18 Health Benefits of Rice (#Energy Source, Brain & Skin)

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Rice is a seed of grass that usually planted in the field in a village. Especially in Asia, rice is consumed widely as a staple food for most of the human population. For Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and more rice is their staple food. Thus, there are so many kinds of rice and what we eat mostly is white rice. By so many different kinds of rice, the benefit of white rice is perffectly good for our body.

Characteristics of Rice Plant

  • Have no leaves are elongated and green.
  • Long stalks and small, and don’t have the cambium.
  • Have hairy roots.
  • Have fruit (rice) is small and contained and covered by skin.
  • Suitable to be planted in the tropics.

The Nutrition Values of Rice

  • Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. The carbohydrates derived from plant-based foods that you eat. You can immediately use carbohydrates for energy needed by the body, or convert it into fat to be used as a backup energy source. Carbohydrates are divided into three types, namely sugar, starch and fiber. No matter how big the amount is, all carbohydrates are made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with a general formula that Cm (H2O) n.

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  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the nutrients the body needs to maintain levels of calcium and phosphate. The fat-soluble vitamin is needed to help the body to absorb calcium, a mineral that is essential to establish and protect the structure of bones and teeth.

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  • Calcium

Calcium is one of the most minerals in the body, especially bones. Thus, calcium phosphorus become the most important component in establishing and maintaining healthy bones. It formed calcium phosphate, and as the base material of bones and teeth. So, that calcium can be absorbed by the body effectively, we must consume it along with vitamin D.

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  • Fiber

Fiber is often associated with food that is effective to help your diet program. Fiber is a type of mineral that is not easily digested and absorbed by the body. Fiber is almost the same as carbohydrates that can provide energy to the body, but the fiber is lower in calories. Although it is difficult to digest but increase the consumption of fiber can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. You can find fiber in vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, grains, and wheat.

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  • Iron

Iron is the vital substance needed by the body to fix the availability of the number of blood cells every day. In the body, these substances work is very important for our survival, which helped the transport of oxygen into the tissues of the lungs and transports electrons in the formation of energy in cells. When transporting oxygen, iron needs the help of other nutrients such as the protein which later merged to create hemoglobin (in red blood cells) and myoglobin (in the muscle fibers).

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  • Sodium

Sodium is a mineral found in the body and in many foods. Sodium is an essential nutrient for maintaining blood volume, regulate the water balance in the cells, and maintain nerve function. Kidney controlling sodium balance by increasing or lowering the sodium in the urine. Excessive sodium intake is a factor known to affect blood pressure, but not everyone has the same vulnerabilities. Sensitivity to sodium is highly individual and usually increases with age.

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Health Tricks by Eating Rice

1. The Main Source of Energy

As explained before, it can be concluded that rice also becomes the main energy source for most of the human in the Asian. Also, rice possesses a huge amount of carbohydrate which is used by the human body as fuel to do their activity. That’s why people in most of Southeast Asia take rice as their staple food.

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2. Good for Our Heart

Rice aside from possessing a huge amount of carbohydrate. Thus, rice contains antioxidants that could make our heart healthy and made the heart-related sickness at bay. Also, rice also possesses cholesterol, but it is not the bad one which makes our heart healthier.

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3. Not Making You Fat

Some people said that eating white rice will make you fat. Of course, rice is carbohydrate- rich food, but it ‘s not the main reason for you to gain weight. Any food could make you gain more weight if you ate it for a huge amount. If you want to eat rice but still afraid of being fat, try eating red rice.

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4. Good Diet Food

When we are going diet, we could also eat rice as a diet food. red rice is the kind of rice which we could use as diet food because red Rice had 14% of our daily need for fiber. red rice has less calorie and less fat than white rice had which is perfect option when we are on diet. red rice also had more magnesium, zinc and vitamin B than white rice. it even had protein. Still, rice can be your good diet food if you eat in right amount.

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5. Had a Useful Bacteria

Rice could also stimulate the growth of useful bacteria which help the bowel. This bacteria also very useful for reducing the bowel sickness such as diarrhea. The nutrient of rice are also increasing for the good of humanity, which could make rice to had more nutrient for human daily need.

