25 Top Benefits of Breadfruit for Health and Beauty

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Breadfruit is one of the tropical fruits from the family or jack fruit and mulberry. The name of breadfruit itself is taken by the texture which similar to baked bread when it is cooked. Aside from the texture and the tasty flavor of this fruit, it also comes with nutritional values which are beneficial for human’s health. Each fruit contains adequate amount of vitamins and minerals as well as protein.

The best thing of breadfruit is it could be consumed in all stages of ripeness but for the best taste is choose mature breadfruit with firm texture. In tropical countries, breadfruit is served as snacks to accompany a cup of tea or coffee in the form of fried breadfruit or chips. However, there are also consume breadfruit as the substitute of potato by boiling it, steaming it or baking it. Well, every country has their own favorites.

The Nutritive Value of Breadfruit

Nutrient ValueRDA %
Energy103 Kcal5 %
Carbohydrate27.12 g21 %
Protein1 g2 %
Total Fat0.2 g1 %
Dietary Fiber5 g13 %
Vitamin C29 mg48 %
Vitamin E0.1 mg1 %
Folates14 µg4 %
Niacin0.9 mg6 %
Pyridoxine0.1 mg8 %
Riboflavin0.03 mg2 %
Thiamin0.1 mg9 %
Calcium17 mg2 %
Copper0.08 mg9 %
Iron0.5 mg7 %
Magnesium25 mg6 %
Manganese0.06 mg2 %
Phosphorus30 mg4 %
Selenium0.6 µg1 %
Zinc0.12 mg1 %
Potassium490 mg10.5 %


1. Good for Heart

Breadfruit is one of the fruit that is rich of fiber and excellent source of potassium. It is a common knowledge that food contained high potassium is good for heart since it will assist in regulating the blood pressure by removing excess sodium in the body. Besides that the fiber which is also relatively high found in this fruit will make sure all the blood distribution throughout the body will be without disturbance by preventing the accumulation of blood clot in the artery.

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2. Assist in Controlling the Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol level is having the important role in making sure the health of your cardiovascular system since cardiovascular has connection to some dangerous diseases like hypertension and strokes. Fiber contained in breadfruit could assist in controlling your cholesterol level by making sure to elevating the production of HDL or good cholesterol while at the same time reducing the production of LDL or bad cholesterol that could cause some blood clot in the artery. Once the cholesterol level is under control, the rest will follow suit.

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3. Rich of Dietary Fiber

It is not easy to find food you could consume daily which is rich of dietary fiber and breadfruit is one on the top of the list. Breadfruit is containing relatively high or dietary fiber which is well known to be beneficial for human health. Dietary fiber has a lot of function like assisting in reducing the accumulation of blood clot by elevating the production of HDL which will reduce the production of LDL and then fiber will bind toxic and unnecessary properties in the colon to be flushed out from body system.

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4. Contained Adequate Amount of Anti-Oxidants

You must be surprised how anti-oxidant compound could have a lot of benefits to your life. Well, anti-oxidants mostly promoted through supplements but there are a lot of natural sources and breadfruit is one that is highly recommended. Though the flavonoid, one of the types of anti-oxidant, is only found in moderate amount but this fruit is so rich of Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid.

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5. Fighting Age-Related Diseases

Do you know that one of the main factors that accelerate the development of age-related diseases is actually free radicals? With today environment is relatively difficult to avoid free radicals entirely, that’s why making sure you have additional protection toward this matter is important like consuming food rich of anti-oxidant which will fight free radicals naturally and as mentioned in point number 4, breadfruit is one of the natural sources for anti-oxidant. If you consume it in daily basis and then you will make sure the maximum protection against free radicals in daily basis as well.


6. Act as Immunity Booster

Compared to its family brother, jack fruit, breadfruit contained much higher Vitamin C. You must have known that vitamin C has important role in making sure your body is freed from infection problems. That’s why breadfruit is able to act as immunity booster. A plate of fried breadfruit is actually a delicious way to fight cold and flu and for maximum absorption, you could enjoy it with a glass of orange juice or warm lemon tea.

