11 Benefits of Sleeping on The Floor (No.1 Amazing)

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Most of you people are constantly wondering and even battling It out about whether the correct way of sleeping is on your typical old fashioned spring-bed or is it better using only a thin mattress? Or should I buy a very special bed with a very special material (latex, etcetera.) for the duvet so it can support my back nicely? Hmm, let me tell you this there is a much simpler and healthier solution for your bedding choices. Just sleep on the floor! Yes, you heard me. Sleeping on the floor offer a lot of wonderful health benefits for your body.

So, be ready this time we will tell you all the glorious benefits you can gain by simply sleeping on the floor! These are the list of the advantages that you can get from sleeping on the floor.

1. Maintaining a good posture.

If you already have a good posture, especially if you are able to sleep on your back with no problem, then good, It will give your body a natural position of sleeping. Leaving no ill-aligned bone and joints. Your muscle will not tense and strain over the unnatural angle of the body.

2. Improving your body or bone alignment.

As the first benefit points out this method of sleeping can give natural body position for sleeping leaving the body space to repair the ill-aligned bones and joints that you already suffer before. It is a slow process of healing and improving so you sure need to be patient but it is proven to have improved the alignment of your body.

3. Preserve the health of your spine.

Your spine is the place In your body that holds your central nervous system, linked directly to the brain. So it is a very important part of the body. A good posture offers a good health for your spine too. Minimalizing the possibility of pinched nerves and ill-positioned backbone.

4. Reduce lower back pain (and other pain caused by bad posture).

One of health benefits of sleeping without underwear also have some impact on back pain. Still related with a good posture. Good posture means everything. This typical lower back pain people usually suffer is often the result of a pinched nerves or a bone dislocation.

5. Aligning both your hips and shoulders.

Many pain-related problem are from the misalignment of the hips and shoulder. Pained area including shoulders, upper back, lower back, forearm, chest, collarbone, the base of the neck, head, shoulder blades, etc. This sleeping habit might help on improving the alignment of your hips and shoulders which in turn will help reduce the pain as is said in point 4. Aligned shoulders and hips are aesthetically look more appealing too

6. It is simpler.

Another Benefits of Sleeping on The Floor is very simple, just do it with out any property. There is no need for any special tools or furniture to opt for sleeping on the floor.

7. It is cheaper.

Since  likewise sleeping on floor, Since practically you don’t need to utilize anything it is obviously the cheapest option of any sleeping habit.

8. Worry-free sleeping.

No need to worry about worn blanket or duvet, stained bed sheet or torn pillow cover. You don’t even need to worry if the bedding frame would hold the weight or not. You can also let loose and just let your body relax as there is nothing that will bound your body in your sleep.

9. Lessen the possibility of wrong sleeping position.

No slouching, no sinking, no more accidental misplaced body part at the end of the bedding.

10. Lessen the chance of suffocating.

No pillow, no suffocating yourself in those soft pack of fluff.

11. Lead you to a good mental wellbeing and lessen the stress.

Study has shown that a good natural sleeping position send the signal to the brain that it is happy. Leading to a more healthy mental and a boosted optimism In your daily life.

But  you might hesitate as of sleeping directly on top of your floor sounds really awful and, well —horrid. So let me tell you these beforehand.

These are the tips you should probably (and might be a good idea to) take especially if you are new to this habit.

  1. Start with a thin layer of mattress or mat. If you cannot afford starting sleeping straight on the floor with nothing in between your body and your house tiling. Be free to utilize your sleep with a thin mat, like a yoga mats or thin mattress you would usually find in a sport store (usually for gymnastic purpose)
  2. Please do wear a piece of blanket still! Even on a hardwood floor (especially if your house is utilized by natural ceramic flooring that is known to be pretty cool in the temperature spectrum.)
  3. Wear a medium to high thickness pajamas. If you are prone to night chills and still think that a filmsy blanket over your body is not enough please do wear a full body attire sleep attire to spend the night on the floor. Also wear socks if necessary.
  4. Make your self as comfortable as possible. Teddy! Who did not love a teddy bear? Or a little cute cushion to accompany you as you sleep(unless, you are a grown-up man)? So, you can bring any stuff to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Comforter, teddy bear, lava lamps, glow in dark stickers. Basically anything, but do not use it as a cushion for your back. Otherwise, your effort on trying this new habit will become pointless.
  5. Do prepare mineral water near your sleeping area. It is a very important thing to hydrate yourself all the time even through your sleep cycle. If you keep water nearby you will always be able to grab it in the middle of the night in case you need to hydrate yourself or feel thirsty.
  6. Try to use only one pillow and decrease it to none overtime.. You can use one pillow to cushion your head for a starter but try to take it off by the time you feel ready to using no cushion at all so this practice will give you maximum benefits (see: sleeping without a pillow benefits).
  7. Eat a healthy snack 2 hours prior to sleeping if you feel you need to. There is no good sleeping habit with an empty tummy! Make sure your stomach is full and satisfied before you go to sleep. But try to give some extra time between your last snacking (or eating) and your good night sleep and try to opt for healthy snack over a full course meal. Healthy snacks you shall try are low fat yoghurts, fruits, raw nut (but not too much), vegetable juices and other natural food snacks. But avoid high sugar or high calories fruits, such as durian and mango. It is even better if you made your snacks yourself.
  8. Try not to think much about it. For a first-trier you might think, “Oh, sucks! I am leaving my soft and comfy bed! I cannot imagine how I’ll manage!”. So the tip is to not panic and just relax leave all the thinking process to the dump. You will fall asleep easier.
  9. If you are already reach the state of ultimate comfort. Please do try to always sleep with your back on the floor with your body front facing upwards.

Now that you know what to prepare and how to do a good night sleep on your house flooring. Let’s start doing it!

There is certainly more than what I just explained above. Discover more benefits you experienced while practicing this method of sleeping and share it with us and your friends! While maintaining a good sleeping habit such as this, you might want to accompany it with a good exercise to keep your posture great and healthy! Checks out our other articles about how to maintain good posture with exercise and don’t forget to keep healthy!