20 Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning (Metal and Physical Health)

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Waking up early in the morning is never exciting, particularly for working world. The startling sound of an alarm clock that we set on our cell phones is not a happy sound at all. Even a song that we used to like feels terrorizing as soon as we use them as a sound of an alarm clock, igniting the feeling that we have to roll up wearily from that comfortable bed and start our boring, usual day. Maybe some of us are wondering how can I improve my morning which also will improve my whole day?

A good morning sex can be the answer. Turning that rude awakening into an indulging and arousing session can be a brilliant idea. A physical and emotional love of a partner prepares a person to receive the daily rising sun better than any coffee could ever do. In the cool and gloomy morning, nothing beats the comforts of having someone next to us leaning his/her body against us and make us feel wanted. Plus, we can linger in bed longer and surely waking up to an eager partner vanquishes waking up to an alarm clock.

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Nevertheless, the health benefits of sex in the morning extend to more than just improving our morning and our day.  After all, multiple studies say that people who start their days by having sex are healthier and happier than those who don’t. Without further a do, here are the benefits of having sex in the morning  below:

  1. Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

The fact that morning sex is able to boost our natural beauty can no longer be denied. People are already familiar with what we usually call post-coital glow. Sexual arousal and orgasm increase the production of oxytocin and rinse cortisol, which also helps in reducing skin damage and inflammation, making acnes prone to decrease.

Orgasm also stimulates blood circulation, which brings natural color to cheek, plumps up your lips, and generates that sparkle in your eye. During orgasms, our body releases chemicals that boost estrogen and DHEA that produces collagen, repair skin damage, radiating its healthy glow, as well as enhancing our hair texture.

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  1. Have a Blissful and Productive Day

Morning sex, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, helps us to wake up one the right side of the bed. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati concluded that morning sex is a natural stress-reliever and these effects can even last for at least for a week straight!

This means a good mood and good mood means productivity. Besides, like any other physical activity, morning sex will help us to stay focus and effective during the day. This is likely because of the rush of dopamine to our brain, which enables us to make better decisions and solve tough problems.

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  1. Have an Intimate and Fulfilling Relationship

Morning sex is exceptionally special because of that intimate private moment in the morning between you and your loved one. As you open your eyes, you see your partner just for the way he/she is, how you two look, sound, smell, and feel like first thing in the morning.

These are not the things that other people know about you and your partner. While people tend to only remember few fragments of their night sex, people tend to remember details of what they experience during morning sex, how the sex was, how their partner was. Hence, morning sex gives people something wonderful to reflect and daydream about during the day, as well as giving them an exciting anticipation of seeing each other again.

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  1. Prevent Diabetes

As morning sex can be a good substitute to morning exercises, it burns an essentially high amount of calories, which in turns, helps in preventing diabetes.

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  1. Ward Off Depression

Morning sex can be a good remedy for depression as sexual arousal and orgasms release “feel good” hormones that serve as chemicals in your brain’s pleasure and reward system. During orgasms, our body releases dopamine, endorphins, serotonins, and oxytocin which aid in making us peaceful and relaxed.

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  1. Ease Joint Pains

According to doctors and therapists, sex is a terrific remedy for people with arthritis. This is because sex involves gentle, range-of-motion exercises, which minimizes pain and inflammation. It also releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. Sex strengthens the muscles around the joints. As it makes us happy and excited, it also helps in alleviating pain.

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  1. Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

Due to the high levels of oxytocin, a love hormone produced during arousal and orgasm, our blood circulation will flow better, thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

  1. Reduce Risk of Heart Problems

According to Queen’s University in Belfast, three rounds of morning sex a day will give you a healthy heart. This likely is caused by the balance of estrogen and testosterone levels that make people less prone to heart attack.

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  1. Increase Body Immune System

Due to the significant increase levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that shields our body against infection, morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the rest of your day. It’s like taking your daily vitamin, only in more pleasing manner.

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  1. Making Men Last Longer

It is not a myth that men last longer during morning sex than night sex. Men’s testosterone levels are at its peak in the morning after a good night sleep.When the testosterone is high, it converts to sexual mood and feeling. In other words, men are at their horniest when they wake up and have more energy for sex, which make them last longer. You may anticipate a different kind of sex in the morning.

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  1. Pleasant Exercise

Studies confirm that an hour of sex burns almost the same amount of calories as a 30 minutes jog. After an hour, men and women burn an average of 240 calories and 180 calories. So, morning sex is definitely a better and more delightful alternative to a morning workout.

  1. Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Some study also revealed that having sex in the morning routinely could lower the risk of prostate cancer for men.

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More Benefits of Sex

There are more benefits of having sex in the morning for physical and mental health:

  1. Makes you happier than you have ever been
  2. Mood booster
  3. Makes you a better person
  4. Cures loneliness
  5. Opens up your mind
  6. Creates a warm relationship with your partner
  7. One work stress relief

Thus, there are many benefits of having sex in the morning that you have never thought before.

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Tips and Tricks

In spite of the benefits of having sex in the morning, some people probably are not used to do sex in the morning as their daily routine. The reasons may vary. Some people (especially women) feel less sexy and less horny in the morning as they are less attractive that time. Some, maybe just not used to it yet and have a difficult time trying to start this habit. There are few tips on how to start your day with this beneficial morning sex.

  1. Passionate Wake-Up Call

Set your alarm in a soft voice and as soon as you’re awake, place your hands on your partner’s thighs with your thumbs pointing toward his/her genitals. Move your thumbs in a circular motion, slowly and firmly, approximately two inches in diameter. Instigating this thin-skinned area will get the blood flowing straight to his/her lower part of the body, which is definitely where you’re headed next.

  1. Fresh Breath

Brushing your teeth first before action can do more than just getting rid of that dragon breath. Use a menthol toothpaste, which certainly will give your partner a tingly sensation during kissing or oral sex.

  1. Cast Away Your Insecurities

The other thing which makes morning sex differently beautiful is that in the morning light, it may not be possible to hide your flaws. Throw your blankets away and cast away your insecurities. Let your partner see you for who you are, as bare as you can be, and drawn yourself in the utmost pure and genuine wave of pleasure. Lark yourself in a visual thrill.

  1. Try Spooning

Since you two had just awakened and probably are not fully conscious, try a convenient position like spooning, that requires little to no effort. Ladies, face away from your man, part your legs and guide your man to be inside you. Gentlemen, freely roam and explore all of your lady’s hot spots, and whisper in her ear.

  1. Take a Shower Together

Romantic and sensual shower with your partner is now even more possible as some stores provide a double shower especially made for couples and lovebirds out there. Use warm water as heat brings blood to the skin’s surface, making it more sensitive to touch.

  1. Quickie

Sex in the morning doesn’t always need to be a long engaging session. Actually mornings maybe a proper time for a quick sex, since usually, people are in a rush and a heart pounding, spontaneous sex will be perfect for it. Ignore the public opinion that says women needs foreplay to be aroused as studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that if women ignore outside distractions such as TV or laptop, they can start to become aroused in only 30 seconds.

Sex in the morning also doesn’t always have to involve intercourse. An intensive and hot make out session, a sudden pounce towards your partner, or simply letting your partner to catch you checking his/her out before dashing out to work will ignite passion in both parties.

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