25 Health Benefits of Almond Butter You Should Know

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Almond (Prunus dulcis) is originally from middle east but now the popularity is worldwide though in some countries, almond is considered to be healthy but expensive snack. Right now, United States is the largest production of almond and it is probably why almond is so popular among Americans. Almond is usually distributed along with its cells but there are also almond that is distributed as unshelled almond or in the form of processed food. One of the processed foods of almond is almond butter.

Almond butter is not variety of butter, instead it is actually an alternative choice of peanut butter that you could consume as sandwich spread or additional ingredients for cake or smoothies (depends on the fruit since not all fruit smoothies could be mixed with almond butter). In other words, you could substitute peanut butter for almond butter and vice versa but you cannot substitute butter with almond butter, especially in cake, the result will be different. However, still most people will wondering what makes almond butter and peanut butter is so different.

Almond Butter VS Peanut Butter

How about the taste?

Well, it is depending on your favorite whether you prefer the taste of peanut or almond surely you know the different. So, for example you are about to make a cake with peanut butter as one of the ingredients, however you like the taste of almond butter much better compared to peanut butter, so you could always be able to change the ingredients based on your preference.

How about nutrients?

Still, both types of butter also share similar nutrients but to find out more about almond butter benefits below is the list of nutrients and the benefits of almond you should know.

Serving Size: ¼ cup of almond

Calories207 kcalVitamin E16 mg – 61 %
Protein5 gRiboflavin0.4 mg – 44 %
Sugar5 gManganese0.8 mg – 44 %
Carbohydrate7 gMagnesium97 mg – 36 %
Dietary Fiber5 gPhosphorus172 mg – 29 %
Calcium96 mg – 10 %
Iron33 mg – 4 %


Protecting Cardiovascular System

Generally it is due to the healthy monounsaturated fat found in relatively high amount that make alomond as one of the super healthy snacks that is good for cardiovascular system.

1. Good for Heart

The healthy monounsaturated fatty acid found in almond and the combination of flavonoid, the powerful antioxidant that is also available in adequate amount are the main reasons why almond is totally good for heart. Consuming the moderate amount of almond in daily basis could reduce the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.


2. Good for Cholesterol Level

For those who have problem with the cholesterol level, why don’t give almond a try? Consume it regularly and see the result yourself that the cholesterol level is much easier to control. It is because almond will promote the production of HDL Cholesterol or good cholesterol which will assist in inhibiting the production of LDL or bad cholesterol. The increase level of HDL will make sure the cholesterol level in body system is under control.

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3. Good for Artery Health

Once the cholesterol level always under control the artery health is follow suit. The production of LDL will increase the accumulation of plaque in the artery wall but when HDL cholesterol takes control, the plaque problem could be reduced to almost zero level.

4. Good for Blood Pressure Level

Artery has main function to distribute blood produced by heart to the whole system in human body. If the artery is healthy and then the distribution of blood will be without disturbance. Once the blood flow in normal pace and then the blood pressure level also in normal level.


Treatment of Metabolism System

Metabolism in the body is depending on whether body is receiving enough oxygen or not, body is dehydrated or not and whether the intestine system is working optimally or not. While the distribution of oxygen is based on the distribution of blood, healthy metabolism will affect some other systems as well.

5. Good for Blood Sugar Level

Once metabolism system is under control is much easier to control other aspects like blood sugar level. The main reason behind the increased of blood sugar level is when body could not absorb glucose in the blood optimally. Glucose is used to produce energy in the skin cells but body needs insulin to distribute it to each cells. Without which glucose will remain in the blood and increase its level. Besides that the healthy monounsaturated fatty acid also contributes in slowing down the release of sugar into the blood so body has enough time to process optimally.

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6. Good for Weight Loss Program

Unhealthy metabolism also could cause the weight problem. However, almond has solution in this matter by providing the healthy fat and dietary fiber that will make sure your digestive system is only absorbing the nutrients required and washing all those unnecessary properties along with the fiber away from your body. So, instead of producing unnecessary fat in the skin layer, the fat will be burnt optimally for energy.


