15 Social Benefits of Exercise for Youth and Elderly (#Research Base)

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There is no surprise that exercise would bring a lot of health benefits for your body. Everybody already knows about that fact. Doing exercises on a regular basis would boost your energy, control the body weight, prevent you from many diseases, and alleviate all of the symptoms of depression. But, what if we told you that doing various exercises would also bring social benefits for you?

Yes, it turns out that exercise would give various advantages for you socially. In today’s life where everything goes digital, the frequency of people having a face-to-face conversation becomes rare. Nowadays, communicate with other people via electronic devices and chatting applications would be enough. Those phenomena would not be good for you socially. With exercises, surprisingly, you will get a lot of social benefits, because you have a big chance to meet new people. So, here are the social benefits that you can get from exercises.

1. Make New Friends

This is the most obvious social benefits that you will get from doing various exercises. Doing exercises, whether you do it in a gym or in outdoor, will boost your opportunity to meet new people. Doing exercises in the gym, for example, will increase the opportunity to learn from the trainer and to meet new people in your class.  In the matter of fact, you also can do the exercises together with them. That thing, without a doubt, would boost your motivation to do the physical activities too.

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2. Learn How to Work as a Team

Maybe in your everyday’s life, you are getting used to do everything by yourself. But, that is not the case whenever you’re doing certain exercises. Certain exercises such as yoga sometimes require you to find a partner so that you can do a specific trick. By doing exercises with someone else, you will learn how to work as a team. You will learn that you couldn’t achieve everything just by yourself. In other words, you need someone else in order to achieve something and that’s a good thing to learn in order to improve your personality in everyday’s life.

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3. Learn How to Respect Each Other

Doing various exercises that require you to build a team with your friends will be a perfect practice to learn how to respect each other. You couldn’t avoid the fact that you will be better than your friends in one exercise, but they will be better than you in other exercises. This thing, undoubtedly, would increase your respect for each other. You will learn that people are unique and they have their own strength and weaknesses. This attitude would be very important to have in your everyday’s life. With this attitude, you will get a big respect by every person that you’re working with.

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4. Improves Sense of Belongings

This benefit is closely related to the benefits that already mentioned above. So, doing various exercises together with other people will increase the opportunity to meet new friends. Thus, you will have the sense of belonging to each other. In the matter of fact, this sense of belonging would be very helpful to improve the morale of people who often get bullied by their colleague. With roughly one of four students being bullied in their school, involving them into team-oriented exercises would be very beneficial to boost their morale as well as increase their self-confidence.

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5. Better Communication Skill

Maybe you’re wondering what communication skill has to do with exercises. It turns out that exercises would improve your communication skill in your everyday’s life. Whenever you’re doing certain exercises or sports, obviously you need to do it as a team or groups. These situations would force you to communicate with each other in order to achieve the goals. Telling them your ideas and everything that you think to other people would, undoubtedly, improve your communication skill. As you already know, communication skill is one of the most important skills that you need to have nowadays.

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6. Less Selfish

Whenever it comes to exercises which demand you to work with other people, then you will learn how to become a ‘team-oriented man’. As already mentioned above, you will learn that you need other people’s help so that you can achieve the team’s goal. That thing, undoubtedly, would increase your awareness of other people’s need. This unselfishness is very important to have these days, particularly in your daily job. Searching the best way in order to achieve the team’s glory will bring a lot more success rather than searching for individual glory. Also, being unselfish means that you have a strong personality to offer to your company.

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7. Strong Dedication

Doing various exercises on a regular basis would increase your dedication on everything that you do in your life. There is no doubt that in order to do exercises on a regular basis, you need a strong commitment, as well as dedication. People with low commitment would give up easily when they found that their exercises are exhausting. But, whenever you keep pushing to do various exercises, then there is no doubt that you will learn how to make a commitment and how to overcome the laziness. As the bonus, you will have a healthy body and mind too.

8. Improves Patience

There is no doubt that doing various exercises would also improve your patience towards other people. So, why does various exercises would increase the patience of the people? Well, whenever you’re doing exercises, of course you have some goals to achieve, whether it is getting back into your ideal shape, having a muscular body, etc.

The thing is, you might have many goals to achieve, but surely you couldn’t achieve them instantly. It will take a lot of time and process before you can achieve your goals. This thing, undoubtedly, would increase your patience to face different problems in your life. You will get a big respect from other people if you have a patience whenever you have a collaboration with them in everyday’s life.

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9. Learn How to Support Each Other

Whenever you’re getting involved in a team oriented exercise, then you will also learn how to support each other. Team oriented exercises would require you and your teammate to communicate and support each other in order to achieve the team’s goal. The team’s goal surely wouldn’t be achieved whenever you have a confrontation with your colleague. In contrary, the team’s goal would be achieved if you and your teammate are being supportive to each other. There is no better feeling than being trusted by your teammate in a team-oriented sport, right?

