19 Proven Benefits of Hula Hooping For Health and Diet

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Benefits of Hula Hooping for diet and burn belly fat is top 1 exercise in this world, but there’s more beneftis than this two main benefits. Generally, hula hooping is a children’s toy, but it is actually an exercise device that utilized by it’s swaying hips. Hula hoop is not just an exercise with a circle looped around the hips up, but hula hooping is an serous exercise that also requires concentration about how to keep the circle round to survive and continue to turn it at the hips in a certain period. Therefore, the factor of it’s diameter and it’s type of material is also a matter that should be an important point by the consumer. The larger the diameter of it, it is usually more easier to play (playing at the hip) although sometimes the weight becomes heavier.

In serious level, hula hooping usually included in a series of exercises or aerobics classes at fitness centers. It is because the constant movement of the hips when rotating hula hoop is good to keep our body in shape as well as a calorie burner, where it is the main goal of most people who follow exercise or aerobics class. People  who join hula hooping have the body that looks more ideal and more slender than people who not join it.

As for some of the benefits that could be obtained from someone who regularly, routinely, and seriously doing an exercise of hula hooping, especially for women is as follows:

Hula hooping benefits for women and men

  1. Reduce Stomach Fat

The benefits for the body is able to reduce belly fat. For those of you who wish to reduce fat in the abdomen, one sport that can be done is by using a hula hoop. This is because when you move the stomach in a circular motion using a hula hoop, abdominal fat will be burned and lost. Among the recommended time in order to obtain maximum results, you should use a hula hoop for at least 30 minutes every day.

  1. Helpful For Fitness

Turns hips sway by playing hula hoop is one effective way to lose weight. Do you already know that? The number of calories that burned when you play the hula hoop is as much as take walk for 7 km/h and in a hurry. Walking at that speed can burning more than 210 calories in 30 minutes. Well, it turns out you can burn calories with the same amount of different activities. So, Ladies.. you should try this.

Reporting from second health, research thay conducted by John Porcari, a fitness expert from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, proves that playing hula hoop for 30 minutes can burn as much energy as 210 calories, but it turned out to play hula hoop your heart rate increased up to 151 times /minute. It shows that the hula hoop can keep your heart muscle fit as well.

  1. Increase Endorphins hormone in brain

Endorphins is a kind of chemical compounds that are produced by glands lower brain. Which, it is able to make an impact on someone’s happiness and make she or he more comfortable. This is because people who are doing sports wear hula hooping looked pleased and happy even accompanied by jokes laugh when done together. That means the production of endorphins in the brain is increased thus indirectly using a hula hoop exercise can also relieve stress and depression.

  1. shed fat in the waist

hula hoopingIn addition to reducing abdominal fat, doiny exercise by using a hula hoop was also able to reduce the fat in the waist. This is because the swaying hips for turning the hula hoop can consistently shed fat at the waist. Despite the fact that the fat in the waist is difficult to eliminate, but by using a hula hoop exercise regularly and seriously prove that it is successful. Therefore, the hula hoop exercise also made part in fitness centers in an aerobics class in addition to gymnastics.

  1. Reduce the risk of disease

Besides benefits to the heart, hula hooping also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, asthma, and even some types of cancer. Hula hoop that has the same benefits as walking, according to the British Medical Journal study results showed that walking every day can help prevent diabetes just like hula hoop.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight normal

If you are trying to lose weight, you must burn approximately 600 calories a day and more than you eat. Hula hoop is one of the easiest ways to do that. A person with  the weight about 60kg can burn about 75 calories just by playing hula hoop for 30 minutes. Hulla hoop also increase muscle mass so the more muscle you have, and the sooner your body’s metabolism – So there many calories that you burn, even when you are resting.

  1. Tightening Hips

For you, especially women who lack in confidence with big hips postpartum moreover, can use the hula hoop as a sports device which is also capable of providing benefits to tighten the hip. This is because a hula hoop exercise can burn fat and calories the body, including those in the hip to look tight, in addition to the muscles of the hips are also affected when playing the hula hoop. Of the many people who have tried it, using a hula hoop exercise within a month regularly and seriously proven to tighten the hip.

  1. Prevent stress

Happiness is expensive, some people said that anyway. But others consider that happiness is simple. Did you know, by playing hula hoop routinely can stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain, leading to feelings of pleasure. With a good mood, then you avoid stress and depression.

  1. Equal walking

Research by John Porcari, a fitness expert at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse found the fact that the hula hoop exercise has similar benefits by walking fast. With practice hula hoop for 30 minutes, the number of calories burned is comparable with a quick walk in the same amount. This simple exercise can burn about 210 calories in ½ hour.

  1. Flex Body

This is because the habit of swaying conducted during hula hoop excercise. So that would make the body more flexible, especially in terms of moving in the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Of course using hula hoop exercise should be done regularly, routinely, and seriously if you want to get maximum results, including in terms of flexibility.