7. Good for Fighting Diabetes

Healthy body weight could prevent the insulin resistance and reduce the risk of diabetes. As mentioned above, diabetes occurred due to high sugar level in the blood. Once the sugar level is under control, fighting diabetes is a piece of cake. Though surely, consuming almond butter wisely because some products contained additional sugar that could be harmful. Instead, considering to only choose almond butter which is naturally made from 100% almond without additional ingredients.


8. Good for Digestive System

Almond butter is also good for digestive system it is due to the high dietary fiber contained in almond butter. Do you know that fiber in our body is just passing and not staying? However, the function is very prominent because during the passing, dietary fiber will bind all toxic properties and unnecessary compounds inside the intestine system to be washed out from the digestive system. Digestive system which is free from toxic properties is the healthy one.

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9. Good for Nutrient Absorption

If there are problems with the digestive system and then it will not function optimally as well. One of the problem that might occur is the nutrient absorption will be disturbed. The worst case from this condition is body will suffer from certain deficiencies. If the digestive system is healthy, all nutrients extracted from food you consume will be absorbed, distributed and used optimally as well. Consuming moderate amount of almond that contains probiotic properties will make sure the health of your digestive system.

10. Good as Body Detox

Body should be detoxified regularly. However, some people out there prefer to consume certain drugs in order to detox their body. Well, do you know that consuming almond butter is actually a delicious way to detoxify your body? Yes, it is because almond contains a special probiotic properties to detox your intestine system, furthermore the dietary fiber is also able doing an excellent job in binding toxic.


11. Good as Natural Energy Booster

Since almond butter is so rich of protein and then it is good for supplying energy. That’s why almond is highly recommended snack for you during study because it will provide you the energy supply you need. Furthermore, the taste will make sure you to stay awake.


Natural Source of Antioxidant

Flavonoid is one of the antioxidant found in almond and it is a common knowledge that anti-oxidant has a lot of super power in order to maintain the human health.

12. Good for Fighting Cancer

Everybody knows that anti-oxidant is a powerful property to fight cancer. Cancer caused by free radicals in the environment that could cause oxidative stress in the body. That kind of stress will cause the cells in the body to mutate into something different entirely and not normal. Body will try to fight those abnormalities but cancerous cells will keep spreading and the effect could be very fatal.


Moisturizing Skin Cells

13. Good for Skin Health

Surely you know that vitamin E is good for skin. It stimulates the production of collagen that will make skin healthier and glowing. Furthermore, the anti-oxidant contained in almond butter also has prominent role in making sure your skin looks healthy.

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14. Good for Accelerating the Healing

One of the amazing ability of anti-oxidant is making sure the optimal function of cell regeneration, so healing process could be accelerated. Furthermore, almond is also containing the healthy monounsaturated fatty acid which has been proven to keep skin hydrated. Hydrated skin means the skin has healthy circulation system as well.

15. Good for Skin Regeneration Cells

Do you know that the main reason why your skin looks dull and not attractive is actually dead skin cells? Dead skin cells in your skin could be removed but to guarantee that behind that dead skin cells has new and much healthier skin layer, you have to consume almond butter regularly. It is because certain properties contained in almond that will make sure to accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells to replace the old ones.

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16. Good as Natural Anti Aging

When the regeneration of new skin cells are without disturbance and then you could say goodbye to wrinkles, dead skin layer and dull skin. Those three ugly skin aspects could make you look older than you should be. Just consuming almond butter regularly you could make your look as young as you should be or probably much younger.


Rich of Minerals

As rich in minerals almond has a lot of ability since some minerals are proven to be good for heart, minerals found in almond like magnesium and phosphorus are also good for bone density and development.

17. Good for Oral Organ

As rich of minerals surely almond is good for oral organ, especially preventing the tooth decay. However, you should aware that almond butter will contain much more sugar that it should be and the sugar could be harmful for your teeth. That’s why consuming almond butter which is made from 100% almond only is much more recommended.

