66 Proven Omega 3 Fatty Acids Health Benefits

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Omega 3 is super powerful substances that our body need. It is not only important nutrients but also having a lot of health benefits to human body, brain and mental health. In medical field, omega 3 fatty acids have been used in several medication therapy including mental health and several chronic disease while in scientific field, omega 3 have been used as the object of researches to find out more about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for human health.

We all know that the natural source of omega 3 is from fish but today there are a lot of supplement has been produced to make sure that your body need of omega 3 will be fulfilled since consuming too much fish could be dangerous due to its possibility of being contaminated by mercury that could endanger your body and cause an entirely new health problems. Below is the list of health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. So far there are 66 health benefits of omega 3 and this number will increase along with the number of researches conducted by experts.

For Heart Health

  1. Improve Cardiovascular Function

Generally, Omega 3 fatty acids are good for cardiovascular. It is very effective in improving the function as well as reducing the symptoms that might occur due to some cardiac conditions.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Store could occur when the blood cannot be circulated to the brain to bring nutrients as well as oxygen. It is due to the accumulation of plaques in the artery. Omega 3 fatty acids is effective solution to remove all the plaques and making sure the flow of blood to the brain without disturbance.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension happened when the blood cannot be circulated in normal pace. In this condition, heart will work harder and the circulation of nutrients and oxygen through blood will be seriously interfered.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest could happen to anyone with heart condition. Mostly, this condition happened due to heart is forced to work too hard. Omega 3 fatty acids are basically good for heart.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for heart so the risk of coronary heart disease could be reduced as well.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Researches have been done to prove that it is true Omega 3 fatty acids are effective in reducing the risk of peripheral arterial disease.

  1. Prevent the Accumulation of Plaque

Omega 3 fatty acids are effective in smoothing the artery and at the same time prevent the accumulation of plaque that could harden the artery.

  1. Affect the Blood Viscosity

Blood viscosity could cause heart to work harder. Omega 3 fatty acids will assist by affecting the plasma lipid concentration.

  1. Induce Cardiac Dysfunction

Dysfunction of cardiac could cause by several factors like plaques found in the vessel wall, the disturbance of blood circulation. Omega 3 Fatty acids are excellent solution to induce the dysfunction by removing the obstacles.

  1. Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure level is usually caused by some disturbance in the blood vessels. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute in reducing the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels that could affect the blood circulation.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Level

Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to be effectively in lowering cholesterol level by reducing the production of LDL and at the same time increasing the production of HDL

  1. Prevent Blood Clot

Blood clot is closely related to the accumulation of plaque in the artery. Plaque mostly caused by the excess amount of LDL in the vessels wall. By increasing HDL the excess amount of LDL could be controlled.

For Beauty and Healthy Hair

  1. Treating Acne. The main cause of acne is bacteria infection and Omega 3 fatty acids could treat the rashes caused by the infection to cure acne completely.
  2. Skin Conditioner. Omega 3 fatty acids could be used as skin conditioner as well because of the moisturizing properties contained in this fatty acids.
  3. Prevent Sunburn. As anti-inflammatory of course Omega 3 fatty acids could treat sunburn as well as protect the skin from sunburn.
  4. Prevent Wrinkles. Omega 3 is also powerful antioxidant that could accelerate the regeneration of new cells to replace the dead cells that could cause wrinkles.
  5. Slowing Down the Degeneration of Skin Cells. Degeneration of skin cells are impossible to stop but by consuming omega 3 regularly you could increase the regeneration of new cells to replace the old cells.
  6. Managing the Production of Oil in Skin. Recent dermatology research also found that Omega 3 fatty acid is also effective in managing the production of oil in skin.
  7. Younger Skin Solution. Younger skin solution is caused by the undisturbed regeneration of skin cells and the regular production of collagen. Consuming omega 3 could accelerate the regeneration as well as making sure the available of collagen in your skin.
  8. Dealing with Hair Loss. Omega 3 has properties that could stimulate and accelerate the hair growth so hair loss could be dealt with efficiently.
  9. Growing Stronger Hair. Omega 3 fatty acid will nourish the follicles for stronger hair growth.
  10. Dealing with Dandruff. Dandruff is actually part of skin problem; to be specific is scalp problem. Omega 3 could help in maintaining your scalp health to prevent any serious condition including dandruff.

