17 Health Benefits of Sushi (#1 Top Japanese Food)

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sushiSushi is the most popular food in Japanese cuisine which is served by preparing the vinegar rice with various ingredients including the vegetables, chiefly seafood, and other ingredients like tropical fruits as well. Sushi has been there as a fast-food option in Edo, Japan since the mid-19th century. Then, nowadays, sushi has been the regular food consumption for Japanese.

In this case, sushi is the healthy food as it has many types of an excellent ingredient. It is wrapped in seaweed which is rich in protein. For the fish, sushi adds many types of fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel which are the most popular ones. The fish itself contains the abundant amount of omega-3s. moreover, it also has side dishes including wasabi, soy, sauce, ginger, and green tea as well.

Talking about the nutritional value of the sushi, seaweed is very good as it contains the high amount of iodine. Seafood also has the great source of omega-3s which is important to promote the brain’s health. Moreover, seafood is also great in providing selenium. Then, there are ginger and wasabi which has antioxidant compounds to protect the body against the free radicals damage.


Thus, to give you more information about sushi, we have listed the health benefits of sushi below.

1. Source of Protein

As the main ingredient, fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel are the source of protein. As a matter of fact, you can get 20 or more grams of protein per fish roll as well. At this point, you can choose mackerel as your sushi ingredient as it is high in protein and omega-3. indeed, with the good consumption of protein foods, the protein will boost your overall body health. Moreover, protein is believed as the major nutrient which promotes the muscle building. Also, it regenerates the broken cells with the new ones. Therefore, as you consume sushi with the good fish inside, then you have developed the building of the strong immune system as well.


2. Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The presence of fish or seafood in sushi dish makes this food a good source of omega-3. at this point, the fish or seafood is rich in omega-3, protein, and vitamin D. As a result, omge-3 is the compound which has a role in promoting the brain health as well as promoting the body function optimally. Moreover, it can help reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke.

What is even great that fish in sushi is valuable to promote cardiovascular health. Indeed, this benefit is related to the presence of excellent omega-3 in fish. Thus, if you want to be healthier than before, consuming sushi in a right way may help you a lot then.


3. Rich in Fiber

As sushi consists many kinds of vegetables or fruits like avocado and pickled ginger, then it is rich in nutrients such as fiber. Then, it is known that fiber is the major contributor for promoting the digestion system. Fiber can help to promote the work of healthy guts. Moreover, fiber can help preventing digestion problems such as constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. For the tips, you can consume fiber foods including green vegetables and fruits to fulfill the needs of fiber for sure.


4. Source of Mineral

In fact, sushi often adds pickled ginger to its dish. As the consequence, ginger is the source of mineral as it has the good source of magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese. Thus, with the presence of potassium, it will help building the body muscle while Magnesium has a role in decreasing the risks of osteoporosis. Besides, ginger acts as antimicrobial which protects the body against bacteria and viruses.

Another source of mineral in sushi is the presence of seaweed. Seaweed contains a high amount of iodine, copper, iron, magnesium, and calcium as well. As a result, iodine is the vital nutrient for promoting the healthy thyroid while iron has a role in preventing the risks of anemia. To sum up, if you want to achieve best health results from mineral, then having sushi as the food consumption is such the great way!


5. High in Sodium

Lobster and shrimp roll often added in sushi dish. At this point, they contain the good amount of sodium. Still, not only that kind of seafood which contributes in this role but tempura and king crab rolls also provides the good amount of sodium. Then, with the good amount of sodium food consumption, this nutrient will help to maintain the blood pressure level. In contrast, deficiency of sodium nutrient in the body may lead to certain health problems including the thyroid diseases.

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6. Boosts Energy

If you feel hungry or feel tired in a day, grab your favorite sushi rolls and just eat it! In this case, as sushi commonly uses white rice as its ingredient, then the rice has a role in boosting the energy. For this reason, rice contains carbohydrate which is known as the source of body energy. As the consequence, it is also recommended to use brown rice as the substitute for white rice in order to obtain the greater nutrients as well.


