disease, we recommend you to consume duck eggs in just enough amount. So, stay healthy!

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