15 Benefits of Shaving Hair and Its Health Risks

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Shaving is one of the usual activities we do every day, especially for men. Things that can be shaved hair that grows on parts of the body, for example: pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, etc. Next we will discuss about shaving pubic hair.

The importance of shaving pubic hair is still a pro and a cons. Some mention the process is quite troublesome and does not give any effect. On the other hand, those that show a variety of benefits, even in one religion is recommended to shave it regularly every 40 days.

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In fact, shaving pubic hair or at least caring for it provides many benefits. Can not believe it? It is also recommended for both men and women. So what exactly is the benefit of shaving pubic hairs? Why do you have to do it? Thus, here are the benefits of shaving hair:

1. Cleanliness

The heat, sweat, and bacteria around the groin can survive in private areas, especially on pubic hair. By shaving or at least cutting pubic hair, the cleanliness of the private area will remain intact. This will prevent men from any type of unwanted bacterial infection.

2. Your pubic hair should not be shaved out, you should leave it thin

Thin pubic hairs will prevent nesting of mites or genital lice (Phthirus Pubis). If too thick, cleaning the genital organs will be disturbed because the water you use to wash will not get to the organ.

3. Remove Fragrant Smell

Unshaved pubic hair can make sweat retained and cause increased moisture. In the end it can also cause infection and even whitish. Well, if shaved, dirt particles and dead skin cells so much easier to clean.

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4. Make the erection look bigger

Not infrequently pubic hair cover for male part. This will make your private part look smaller than it should be. Shaving pubic hair will make your private part look clearer and look bigger. Even when having an erection, your private part will look at least an inch longer.

5. Looks healthier

Clean and well-kept private parts will look healthier. A clean genitals show that you are not infected with any infection. It also helps keep the genitals healthy. In addition, if there are things that are not desirable, like a red rash, you will know more quickly when the genitals are clean and not covered by pubic hair.

6. More interesting

Shaving pubic hair will make the genitals look cleaner and more attractive. Surely couples will be more pleased with genitals that look cleaner than it looks dirty. Pubic hair can mainly make couples hesitate to perform oral sex. For that, make sure you always maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the genitals by shaving pubic hair.

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7. Increases sensitivity

The skin around the private area has a high sensitivity that is useful during sexual intercourse. But with the unhealthy pubic hair, often the skin’s sensitivity will be reduced, and sex does not seem exciting. By shaving pubic hair, the skin will be easily accessible and sex feels more fun.

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Risk of Shaving Pubic Hair

Besides to some of these benefits of shaving hair, there are several reasons for the dangerous shaved pubic hairs. So is it dangerous when shaving pubic hair? The best answer is actually yes and it can not. Because the danger of shaving off pubic hair depends on how a person shaves the hair. Indeed shaving pubic hair also has health benefits because it is not too good to let the pubic hair too long. What is dangerous here is if someone shaved his pubic hairs out (barren) and not careful, which means shaving in vain.

So, the real danger in shaving pubic hairs for a person is when shaving out (bald) and not careful (careless). Pubic hair has several dangers when shaved up (bald) and not careful (careless). The danger of shaving pubic hairs (pubis) in this way, until the (barren) and not careful of them include:

1. Causes microscopic injuries

The incidence of microscopic injuries is the first danger that can appear as a shave of pubic hair. The purpose of a microscopic wound is a wound that will not be visible by sight. This wound is a small wound appearing on the skin of the genitals, precisely on the growth of pubic hair. Although this injury is visible visible, usually swallowing itching and sore after finishing shaving on pubic hairs.

Because it is not visible to the eye that is why it is called microscopic, which is only visible or seen using the tools to help see small things, such as a microscope.

2. Causes irritation

The second danger of shaving off pubic hair and not being careful (carelessly) is irritation. This irritation will certainly occur on the skin of the genitals. Irritation may also occur due to microscopic lesions that are left out because they do not appear visually. So that the wound will be more severe will cause irritation of the pubic skin. The existence of this irritation that became an early indication of the entry of bacteria and bacteria through the skin of the genitals that can cause disease in the genitals.

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3. Easy to enter germs and bacteria

The next danger is the entry of germs and bacteria through the skin of the genitals. The entry of germs and bacteria is due to the opening of the pubic skin from the former pubic hairs and irritation that arises on the skin of the genitals. So that germs and bacteria will be easier to enter the body through the genitalia and cause disease. Objects that will be easily attacked of course is the genitals itself because from there the beginning of entry of bacteria and germs.

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4. Cause infection

Infection is also a danger that can arise due to shaved pubic hair, of course, the shavings in question is shaved to a bare (bare) and not careful (careless). The emergence of this infection is an integration of the hazards mentioned and described above, namely microscopic wounds, irritation, and the entry of germs and bacteria.

In addition, the infection will be more easily occur considering the pubic organ is one of the sensitive areas of the body. So it is not surprising if there is injury and not immediately done treatment will cause an infection of the wound. A vulnerable infection is a herpes infection. This was disclosed Dr. Emily Gibson and several other American doctors as reported by the Daily Mail.

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5. The incidence of disease in the genitals

This fifth danger may arise if the dangers in points 1 to 4 are not handled properly. Germs, bacteria, and infections that appear will certainly be an early factor of disease in the genitals. As we know that a disease can be caused by germs, bacteria, and viruses. Similarly, germs and bacteria that enter the genital, germ and bacteria if it is long enough to settle until the infection will certainly cause the onset of disease that attacks the genitals.

Of the several diseases that usually appear on the genitals, one of them is a hernia. This disease may appear even if there are other factors that can actually cause the emergence of a hernia in the genitals.

6. Reduces warmth

Apart from the five dangers mentioned and described above, this sixth hazard prefers the comfort of the genitals. Excessive shaving of pubic hairs in men can actually reduce the warmth of the genitals (penis). Because the growth of pubic hair, one of them is useful to provide warmth to the genitals (penis). So if we arbitrarily shave and even shave the pubic hair until it runs out, it will reduce the level of warmth given by pubic hair or pubic hair itself.

7. Enlarge friction during sex

One other benefit besides giving warmth from pubic hair on genital is reducing friction during sex. In such a way that if a man too excessively shaved his pubic hair would mean enlarging the friction that occurs during intercourse. Although there is also a opinion that the great friction during sex will increase the level of stimulation, but it must be remembered that the pubic skin is one of the sensitive parts that exist in the body.

Therefore, excessive friction on sensitive skin of the skin will certainly also be harmful, one of which is causing injury. In other words that pubic hair also acts as a protector of the genitals because it is one of the sensitive parts that exist in the body.

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8. Reduced collection points from pheromone expenditure

Pheromones are chemicals that regulate sex behavior in the human body. The place usually used as a hive or collection of chemical expenditure is a pubic hair. Therefore, if carelessly shaving pubic hair means we have reduced the place for collection from the expenditure of pheromones, the chemicals that regulate sex behavior. If the collection point of this chemical release is reduced, it may interfere with sex behavior in the body that acts as a controller and others.

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Thus some of the dangers of shaving pubic hair down and not careful. Because genuine shaved pubic hair is recommended for health because letting the pubic hair too long will also allow a place of bacterial and bacterial nesting so it is not good for health. The point is that shaved pubic hairs may be as long as it is done safely. For those of you who want to shave pubic hair because it looks excessive, please shave and do not forget to leave it at least 1 – 1.5 cm. Shave it properly and correctly so it does not pose the danger as mentioned and described above. Again that needs to be emphasized is do not shave the pubic hair until it is bare (bald) and not careful (careless).