7. Have Antimicrobial Agent

As a matter of fact, sushi provides best nutrients for our body. Susi provides vitamins and minerals from its ingredients.Consequently, one of the health benefits of sushi is providing the antimicrobial agent. At this point, wasabi in sushi acts as an anti anti-inflammatory as well as having the antimicrobial agent. Wasabi is known containing the set of chemicals which can help promoting the liver health. Hence, by acting as the antimicrobial agent, wasabi can protect the body against the presence of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Indeed, it will be beneficial to our body to get rid of the risks of certain diseases then.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

As a matter of fact, nori as the outer wrap of sushi rolls provides the good source of nutrients. Consequently, this food is low in calories and has the abundant amount of vitamin A, B-6, and C. Not only for that, it provides iodine too. Then, nori in sushi is beneficial to reduce the blood pressure level as well as promoting the heart health. Moreover, it works well in the body by preventing the blood clots. Hence, by consuming nori in sushi, you will help your body to prevent the heart diseases including heart attack and heart failure.


9. Lowers Cholesterol Level

People nowadays watch their food consumption as well as trying to lower their cholesterol level. As the consequence, they eat good foods like green vegetables to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Then, as described before, sushi contains the good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This essential nutrient will help lowering cholesterol level resulting in the healthy heart. thus, if you want to achieve the healthy heart, it is best to consume sushi as your food option then.

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10. Improves Hormones Balance

The presence of iron in seaweed and seafood makes sushi is great to provide iron nutrient. As a result, with the right amount of iron in the body, it will be valuable to improve the hormones balance. Otherwise, deficiency of iron level in the body may lead to a condition called anemia and chronic fatigue. As the option, you can consume iron foods such as seafood in sushi, spinach, and sea salt as well.

Besides, due to the presence of high amount of iodine in sushi, then it will be beneficial to regulate the hormone function in the body. As the consequence, it will help control the endocrine system especially the thyroid gland. As a result, by balancing the hormones in the body, this can maximize the work of body function and metabolic activities for sure.


11. Promotes Digestion System

It is known that fiber in wasabi and other vegetable ingredients of sushi can help promoting digestion system. As a result, it helps to promote the health of the colon. Not only for that, soy sauce as the ingredient of sushi has a role in providing the good amount of iron and protein. As the consequence, it is beneficial to protect the colon from the presence of dangerous bacteria as well. Thus, it is shown that the greater digestion system we have, then the greater the nutrient absorption which results in the healthier body for sure.


12. Promotes Body Metabolism

Due to the great range of health benefits of sushi, then this food is the great option for those who wants to obtain the nutrients for the body health. In this case, as sushi provides the good nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, then it can help promote the body metabolism. Besides, fish which has the great source of protein has a role in boosting the body’s ability to metabolize the energy greatly. Indeed, it will be beneficial to keep us strong and healthy. What is even great, minerals contained in sushi ingredients will help to maintain the regular fluid balance as well. Thus, if you want to promote the body metabolism, you can eat sushi in moderate for best health results.

13. Promotes Heart Health

The heart is the major part of our body. To protect the heart health, it is advised to keep an eye on the daily food consumption. Also, it is recommended to consume the low cholesterol foods as well. Consequently, as fish in sushi providing omega-3 fatty acids, then it will help to lower the cholesterol level in the body. As a result, this function is valuable to prevent the blood clots and other health problems such as stroke and heart attack. What is greater from omega-3 fatty acids is the way this can help to lower the blood pressure level as well.


14. Promotes Strong Bones

Who does not want to have the healthy bones? Or who does not want to get rid of the risks of osteoporosis? Then, for the solution, sushi may help you to deal with this issue. As sushi ingredient such as seafood and seaweed contain the high amount of mineral including calcium, then the calcium itself has a role in promoting the strong bone structure and density. At this point, it is not only dairy products which give the source of calcium but sea vegetables like seaweed can give you the best benefits of calcium, too. Then, what are you waiting for? Consume your favorite kind of sushi from now on!