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6. Controlling the Balance of Body Fluids

In his regulate body fluid balance, sodium cooperating with potassium. Sodium will provide stimulus to the brain to consume water. The explanation, when we consume sodium exceeds the limit of the body will feel thirsty. Thirst is then followed by the consumption of water and the kidneys to remove more sodium so blood volume will decrease and cause it to become more balanced.

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7. Prevent Anemia

Benefits of iron inside of rice are helpful for the formation of hemoglobin because iron is capable of providing a deep red color found in red blood cells so that later will increase the production of hemoglobin and hemoglobin body needs will be met properly. If the hemoglobin can be produced optimally, it will also help to prevent the risk of anemia.

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8. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Foods that contain lots of fibre will help your body manage your heart health. This relationship is demonstrated by the benefits of fibre that will help the digestive system work. Good digestion will make the body be able to get the ideal body weight. Besides, the ideal body weight will distance them from the risk of obesity. So that the fibre will help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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9. Prevent Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids is a disease caused by swelling of blood vessels that are in the anal area. This is triggered by the process of defecation is not smooth in addition to straining too strong it can also cause inflammation around the rectum. If eating rice that is containing a fiber, a regular basis then the intestines will work well to process food so that the process of defecation becomes more smoothly.

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10. Lowers the Risk of Renal Impairment

Blood sugar levels will be governed by the insulin produced by the pancreas. Blood sugar levels in the breakdown of carbohydrates obtained from a process carried out by cells in the blood. if consumed regularly, the fibres inside of rice can lead to the absorption of nutrients by the body organs and blood cells for the better. With this process, it is no blunting of sugar in the blood.

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11. Lowers Cancer Risk

Some types of cancer such as colon cancer and cancer that attacks the gastrointestinal tract caused because the body lacks fibre. Consuming foods containing fibre and also rice can improve digestion system, thereby reducing the potential for colon cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer

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12. Preventing Osteoporosis for Elderly People

Those who are elderly should also be given vitamin D inside of Rice intake that much. That’s because the older a means decreased function and concentration of minerals and vitamins in the body. Therefore, the elderly should be given vitamin D in the form of food or supplements. In addition, the aid of sunlight in the morning is very helpful in maintaining bone during ageing.With sufficient intake of vitamin D for the elderly, it is hoped they can move reasonable at that age is not young anymore. Moreover, they do not easily suffer sickly caused by lack of vitamin D.

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13. Good for Pregnancy

Pregnant women who are deficient in vitamin D inside of rice at greater risk of preeclampsia (a condition in which pregnant women experience hypertension and organ damage), gave birth by Caesarean section, gestational diabetes mellitus, and bacterial vaginosis (disruption of the balance of bacteria in the vagina). However, vitamin D levels are too high when pregnant can actually make the risk of food allergies in children during the first two years to be increased.is means Pregnant women need rice but don’t too much.

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14. Preventing High Blood Pressure

Rice is enough to keep you from high blood pressure because the body is experiencing high shortage will experience narrowing of blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure.

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15. Prevents Tissue Damage of Muscles

Many of the activities we did it using brute force directly. This step will utilise glycogen reserves or stored sugar in the blood. Sugar is derived from the benefits of Carbohydrate intake as food. Process flow enough Glycogen will prevent damage to muscle tissue.

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16. Feed your Tummy 

Meanwhile, eating rice is just so right for your tummy. First, it makes you full. Second, you get all nutrients you need. Second, you can eat rice with other complementary food such as chicken, meat, vegetable, or other your favorite food.

Rice to Feed Brain

17. Supports Brain Function

Carbohydrates have a very important role in determining the mental attitude and a healthy mind. Without carbohydrates, the body may feel underpowered, can not think well, emotional disturbances, depression and even depression

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Rice to Feed Skin

18. Promote Healthy Skin

Not just as the main energy source of a human body, Fibre is found in rice was also very good for maintaining healthy skin. Fibre can move different types of toxins, bacteria and fungi from food and into the digestive system. Various types of toxins and other bacteria can degrade the health of skin as a trigger acne and dull skin. So that consumption of fibre will help your body in maintaining healthy skin.

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Thus, rice is a staple food with its natural nutrients that is beneficial for our body. In America an Europe, eating rice is not a habit as their staple food is bread or potato. Thus, eating rice is always good for overall health. As a result, the values as the source as energy get rice worth to eat everyday.

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