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 10. Alleviate Loneliness

Have you ever felt lonely in your life? Being lonely is one of the most dreadful feelings and would bring a lot of negative effects on your health because it will stimulate various symptoms of depression. By doing various exercises, you will have a good chance to meet new people and communicate with them. That thing will be beneficial to alleviate the horrible feeling that you’re alone in this world. Having someone to talk to whenever you do exercises would alleviate the symptoms of depression and thus, you will be happier than before. Plus, you will be more confident whenever talking to other people.

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11. Learn How to Deal With Frustration

This is one of the most important social benefits that you would get whenever you’re doing exercises on a regular basis. You need to accept the fact that sometimes, life can be very harsh and you couldn’t get everything that you’re wishing for. It is important that you can accept the failure and then you’re bouncing back from that.

Doing exercises such as tennis, football, basketball, and many more would be a perfect practice to deal against failure in real life. You will learn that there is nothing wrong by being frustrated with your failure, but you need to keep your chin up immediately and keep your sportsmanship towards your opponent. This attitude would make you become a better person in the future.

12. Learn How to Respect Authority

This is also one of the most important social benefits of doing exercises on a regular basis. So, if you’re one of the people that don’t care too much about rules, then do the exercise would surely change your point of view. This is because whenever you’re doing various exercises, you will learn how to obey their specific requirements as well as how to do their tricks. In fact, in competitive sports such as football, basketball, and many more, you will get penalized if you do something wrong and you must accept the referee’s decision or otherwise you will get punished. This is important so that you will be able to listen and accept other people’s point of view in the real life.

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13. Controlling Emotions

Negative emotional stress is one of the attitudes that would hurt your performance in your daily life. Everybody knows that whenever you’re doing something with negative emotions, the result that you will get will not be good. So, you need to learn how to control your emotions as soon as possible. There is no better way to control your emotions than doing various exercises. In sports, for example, the emotions can run high and you will learn how to control it by yourself. Once you can control your emotion, you will become a better person in life. In addition to that, you’re become able to overcome every challenge that you face in your life.

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14. Better Self-Esteem

Doing various exercises would also beneficial to improve your self-confidence. Whenever you’re doing sports, for example, you will have a high-five from your teammate or handshake with the opponent at the end of the match. Those things would be very good to build the character inside of you. The feeling after you’re having high-five or hand shake would automatically boost your confidence.

In addition to that, doing various exercises on a regular basis means that you’re getting closer to have your ideal body shape. Whenever you have your ideal body shape, then you will feel good about yourself. This thing will absolutely boost your confidence. With a great self-confidence, then you will be developed in many aspects in your real life, for example whenever you’re making presentation in front of many people or having a date.

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15. Makes You A Better Person 

Indeed, exercise is perfectly good for your body. By doing exercise, you will also enhance your mentally effects like make you a better person automatically. Doing exercise, you will learn about endurance, spirit, discipline, and more psychology benefits.

How to Get the Social Benefits from Exercise

So, after you know all of the social benefits that you can get from exercise, then it is the right time to get started. Maybe many of you will ask: how can I get the social benefits from exercise? In the information below, you will find useful information that will guide you. Thus, you will get the full advantage from exercise in social perspective.

1. Join a Gym

Although you basically can do the exercises on your own, even in your bedroom, but it is very good if you decide to join a gym. Aside from its obvious advantages that you will get great facilities during your exercise, join a gym will enable you to meet new people with the same motivation as you. In a gym, you can kindly ask one of the trainers to teach you various tips on how to do exercises. In addition to that, usually in a gym there is a weekly aerobic class, which you can join for free. That opportunity will increase your chance to meet new people and thus, you will get social benefits from exercises.

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2. Participate in Extracurricular Activities

If you’re a student, your school or university certainly will offer you the opportunity to join one of many extracurricular activities for free. You can join one of the sport activities that suits your interest. Those extracurricular activities will certainly boost your chance to meet new friends. In addition to that, joining sport activities in your school or university would be very good to support your academic things.

3. Join a Community Center

Whatever kind of sports that interest you, there will always be one or more communities for that sports. For example, if you like riding a bicycle, then you can find the bicycle community and you can join them for free. It would be very beneficial if you join the sports community because you can meet new people that share the same interest as you. In addition to that, you will get involved in every event that they’re working for. There is no better fun than taking part in a sport community that suits your interest.

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So, now you already know all of the social benefits of exercise as well as how to get the social benefit of exercise. There is no doubt that doing exercise would bring tons of advantages in every aspect in your life, from your body health, mental health, and social health. After knowing this fact, it would be very good if you’re getting started with your exercises as soon as possible. Stay healthy!

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