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15. Prevents Cancer

As wasabi and ginger have the anti-carcinogenic compound related to the presence of antioxidant nutrients, then they will help to prevent the growth of cancer cell as well. Indeed, antioxidant nutrients work well in the body to prevent free radicals damage including the risks of cancer. Furthermore, nori also contains the phytonutrients which act as the antioxidant as well. Besides, selenium in mackerel has shown the positive result in providing the anti-cancer properties. Hence, now you may have no doubt to consume sushi as it will help you to reduce the risks of the growth of cancer cells in the body.


16. Strengthens Immune System

Due to the presence of antibacterial properties in wasabi, then wasabi in sushi can help to strengthen the immune system. It will work greatly as it prevents the presence of bacteria and viruses in the body. It is not only wasabi, but ginger also has the antibacterial agent and antiviral agent so that pickled ginger in sushi will help to protect the body against the risk of disease. Indeed, with the great nutrients contained in sushi ingredients, it will build the strong immune system for sure.


17. Boosts Circulation

One of the health benefits of sushi is to boost the circulation in the body. With the good works of body circulation, then it will help to promote the metabolism, speeding up the healing process of tissues and cells, stimulating hair growth, and even improving the tone and color of the skin. In this case, the one that works in this benefits is iron which presents in fish and seaweed as well. Thus, consuming sushi is a great way as you can boost the circulation for the healthier body.

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Now, you have known the best health benefits of sushi. Consequently, we have also listed the tips for consuming sushi below. Check it out!

Tips for Consuming

  1. We know that sushi is a very delicious food as well as providing beneficial nutrients to our body. At this point, you can consume the average piece of sushi which has 200 calories. Moreover, you should also keep an eye while consuming the sauces as it will add more calories to your body.
  2. Next, you should be aware of what types of fish you use in your sushi. Indeed, fish can have the high level of mercury so that you can eat sushi from a trusted restaurant as well. For the tips, you can choose sushi which adds salmon or shrimps as the ingredient. With this trick, it is believed that salmon or shrimp contains the lower mercury content.
  3. Eating sushi may bring the risks of bacteria and parasites infection related to the consumption of raw fish. In this case, Salmonella and various Vibrio bacteria, as well as the Anisakis and Diphyllobothrium parasites, are the ones which contribute in bacteria infection of sushi consumption. As a result, it is a must to kill the parasites before fish is being served raw by freezing the fish itself. Indeed, the right food processing and procedures will reduce the risk of contamination and infection as well.
  4. As the consequence, pregnant women, a person with the low stomach acidity, and those who suffer from seafood allergic reaction are best to not consume sushi.
  5. Moreover, there are some tips to increase the health benefits of sushi with several ways. At this point, you can increase the nutrients intake by making the sushi rolls with brown rice. Also, you can increase the protein and fiber content by adding a portion of edamame, wakame salad, and sashimi for sure. Besides, if you want to have the crunchy texture in sushi, it is best to add the tempura or other crunchy vegetables.
  6. Then, to avoid the high level of sodium, you can reduce the consumption of soy sauce then. What is important that you must choose the best fish which have the lower risk of toxic contamination like salmon as well.
  7. The greater thing comes from sushi is that you can add nutritious vegetables like avocado, cucumber, and shitake mushrooms for the healthier sushi as well. Indeed, you will have no doubt to eat this wonderful food as it has the tasty and healthy ingredients for sure.
  8. For the recipe tips, you can get the healthiest sushi rolls, if you add the fresh raw fish like salmon, tuna or trout with the brown rice instead of having the white rice. Then, you can add vegetable rolls like asparagus and cucumber as well. Moreover, it is great to avoid the large consumption of soy sauces.
  9. As the consequence, it is recommended to avoid the tempura rolls as it is made through the frying process so that it may contain unhealthy fats. Also, you should avoid the cream cheese rolls and creamy rolls as it adds the fat source though the taste is very great. Then, it is also advised to avoid the Unagi or eel sauce rolls consumption as it is high in sodium and sugar.


As the conclusion, consuming sushi is the great option for your food consumption. However, you should consider about what types of fish do you choose and what ingredients do you pick to add in sushi dish. Indeed, the greater choice of ingredients, then the greater benefits you will gain. Hence, eat your best and healthiest sushi for the healthy life for sure!