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7. Energy Booster

Looking for natural energy booster but safe enough for your body? Well, breadfruit is the answer for it. It is rich of carbohydrate and high in calories but at the same time also rich of fiber which makes all the balances you need. Carbohydrate is required to produce energy while calories is required to make sure the energy is not wasted while fiber will make sure everything is under control. That’s why consuming it in daily basis in moderate amount is totally safe.


8. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

It is true that food rich of carbohydrate and high in calories is considered to be bad for those with diabetic problems. Well, breadfruit is the exception as long as you consume it in moderate amount. Carbohydrate in breadfruit instead of being turned into glucose, it is turned into simpler compound like sucrose and fructose while the fiber will take role as the controller of glucose by inhibiting its excess amount from being absorbed.


9. Good for Digestive System

It is a common knowledge that food rich of fiber is food good for intestine and digestive system. Fiber is one of the compounds that cannot be absorbed but has significant function in binding toxic and unnecessary properties in the intestines. Besides that fiber is able to bind LDL or bad cholesterol in the colon while elevating the production of HDL or good cholesterol. Furthermore, for those who are currently in weight loss program is also recommended to consume food high in fiber.

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10. Good for Mind and Body’s Development

One of the wonders that this humble breadfruit could do to your body is contributing in the development of mind and body. Well, it is due to the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid which is found in relatively high amount. You must have known that this two fatty acids are having great value to human health which mostly found in fish products and also found in fruit like breadfruit.

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11. Natural Treatment Against Toothache

Breadfruit is also able to help you maintaining your dental health and could act as natural treatment against toothache. Well, perhaps it is not going to cure the toothache entirely since the cause might be beyond breadfruit’s ability to cure but still the roasted breadfruit could assist in relieving the symptoms and the aches or could be the first aid solution for toothache before you have a chance to meet a dentist to deal with the condition.

12. Recommended for Weight Loss Program

It is true that breadfruit is rich of carbohydrate and high in calories but consuming it in moderate amount is not going to ruin your weight loss program instead it will help you dealing with the craving. The credit goes to the fiber which if found in relatively high amount. Fiber will make sure the glucose absorbed from carbohydrate is not in excessive amount. That’s why putting this fruit as part of your daily diet menu is still safe.


13. Good for Pregnant Women

Almost all properties contained in breadfruit is good for pregnant women. The carbohydrate and calories will give pregnant women the energy they need during pregnancy, the fiber will assist pregnant women in controlling the cholesterol and reducing the risk of gestational diabetes, while the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid will make sure the optimal development of fetus, not only physically but also the development of brain. That’s why consuming it in moderate amount is highly recommended for daily diet.

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14. Act as Detox for Your Body

Most people don’t realize that sometimes their body required a detox. It is true that there are a lot of products could be found in marketplace today which especially designed to detoxify the body. However, if you could do the detox in daily basis is much better and breadfruit contained high dietary fiber that will bind LDL cholesterol, toxic compounds, unnecessary materials in the intestine system to be washed away so metabolism and absorption will function optimally.

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15. Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer

One of the main cause of colon cancer is unhealthy metabolism combined with bad habit of consuming unhealthy food. Breadfruit is not only healthy but also containing dietary fiber which has main function in making sure healthy intestine system by removing all materials and compounds that could be harmful. At the same time, anti-oxidants properties found in this fruit is also able to fight the development of cancerous cells. So, double protections available in one fruit only.


16. Good for Bone Health

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid is not only good to stimulate the development of body and mind but also able to promote bone health. Furthermore, thought the amount is not much but breadfruit is also natural source of certain calcium which is good for bone health like copper, magnesium and phosphorus while iron will assist in making sure optimum absorption of vitamin C.

17. Promote Reproduction

One of the things that breadfruit could do for your life is promoting reproduction. It is due to the high amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid found in this fruit. Though further researches are still required to support this statement but so far those two compounds have proven to be effective in improving the reproduction.

