13 Benefits of Buttermilk for Acne, Beauty, and Health

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Buttermilk is the refined product of milk which is heated and fermented from fresh milk mixed with lactose acid bacteria. Buttermilk is processing from the butter and fermented product of milk. The taste is sour, a bit sweet, and creamy just like yoghurt. Buttermilk has vitamins and minerals, particularly B12 vitamins, riboflavin, and potassium.

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Now, the benefits of buttermilk are not only related to the digestion. Who knows that buttermilk is the powerful yet favorite beauty treatment for the women? Buttermilk and beauty treatment are now being more explored since it has tons of benefits for the skin beauty.

One of the most specific and popular treatment done by the buttermilk is to cleanse the black spot and acne on your face skin. Using buttermilk is way safer and cheaper than doing the medical treatment which also included chemical compound. Watch the following steps to treat your acnes and remove away out of your skin.

The benefits of buttermilk for acne and beauty are not only to remove the acne and black spots, it can also be used for several purposes as follows.

  1. Brighten The Skin Color

Buttermilk is rich of lactose acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acir (AHA) which have magnificent function to smoothen and brighten the skin face naturally by removing the black spot and rough pores. How to do it? First you need to blend the orange skin and mix it with the buttermilk into paste.

After being paste, sweep and massage gently around the face skin. Leave for 30 minutes and cleanse with cold water. If you do it routinely every morning, you will see the difference of your skin face color in only a month! Isn’t it amazing?

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  1. Burn Skin Solution

What’s more benefits of Buttermilk for Acne? Buttermilk is not good for brightening the skin face, you may also use it as the natural lotion to cure and cold your burned skin due to the sun bathing or sun rays exposure. It is simple to do it; you only need to mix buttermilk and fresh tomato juice around the burned skin area and leave it for minimum 30 minutes or until the sore gone.

Buttermilk and tomato juice mix will release A and C vitamins to help you healing the burned skin without side effect. After you cleanse it, your skin will be cool and comfort with no more painful.

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  1. Anti-Aging Prevention

Ladies, if you want to have such fresh and ageless skin looking, you can start to treat your skin by using mix of buttermilk and honey as the solution. Honey, naturally act as the cleanser and buttermilk as the moisturizer to brighten up your skin.

When the honey has done its job to clean the skin naturally, buttermilk will return the natural color of skin and brighten it up by repairing the broken skin cells. Therefore, your skin cells will keep revitalizing and regenerating so that you will get such an ageless, glowing, fresh, and moisture face skin condition. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Skin Tightening

Consuming or applying buttermilk on your skin can help you to tighten up the skin and minimize the wrinkles around the skin. Do you know Cleopatra? The Queen of Egypt who was claimed as the most beautiful women on Earth ages ago had a secret to keep her glowing, bright, smooth and clean skin by using buttermilk. She once had routinely taken a bath using buttermilk mixed with pure milk.

Now, you can modify her secret by mixing a glass of buttermilk, pure milk, and oats into your bath up and you may soak inside for about 15-20 minutes. Don’t get surprise if you will get a very smooth and glowing skin just like a new born baby!

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  1. Black Spots Removing

A face without black spots and acne is a dream for every woman. Now, you don’t need to go the facial boutique or saloon to turn your dumb skin into such beautiful and glowing one since you can do it at home with a very simple thing. Black spot can be removed by using buttermilk regularly since the composition of vitamins, lactose acid, and minerals can stimulate the skin cells to regenerate as well.

Cleanse your face with fresh water and apply buttermilk while massage the skin for a while. Leave until a bit dried and the buttermilk essence is absorbed into the skin. Cleanse with cold water and do regularly every 2 days to get the maximum result.

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How to Remove Acne by Buttermilk

Ladies, now you may use buttermilk to cleanse out the black spot on your face and remove the acne which are really annoyed you. The lactose acid in the buttermilk can reduce the skin pigmentation and help the inflammation to be recovered. In order to use buttermilk to remove the acne, here are the steps which you can try to do at home:

1. Buttermilk and Tomato Juice

To get benefits of Buttermilk for Acne, here are the recipe:

  • Take four table spoon of buttermilk, add with 4 table spoon of fresh tomato juice
  • Mix gently and apply them around your face, particularly on the area which is suffered from acnes.
  • Massage your skin face gently with round moving. Keep massaging especially on the area which is many of black spots and acnes stayed there. Leave for 15 minutes until the essence and extract get absorbed. Wash your face with warm water.
  • Do regularly for at least once in a week. Your black spots and acnes will be removed soon without having painful.

