7 Miraculous Health Benefits of Buttermilk in the Morning

In India, a glass of cool buttermilk is always a welcome delicacy, especially in the summer. Good bacteria in the buttermilk can help boost the digestion and have low calories and a lot of nutrition for your body. Buttermilk also is known as Chaas is fresh milk made of curd, ginger, salt, and water. It […]

9 Health Benefits of Buttermilk in Ayurveda (no.6 is Shocking)

Do you ever feel constipation and heartburn after a meal? Or, do you need to replenish your stamina after a long day of hardworking? Or do you need refreshment after doing activities under the sun? Yep, before you think about grabbing a bottle of soda or iced tea to refresh yourself, it is a lot […]

10 Proven Benefits of Drinking Buttermilk in Empty Stomach

Many people labor under the misconception that buttermilk is basically a buttery, high-fat milk. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is there no butter but also it’s actually lower in fat that sweet milk. Buttermilk is either a fresh or fermented by product of buttering making. Fermented buttermilk has been highly valued […]

13 Benefits of Buttermilk for Acne, Beauty, and Health

Buttermilk is the refined product of milk which is heated and fermented from fresh milk mixed with lactose acid bacteria. Buttermilk is processing from the butter and fermented product of milk. The taste is sour, a bit sweet, and creamy just like yoghurt. Buttermilk has vitamins and minerals, particularly B12 vitamins, riboflavin, and potassium. Related […]

27 Health Benefits of Buttermilk and Tips When to Drink

Staying healthy has to be human priority and to maintain healthy body, we used to add many types of food in our diet. There are a lot of food product which derived from plant or animal protein. One of the most popular food or considered as beverage is milk. Milk is one of food types […]