For Mental Health

  1. Bipolar Disorder

Recent researches have found a very strong evidence that omega 3 contained substances that could treat patients bipolar disorder. Though, further researches are still necessary to be conducted however so far some level of success of omega 3 in treating patient with bipolar disorder has been reported.

  1. Reduce Depression Symptoms

Omega 3 which could promote depression relieve is surely able to reduce the depression symptoms as well. It is due the therapeutic effect that even effective to calm down a children with ADHD so it is surely effective to just reducing the symptoms of depression.

  1. Treating Major Depressive Disorder

Omega 3 has been proven to be able in dealing with some minor deprives disorder as well as prevent it. However, it is also good to treat more serious depressive disorder.

  1. Therapeutic Effect for Children with ADHD

Children with ADHD will suffer some kind of symptoms like easily losing focus, hyperactive and emotional instability caused by some conditions in their brain. Omega 3 could assist in improving their brain function and reduce the symptoms.

  1. Therapeutic Effect for Children with Autism

If Omega 3 is effective in improving the brain function for children with ADHD it means it is also able to do the same with children with autism due to its therapeutic effect.

  1. Treating Anxiety and Fatigue

Anxiety and fatigue could lead to some serious mental conditions. Omega 3 could treat this condition to prevent more serious problems.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Psychosis

Psychosis is another type of mental disorder. Consuming Omega 3 could assist in reducing the risk. This statement has been backed up with reliable researches.

For Brain Health

  1. Memory Benefit. Consuming omega 3 regularly has been proven to have contribution in improving memory. Children who received omega 3 regularly will have better memory than those who don’t receive omega 3 as part of their daily diet. That’s why omega 3 is also well known as powerful brain food.
  2. Reduce the Frequent of Patient with Epilepsy. Everyone knows that brain dysfunction is the main cause of epilepsy. Some studies found that omega 3 could assist in optimizing the brain function. So, in other words, it is also able to reduce the frequency of seizure in patients with epilepsy.
  3. Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer. Generally omega 3 fatty acids are good for brain because it could improve or optimize the brain function. So, it is also possible to reduce the risk of Alzheimer since the cause of Alzheimer is when brain is regularly functioning as it has to.
  4. Improve Cognitive Function in Children. Researches found that children who receives omega 3 since they were in the womb will have better cognitive function. That’s why omega 3 is recommended to be consumed by pregnant mother.

For Immunity

  1. Treatment for AIDS Patient. The problem that is faced by AIDS patient is weak immunity system even common cold could cause mortality. Cytokines and eicosanoids are essential for immunity booster that probably could assist AIDS patient in dealing with their condition.
  2. Treating Patients with Lupus. Lupus is like the opposite of AIDS. Lupus patient has too active immunity system even healthy cells could be attacked. Omega 3 could be used as part of the therapy to control the auto immune to function normally.
  3. Reduce the Symptoms of Lupus. The previous point has mentioned that omega 3 is effective solution to control the auto immune and at the same time also reducing the symptom of lupus to be a bit bearable for the patients.
  4. Immunity Booster. Omega 3 fatty acids have great contribution in the production of cytokines as well as eicosanoids. They are two substances which are essential for immunity system.

For Eye Health

  1. Treating Dry Eye. The therapeutic value contained in omega 3 has been proven to be able in treating dry eye syndrome that could be caused by several conditions could be internal and external.
  2. Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Degeneration of cells is like time bomb that will come to you when the time comes. Omega 3 could assist in slowing down the process and at the same time prevent all kinds of age-related macular degeneration disease.
  3. Improve Vision. Omega 3 is good for eye health. Consuming it regularly could help in maintaining the health of eye cells membrane to improve vision in the young age and protect it from blindness caused by severe eye cell membrane degeneration in old ages.

For Pregnancy

  1. Reduce the Risk of Post Partum Depression. This case is not a new case but the number of case is progressively increasing in recent years. Recent studies showed that consuming omega 3 supplement during pregnancy could reduce the depression symptom that could lead to this post partum depression.
  2. Reduce the Risk of Miscarriage. Healthy fetal means the risk of pregnancy is low. Omega 3 will assure the development of healthy fetal to reduce the risk of miscarriage.
  3. Reduce the Risk of Premature Birth. One of the reasons why a baby born prematurely is the weight is not enough. Omega 3 could prevent baby born underweight that could trig the premature birth.
  4. Good for the Development of Brain in Fetal. Omega 3 is recommended to be consumed by mother when enter the last trimester to ensure the development of cognitive ability and motor system.

