16 Health Benefits of Listening to Classical Music – Pregnancy – Babies

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One of the reasons why people don’t like listening to classical music because according to them classical music is only making them feeling sleepy. Well, for those who are not familiar with classical music, the effect of classical music to human is quite the opposite of feeling sleepy.

Simple explanation about classical music is if you want to focus on sometimes, listening to classical music is just enhancing your senses to be more focus, if you are currently in recovery state, listening to classical music is just going accelerate the recovery process and the same is applied if your body is tired after a very long work, listening to classical music while you’re in bed will make you feel sleepy faster and fall asleep a bit deeper. In other words, there are a lot of health benefits of listening to classical music that people don’t know and yet, most people still avoid listening to this kind of music because of the wrong impression of classical music as bed time music.

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What is Classical Music?

Surely you have been wondering about what kind of music that falls to category as classical. For those who are have been familiar with classical music must have the answer to that question but for those who aren’t familiar classical music will think that classical music is old, composed by European and boring. The term of classical music appeared for the first time around early 19th century used as definition to ‘art music’ to differentiate music periods to the modern music.

So, the common knowledge of classical music as old music is not entirely wrong because the types of music that fall to classical music are coming from period renaissance, baroque, romantic and classical period after those periods are considered as modern music period.

Since art music is from Europe, so it is so true that classical music is composed by European only but the term ‘boring’ is not quite right although classical music has its own strict rules and standards such as concerto, symphony and sonata that should be followed and left nothing for improvisation. That’s why recent generations who called themselves ‘free spirit in music’ cannot stand with the ‘boring’ rule of classical music. However, that’s what make classical music classic and has its own standard and class.

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You must be surprised about how much benefits of listening to classical music for human health. Many studies have found out that classical music which has its own standard, strict rule and order are actually good for brain. However, too much improvisation such as in modern music is only making your brain confused and tired faster. Below are some lists of benefits you could get from listening to classical music. Indeed, here are health benefits of listening to classical music:

Classical Music for Pregnancy

Have you heard about ‘The Mozart Effect’? Well, it is one of the proofs that classical music has significant role in the development of baby’s brain during pregnancy. This kind of stimulation is well known as prenatal sonic stimulation.

  1. Stimulates the Optimal Development of Baby’s Brain

When the fetus has reached 5 months, the ability of hearing has been partially developed and sonic stimulation could be done to optimize the development of baby’s brain. The constant tempo of classical music has significant effect to the baby’s brain.

  1. Helps Baby Born with Advanced Abilities

Though further studies are still required to prove that classical music could help baby born with advanced abilities especially in linguist and cognitive but since there is no negative effect for the fetus as well, mothers are recommended to do prenatal sonic stimulation using classical music.

  1. Helps Mothers to Have Better Sleep

During pregnancy, it seems like there are too much factors that make mothers cannot get a good night sleep. Well, during pregnancy, listening to classical music is not only good for the fetus but also good for the mothers especially in making sure them having a better sleep.

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  1. Prevents Depression

The case of mothers are suffering from depression during pregnancy is progressively increasing this recent years. The factors that because it is varying but classical music with calming effect could help in preventing depression in pregnant mother.

  1. Makes Mothers Happier and Calmer

The most important thing during pregnancy is not what the mothers should eat or what the mothers should do but a happy mother is the most important thing during pregnancy. Happy mother will give positive impact to the fetus and its development.

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Classical Music for Babies and Kids

If you have hyperactive kids, perhaps introduce them to classical music is one of the ways you could do to calm them down. Many studies have proven that classical music could affect the brain in positive way while music likes heavy metal could affect the brain in much opposite way.

  1. Helps to Calm Hyperactive Kids

The constant tempo of classical music is the reason why this kind of music is having calming effect especially for hyperactive kids. If you have hyperactive kids, try to introduce them to this kind of music. The result is not going to be instant but it will show the result eventually.

  1. Makes Kids More Focus with Their Studies

Listening to classical music during studying is highly recommended especially for kids who have difficulty in focusing. Classical music is helping in calming the hyperactive brain so kids could be more focus to what they’re currently doing like studying or doing other things that required focus.

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  1. Optimizes Kids Development

When it comes to kids’ development, most people must think about what foods they should eat so they could grow higher with stronger bones. The fact is brain also has prominent function in kids’ development such as the nerve and cognitive ability, classical music could help stimulating the optimal development of kids through their brain.

  1. Stimulates Kids Cognitive Ability

Some studies have shown that kids who are familiar with classical music have better cognitive ability than those who are not. So, as parents, why don’t you start introducing classical music to your kids right away?

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  1. Great for Brain

Classical music is like a super power food to brain. If it is hard for you to ask your kid to eat vegetables, it is not going to be as hard to ask your kids to listen to classical music.

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Classical Music for Daily Lifestyle

Classical music is not only great for pregnant mothers or kids, as an adult you could also enjoy all the health benefits of classical music for your daily lifestyle.

  1. Give You Class

Believe it or not, if you are familiar with classical music, it means your knowledge of music is advanced than others and since it is classic, it will give you better class in society.

  1. Makes You Sleep Better at Night

There is no better solution to healthy lifestyle but a better sleep at night. Just listening to classical music before you’re going to bed could help you sleep better and wake up with completely improved personality in the next day.

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  1. Improves Your Appetite

If you have problems with your food, perhaps listening to classical music while enjoying your food is the solution because it could improve your appetite. However, if you are currently in diet, don’t worry too much because when you’re listening to classical music while eating, naturally you will eat your food in much slower pace and it means your body has enough time to digest your food so the absorption process will be optimized as well.

  1. Natural Memory Booster

Some studies have shown that students who are listening to classical music while studying could memorize the subjects much better than those who don’t. If you stuck with your jobs and need memory booster, just play some of your favorite classical music to help you boosting your memory.

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  1. Makes You More Creative

When your brain could function optimally and you could be more focus, there is nothing that will be on your way. You will be more creative naturally because you could focus and think in clearer way.

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  1. Reduces Stress Level

Do you got problem with your stress level and you don’t have any idea what to do with it? Don’t worry and don’t even think of consuming any drugs because what you need is just your music player to play you some classics.

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Cautions of Listening to Classical Music

Well, unlike modern music which has a lot of improvisations that could be harmful for your brain, listening to classical music is bringing you more benefits than you could think. However, perhaps some cautions below should not be taken for granted as well.

  • It is better to avoid listening to classical music while driving, especially when you have been driving for a long time and your body is starting to get tired. Listening to classical music is only encouraging your brain to command your body to rest. Surely you don’t want to fall asleep while you’re driving.
  • Classical music could be really sad to hear and it is not recommended for you who are currently in sadness state because it is only making yourself feeling worse.
  • If you are using headphone for your unborn baby to hear, be careful with the volume of the headphone, you are only allowed to use volume maximum around 70 decibels and don’t do it too often to avoid baby is over stimulated. Overstimulation could stress out the unborn baby and disturb its development.

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Though there are still a lot of studies that required and controversies about the benefits of classical studies but many researchers have shown that compared to other types of music like heavy metal, pop or even jazz, when it comes to music for health, classical music always excels.

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