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2. Buttermilk and Honey

  • Take 5 table spoons of buttermilk, mix with 2 table spoons of natural honey (with no additional sugar)
  • Take some pieces of cotton; dip the cottons with mix of buttermilk and honey. Sweep around your face skin while do a bit pressure around the area.
  • Leave for several minutes; wash the skin by warm water.
  • Cleanse again using cold water and feel the fresh, hydrated, and clean face skin.

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3. Buttermilk and Coconut Oil

  • Mix 4 table spoons of coconut oil and buttermilk into one bowl, stir gently.
  • Sweep the face with the mix and massage gently while giving some pressure on the area which is infected by the acne.
  • Leave for a while, cleanse and wash your wash with warm water.

Thus, there are many benefits of Buttermilk for Acne and beauty treatments, now let’s check out the benefits of buttermilk for health.

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Benefits of Buttermilk for Health

Buttermilk is fantastically functioning not only for the skin beauty but Health Benefits of Buttermilk . It can be used to treat the body health and improve your healthy life style. Check these out to know more!

  1. Gastric Acid Level Maintaining

If you are suffering from acid reflux, it would be better to include buttermilk as the part of your diet program. Buttermilk will cool the stomach and reduce the irritation symptom due to the high level of gastric acid. You can also consume buttermilk with ginger and spices to avoid the acid level of the menu.

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  1. After Spicy Food Calming

Having a big fan of chili? Cannot eat without any spicy taste? However, no matter how good spicy taste is, the effect of spicy after eating might be quite horrible. You can have such burned stomach sensation, burned tongue sensation, and colic. No worries, you can still enjoy your spicy lunch menu and have a glass of buttermilk mixed with pure honey in order to calm and cool the stomach after get hit by the very spicy taste.

  1. Digestion Repairing

Buttermilk is a very good compound to help the digestion in order not to be disordered and have too much saltpeter. Saltpeter might cause colic which is very painful for the body. By consuming more buttermilk and put it as a part of daily menu, you will be filled with more prebiotic and push the growth of healthy colon floral, a good kind of bacteria which helps the digestion system.

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  1. Calcium Intake Rising

In order to stay healthy and fresh, your body needs 1.000-1.200 mile gram calcium each day to maintain and strengthen the teeth and bone health. Now, the simplest way is adding 1 cup of buttermilk into your daily menu to add about 350 mile gram calcium of your daily needs.

  1. Cholesterol Reducing, Hyper-tense Solving, and Cancer Preventing

A research done by scientific in the USA has revealed that milk fat molecule inside the buttermilk contain a unique bio-active protein which reduce the cholesterol and anti-viruses, anti-bacteria, and anti-cancer cells growth inside the body. By consuming and adding buttermilk in the daily menu, you can save your life by minimizing the potential of having such deathly illnesses.

In Indonesia, buttermilk is unfortunately still difficult to find unless in the big supermarket or imported market center. Meanwhile, the benefits of buttermilk are very essential for the beauty and healthy. No worries, you can start making your own and home-made buttermilk by using simple ingredients which you can easily find around. Get curious? Check it out!

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How to Make Home-made Buttermilk


  • A glass of fresh milk
  • 1 table spoon of lemon squeezed water or white vinegar

How to make:

  • Mix the milk and vinegar or lemon water, stir gently and leave it for about 10 minutes. During the process, the milk will start to coagulate. The solid or lump version of the milk is got from the additional pouring of vinegar or lemon water.
  • Buttermilk is ready to be used as necessity.

Some people claim that buttermilk can be used to help and smoothen the digest and friendly tolerant for those who are having lactose intolerant. If you are now on diet mode, you may consume buttermilk since the fat and calorie are quite low and function to boost the body weight, not to mention to the obesity case too.

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