  1. Tighten Breasts

One other benefit of using the hula hoop exercise is able to tighten the breast. This is because while doing sports wear hula hoops will be more comfortable with arms raised in perform a circular motion to rotate the hula hoop on hips. Circular motion with his arms raised will be able to provide benefits to you in reducing fat in the breasts so the breasts will look firmer.

  1. Streamline Thigh

Every woman wants to have a slim and toned thighs into a separate highly desirable dream. In addition to support his appearance to make it look sexier, would also like to spoil their partner for women who have been paired. Therefore, using a hula hoop exercise regularly, routinely, and seriously believed to be able to tighten and streamline thighs. This is because when you do shake your hips during exercise using a hula hoop, indirectly part of the thigh (muscles) also swayed in order to maintain the balance of the hula hoop spinning.

  1. Fixing Posture

If you feel your body is still less than perfect posture, try to balancing the playing hula hoop at a time. As it turns circular motion of the hula hoop can correct your body line. In addition, playing hula hoop to help strengthen the muscles of lower back and abdomen the middle, so that balance, posture and agility of your body for the better.

  1. Improve Focus and Concentration

Wobble or spinning motion when hula hooping on hips sway not just ordinary that can be done just like that. But it is also necessary focus and a high concentration of users in order to keep the hula hoops remain in a state of rotating the hips and not fall down. Therefore, using a hula hoop exercise can also improve focus and concentration. So, for those who may experience difficulty focusing and concentration, try to exercise by using a hula hoop.

  1. Getting in Shape and Sexy

One of all about the benefits that have been mentioned and described above, it is clear it can be concluded that using a hula hoop exercise to reduce fat in the abdomen and waist, tighten hips and breasts, as well as streamline the thigh, will help you to obtain the ideal body and sexy. Which, it is something that is coveted by women.

  1. Improve the Respiratory System

Hula hoop is one kind of relaxing sport that can be done by anyone. This activity can make the respiratory system more smoothly and more powerful. With hula hoop every day you can help your breath longer.

  1. Maintain Stability in blood pressure

Metabolic processes in the body can also be assisted with hula hoop, with a smooth body metabolism so you can maintain stable blood pressure. For those of you who have high blood pressure it is a good idea to start doing hula hoop routinely in the morning.

  1. Maintain Healthy Backs

Benefits of playing hula hoop equally important to maintain a healthy back. Exercising using hula hoops will also be able to maintain the health of your back. This is because when the wobble hula hoop, you will be forced to enforce the hula hoop round the back in order to stay awake and not fall. So that indirectly it will nourish their backs and avoid the problem of osteoporosis or other back problems because of habit or back position is wrong, such as frequent bending his back.

  1. Heart Health

Hula hoop will make blood pressure is reduced by reduces blood sintering which can lead to blood clots that clog arteries. At the time of playing hula hoop body be moved so that the good cholesterol (HDL) that absorbs the bad cholesterol (LDL) which is capable of increasing heart healthy.

The History of Hula Hooping

If the hula hoop has many benefits, then who the founder and how the hula hoop game can be a part of our life? It is said that according to research by experts, hula hoops is a children’s game that has been derived from thousands of years ago. Children who come from ancient Egypt and even from ancient Greece have played with using hula hoops since 3000 years ago. At a later date, hula hoops are more often used by adults to keep the body to keep fit.

Because of the changing times, in 1957, hula hoops are made of plastic. This type of preferred hula hoops and immediate success even in just a few months of this plastic hula hoops can be sold up to 100 million pieces.

How to play the hula hooping

To get the benefits of hula hooping, you have to play it right and well, here’s how to play it:

  1. Choose a hula hoop that fits your body. For starters, it’s good to select a hula hoop that is light and not too big. Use clothing that is tight and can absorb sweat so that rotation of the hula hoop is not disturbed.
  2. Stand up straight with your feet, one foot forward and one backward (but not too wide). Bend your knees slightly and your feet flat on the floor. For heating, made a circular hip motion forward and back.
  3. Place the hula hoop stick on your waist. Do the hip movement and turn hula hoop counter-clockwise, off slowly by continuously moving the hips. Continue to move the hips so that the hula hoop can rotate.
  4. After the hula hoop spinning, put your hands up over his head. Continue to move the hips to keep the hula hoop spins. Set breathing regularly and maintain your hula hoop to keep spinning.

Thus, from a variety of benefits that have been mentioned and described above, then use the hula hoop exercise is one effective way to lose weight. While it seen from the number of calories burned is able, using the hula hoop exercise equivalent to walking with 7 km/h of speed, which is seen in people who are in a hurry. At such speeds, the pedestrian has been able to burn as much energy as 210 calories in a 30 minute period. Such that when the sport using hula hoop has been able to provide similar benefits, it can be said that this exercise effective in terms of burning fat, toning and slimming.