18. Good for Bone Health

Just like almond butter is good for oral organ, surely it is also good for bone health. It will assist in maintaining the bone density and for those who are currently in growing ages, consuming almond regularly will assist in optimizing the bone growth. Furthermore, each kid will love the taste of almond butter.


19. Good for Fighting Osteoporosis

As anti-inflammation surely almond is also good to fight osteoporosis. The minerals contained in almond like magnesium and then combined with calcium as well as vitamin C will be a healthy snack for those with osteoporosis problem.

20. Good for Fighting Bone Fracture

Bone fracture caused by the weak bone density. Almond is so rich of vitamin, mineral and calcium surely is able to make sure this kind of thing is not going to happen.

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21. Good for Muscle Function

Once the bone structure is functioning optimally the function of muscle will follow suit. Besides that almond is so rich of protein and in body building, protein has important role in turning the body fat into muscle mass.

Almond as Super Brain Food

Almond is one of the highly recommended healthy snacks to be consume during study. It is because almond is not only delicious so you will stay awake but almond has ability to make sure your brain is just going to be fine by making sure your brain will get enough supply of oxygen by maintaining the health of your artery. More than that, almond could do more wonders as well.

22. Good for Fighting Dementia and Alzheimer

There are two key nutrients that are good for brain, they are L-carnitine and riboflavin. Those two nutrients have been proven to be able in fighting dementia and Alzheimer because it could reduce the risk of inflammation effectively.

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23. Good for Preventing the Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline could be suffer by everyone when they reach senior age. However, the possibility is higher in those who during their younger days are not consuming healthy food. To make sure you have brighter old days perhaps considering snacking almond butter in daily basis sounds like a great idea. It is because the L-carnitine and riboflavin has significant effect in affecting the neurological system.

24. Good for Nerve System

As mentioned above the L-carnitine and riboflaving has positive effect toward neurological or nerve system. Consuming it could encourage the nerve system to function optimally and at the same time maintaining it until you are old and gray but not your brain cells.

25. Good for Elderly

Well, there is no word too late if you have a will. It is better for you to start consuming almond butter when you are younger but it is still good to be consumed by elderly as well because it is containing healthy fat and high in minerals. Besides, if their teeth is no longer able to chew the almond, almond butter is totally chew-able for elderly.

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Cautions of Almond Butter

The fact is, the 25 health benefits mentioned above is because almond is super food good for human body but almond butter is not that good. Well, it is still good but there are a lot of brand of almond butter you could find in the marketplace and each of the has different ingredients added like additional sugar, other types of oil and salt. Though almond is good for heart but sodium found in salt could be harmful for heart. Choosing the most reliable product only for your family.

Unfortunately, it is not the only problem of almond butter you should aware of. Below is some more list to be your consideration as well:

1. Allergic Reaction

Almond is on the variety of tree nut which is different with peanut or peanut butter. However, the possibility of those who have been diagnosed to be allergic to peanut is higher. Since this kind of allergic could be really fatal is better for you to avoid consuming almond butter in all cost or at least consult this matter first with your doctor. One more important information, almond is actually not nuts but legumes, so practically it is safe to be consumed but still don’t take the risk if you are in doubt.

2. Non-Organic Product

Some people right now prefer to consume organic product. Well, it is true because non-organic product could be harmful. Actually, it is not the almond that is the problem but the cultivation process that could be the problem. It is better for you to consume almond from the respectable source only because right now GMO is supposed to be put to your problem list.

Generally, almond butter is good for your health and highly recommended to be consumed in daily basis. Unfortunately, it is not because of the almond but as processed food there are a lot of things you should put into consideration. The cautions mentioned above could be a warning for you that sometimes, commercial you saw on TV is not always true. Probably the taste of several almond butter product is much tastier because of the additional salt and oils or perhaps other ingredients that only reduce the benefits of almond and instead raise more cautions. However, almond itself has a great taste, that’s why choosing organic and original product is highly recommended.