Beauty and Healthy Skin Tricks with Breadfruit

18. Natural Source of Collagen for Healthier Skin

What do you need for healthy and glowing skin? Well, the compound called collagen could do the wonder to your skin. Breadfruit is rich of vitamin C which is one of the main properties required to produce collagen in the body. Collagen will make your skin wrinkled free and elastic. In other words, it’s like shortcut to younger and healthier skin.

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19. Prevent Skin Inflammation

Consuming breadfruit could prevent skin inflammation by inhibiting the special enzyme that could cause the inflammation and at the same time also preventing the production of nitric oxides so the skin inflammation could be prevented from different angle. It will help you crossing the checklist of skin problem that you may face regularly.

20. Accelerate the Regeneration of New Cells

One of the key to the healthy skin is when the process of new cells regeneration is working optimally without disturbance. Breadfruit which is rich of vitamin C is providing the anti-oxidant that skin really need to fight free radicals that could be the unwanted disturbance. Furthermore, the regeneration of new cells will be able to cure damaged skin naturally faster than any skin products you could find in the marketplace, just make sure you put breadfruit as part of your daily diet.

21. Natural Treatment for Skin Infection

Skin infection could be annoying sometimes because your supposed to be healthy and glowing skin will be turned into itchy and full of rashes skin which is so not comfortable. Well, the leaves of breadfruit could do the wonder to you as the natural treatment for skin infection. So, it is not only the fruit that is beneficial for human’s health but also the leaves.

22. Treating Eczema

One of the skin condition that could be treated by this amazing fruit is eczema. You could enjoy the fruit while the latex from the tree is highly recommended to treat eczema along with the leaves. It is due to the antioxidant properties contained in breadfruit as well as its ability as anti-inflammation that could deal with all kinds of inflammation conditions.

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23. For Nourished Hair

Do you know that vitamin C is not only the source of antioxidant that your body needs or the reason why your skin is glowing? Vitamin C is actually able to make sure the optimal absorption of certain minerals that are good for your hair. Having healthier and nourished hair is no longer a dream for you, just make sure that you consume enough breadfruit in daily basis.

24. Natural Treatment for Dandruff

What is the point of having good hair but your scalp is full of dandruff? Well, don’t worry because breadfruit is rich of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid which are good to treat this scalp condition. Many studies have proven that those fatty acids will assist in regulating the sebum required to fight the inflammation that may occur as well as reduce the itchiness and also get rid the dandruff from the scalp.

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25. For Healthier Hair Growth

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids found in breadfruit is also beneficial for the healthier growth of your hair. So, it is not only able to make it look healthy but also able to make it grow healthily.

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Side Effect of Breadfruit

Speaking of the health benefit of breadfruit, there is always one or two side effects behind it. You should aware of it just to avoid unnecessary things that might happen to you. Below is much shorter list of breadfruit’s side effect compared to the 25 health benefits. However, don’t ever take the side effect for granted because it could endanger your health.

1. Allergies

Don’t take allergies for granted since the effect could be dangerous and in some worst cases could lead to death. It is true that dealing with allergies is very tricky, once you have found out that you are allergy to some things, the best thing to do is avoid it in all cost. If you are allergic to banana it means the possibility of you are allergic to breadfruit is high. It also applies to the those who are allergic to figs. So, if it is the first time for you to consume breadfruit, you might take this information into consideration though the case is very rare.

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2. Hypotension

Hypo-tension is the opposite of hypertension. Consuming breadfruit may prevent you from hypertension due to adequate amount of potassium that could make sure that sodium will not cause any harm to your health but when it is too much you may suffer from low blood pressure. For some people, especially those with this tendency, suffering low blood pressure could be dangerous.

3. Bleeding Disorder

Though further researches still required regarding the possibility of breadfruit in increasing bleeding disorder but avoiding is still a good idea in this matter if you have history with this kind of disorder. Besides that, though breadfruit is good for fetus but pregnant mother should not consume it in high dosage.

Just like any other foods, breadfruit is one with more health benefits compared to its side effects but still consuming it wisely is highly recommended. The three side effects mentioned above is just the cases that mostly found and reported but you would never know that some other conditions might occur as well. That’s why whatever it is consuming it in moderate amount is all the key for all the benefits.