For Bone Health

  1. Reduce Arthritis Symptoms. Omega 3 could reduce the symptoms of arthritis by reducing the production of certain enzyme that will reduce the impact of destroyed cartilage caused by that enzyme.
  2. Reduce the Joint Pain. If omega 3 is already proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of arthritis and then it is also effective to reduce the joint pain as part of arthritis symptoms.
  3. Treating Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the bone conditions. Omega 3 could treat this medical condition by increasing the amount of bone calcium to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.
  4. Improve Bone Health. Omega 3 fatty acids could do wonderful job in maintain the health of your bone as well as improve its strength and prevent some bone diseases to occur.

For Chronic Disease

  1. Good for Diabetic Patient. By assisting in lowering the blood sugar level of course omega 3 is good to be consumed as daily supplement of diabetic patient.
  2. Affect Insulin Production. Omega 3 is also contributing in the production of insulin so it is good for patient diabetes type 1 which has problem with insulin production.
  3. Treating Patients with Cystic Fibrosis. Omega 3 could treat patients with cystic fibrosis by reducing the inflammation effect.
  4. Treating Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C. Omega 3 is also having therapeutic value in order to treat patient with chronic hepatitis C.
  5. Prevent the Development of Kidney Stones. Kidney stones occur due to the accumulation of unwashed mineral in the kidney. Omega 3 could assist in improving kidney function so all unnecessary substances could be washed away from kidney.
  6. Reduce the Risk of Bronchial Asthma. Asthma is considered to be common lung problem but it doesn’t mean that it could be treated lightly. Consuming omega 3 since young age could reduce the risk of bronchial asthma in adulthood.
  7. Reduce the Risk of Development of Cancerous Cells. Omega 3 has been proven to be effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer as well as breast cancer.
  8. Reduce the Risk of Pneumonia. Omega 3 is also able to reduce the risk of pneumonia.
  9. Alleviate Fatty Liver. Recent studies also found that omega 3 is effective in alleviating the production of fatty liver.

Other Benefits

  1. Slowing Down Cognitive Decline in Elderly. As mentioned above omega 3 has great contribution in improving cognitive function of children since in the womb so of course it could be effective in slowing down the cognitive decline in elderly as well.
  2. Aids in Losing Weight. Omega 3 will not magically remove your fat but omega 3 is effective in optimizing the after effect of your workout.
  3. Anti-Aging Properties. Omega 3 has powerful anti-aging properties that could prevent your body from the damages caused by free radicals.
  4. Fertility Enhancer. Though some studies are still required but the recent one have found that omega 3 could increase the survive rate of sperm after ejaculation.
  5. Protection Against Air Pollution. Believe it or not but a study have been conducted regarding this matter that omega 3 in your body will provide one layer protection against air pollution.
  6. Reduce Symptoms of Metabolic Condition. Belly fat could lead to a metabolic condition syndrome and omega 3 acid could assist in getting rid of belly fat and reduce the symptom of this condition.
  7. Excellent Anti-Inflammatory. Omega 3 also contains significant amount of inflammatory properties that will be beneficial for human body in fighting disease caused by infection or injury.
  8. Alleviate Menstrual Pain. Some studies have proven that women who are consuming foods contained of omega 3 will suffer milder menstrual pain.
  9. Improve Sleep Quality. It’s probably closely associating with the ability of omega 3 in giving calming effect so it is also effective in improving your sleep quality.

Warning and Cautions

Below is the list of warning and cautions that you should aware of if you are currently taking omega 3 supplement:

  • Some experts claimed that too much omega 3 in the body could trig bleeding condition especially for those with bleeding disorder history.
  • Uncontrolled consumption of omega 3 may affects the blood sugar level.
  • People will low blood pressure should consult their doctor first if taking omega 3.
  • Omega 3 is probably able to cause vitamin E deficiency.
  • People who are currently in hormone therapy should avoid omega 3 since it may cause hormone imbalance.
  • Those who have problem with liver condition, the consumption of omega 3 should be under doctor order.
  • Omega 3 may negatively interact with vitamin A and D if consumed in high dosage.
  • For those who have been diagnosed to be allergic to seafood should be more careful with omega 3.

The need of omega 3 could be obtained in two ways. First is by consuming fish and second is taking the supplement. Generally, consuming fish is not without risk since the risk of mercury contamination in fish is higher and it will cause new medical problem. That’s why if your doctor suggests you to take omega 3 therapy then perhaps considering taking the supplement instead obtaining it directly from fish is highly recommended