31 Health Benefits of Soursop Fruits You Need to Know

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Soursop (Annona Muricata) is the fruit from South America that grows in warm areas of tropical regions. Soursop is very popular in Mexico and Caribbean as it is an evergreen, broad leaved, and flowering tree that you can see along if you visit most of South America regions. Also, soursop is cultivated in South Asia countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Thus, it can be grow well in Africa and Florida too. It has the taste as sour as strawberry and pineapple, yet as creamy as banana and cocoa. Moreover, soursop has been proved as the fruit that has many benefits for health, either its fruit, leaf, stem, root, seed, or its flower.

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For complete explanation, here are nutritional value of soursoup:

  • Vitamin C: 20,6 mg (25%)

Vitamin C is important to prevent several disease and its characteristic is soluble in liquid. Thus, it is simple for body to ingest it. Moreover, the daily needs of Vitamin C is 60 mg that you can get by eating 300 gram or soursop.

  • Minerals (Calcium and Phosporus)

On 100 gram soursop contains 27mg calcium and 14mg phosporus.

  • Carbohidrate: 16.84 g

Carbohidrate is the main content that produces energy to our daily activities. Every one gram carbohidrade produces four calories that in its process is being the source of energy. Thus, carbohidrate is used to balancing acid and alkali, and also to protecting immune.

  • Fat: 0.3 g

It is good that soursop has less fat content, so it can be effecctive for diet menu.

Well, from now and then people should be aware to consume soursop and it can be used as beverages, dessert, juice, cake, or anything you like. Meanwhile, here are the health benefits of Soursop that you need to know.

1. Cancer Killers

Cancer is the number one cruel killer in most of big countries like USA, Australia, and Singapore. There are many variable that caused people to have cancer: smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming too many junk-food, radiation, and more. Yet the biggest causes are the bad lifestyle and environment. Frequency of cancer victim is getting large day by day. By 2012,  there were 14, 1 million cancer cases all over the world and the data is growing in these four years. Cancer could kill every single of us, whether you are man or woman, kid or old fellow, rich or poor. Meanwhile, if there is disease, there is the cure. Soursop leaf contains cancer prevention that is proved to kill at least twelve types of cancer such as breast cancer, lung, prostate, and more, that is known as the biggest killers. The National Cancer research said in soursop leaves contain acetoginin, quinolones, and alkaloids that act as cancer cells destroyer. Well,this is 10.000 times better than chemotherapy to stop cancer cells growth. By this benefits od soursop leaves, we can now wish if cancer was just a zodiac.

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2. Treatment of  Tumor

Tumor is the other serious disease that has killed people. Actually, tumor is the regeneration of cells at improperly time that produces neoplasms in body. There are two types of tumor, which is Benign and Malignant Tumor. Benign is a slow growing cells, yet Malignant cell grows faster. Meanwhile, soursop leaves also contains antioxidant that uses as anti-tumor and anti-bacterial. Antioxidant is a molecule that slow the oxidation process of another strange molecule in our body. Thus, when we consume antioxidant food, automatically it will be the weapon to get the neoplasm or other strange cells out of our body. Then, what we can do  for tumor treatment is by drinking the boiled water of its soursop leaves at least a glass a day, then do it in routine time to help the body get fixed from tumor cell. Actually, all people have the same potential to get tumor yet it is our own responsibility to take care of our selves.

3. Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is bone disease where bone loses its strength, or it’s broken. However, soursop is one of the fruits that can help to prevent or even heal osteoporosis as in sourpsop fruit contains calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is the essential to building strong and so on the phosphorus. Thus, consume the soursop fruit in routine will strange the bone and it is so easy to take. You can blend the soursop and add some topping on it to be delicious smoothies. Then, soursop is a traditional healer, tasty, easy, and it is really healthy to fit the bones.

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4. Treatment of Gastrointestinal 

Soursop contains anti-inflammatory to clean up the toxic from stomach. It also contains alkaloids and quinolones that is useful in cleaning parasite and it is the traditional remedy from pain or irritation in stomach. Meanwhile, soursop flower is also used as an antiseptic to cure gastrointestinal problems such as dysentery, uric acid, and also antisembelit.

5. Treatment of Diabetes 

Actually, people in South America has been using soursop as the traditional medicine for several diseases. Thus, the studied say that soursop leaves can also be used to prevent diabetes, or it is the natural treatment to help body controls the blood sugar. The contains of acetogenin, one more time, can reduce the high level of blood sugar and keep in normal level. Meanwhile, this benefit is only work diabetes type two to control insulin.

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6. Alternative to Back Pain

Seems like we can experience back pain every single day due to our busy activity such as sitting too long in office work, doing exercise, or hard working days.  It can be cured by consuming medicine, but it is not a good one. We can choose an alternative to treat back pain like consuming soursop tea for the relaxation time in the evening.

7. Reduce Stress

It is a natural remedy to drink soursop tea to reduce stress. Soursop contains tryptophan that help to sleep well and it is used as an aromatherapy. Moreover, if you have something you stress about, you can drink two cups of soursop tea to help you feel relax. Also, it is also use to cure insomnia.

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8. Skin Health

We have been talking a lot about several serious disease that can be reduced using all part of soursop, yet it is also good for skin health. Thus, seed of soursop is the answer if you are facing skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, black spot, or dark skin. The steps are blend or pound the seed to be powder, then mixed it water. It will look like mask pasta. Then, just apply it in your face like a facial foam. Thus, this seed of soursop is also used for antibacterial and microbial infection. Indeed, it is an alternative to get a healthier skin instead of  using any cosmetics. A good news for female out there.

9. Immune System Booster

In addition, soursop contains nutrient to immune body system. Indeed, having a strong immune is the first thing to prevent the body from any kind of diseases. Also, soursop contains rich vitamin C. For short, consuming soursop juice can avoid body from illness like flue, fever, headache, or cough. Thus, you can add soursop to your daily diet food.


10. Treatment of Abscess

Abscess happens because of bacterial that infect the skin. However, soursop leaves can also be used to cure abscess. The step is by pounding five leaves of sourpos, then apply it to the abscess. Then, wait till it get dry and it will help the skin to remove bacteria on it.

11. To Kill Louses

If you have problem with louse in your hair, then you can use sourpos leaves to solve it. As having louse in head is so disgusting, uncomfortable, dirty. You can was your hair with the blended sourpos leaves and feel the louse will be clear.

12. Treatment of Hypertension 

The content of less sodium and high phosphorus in soursop leaves is the fine combination to prevent hypertension. The alternative way to make it is by drink the boiled water of five sourpos leaves at least one glass a day.

Here Are Another Uses of Sourpos

13. Anti-Malaria – You can never expect if you plant sourpos in your area will stop malaria to come in, yet it s.

14. Anti-Parasite – Sourpos contains anti-bacteria and also anti-parasite. Sourpos contains some beneficial nutrients such as amino acid and ascorbid acid that can inhibit parasite in body.

15. Anti-Virus – Soursop flower is also useful as an antiseptic in the body, it is also used to  clean off body from junks and virus.

16. Analgesic – The leaf can be used to handle pain, it is so effective to healing wound from injury.

17. Treatment of Fever – It is an epic traditional cure to lower body temperature with soursop leaves, somehow it works well more than medicine.

18. Produce Breast Milk – Some women have problem on their breast that does not produce much milk for their babies. Meanwhile, there is galactogogue content that help the cells increasing milk production after having birth.

19. Hypoglycemic – There is the connection to prevent diabetes that hypoglycemic is the great cure to take in hand blood sugar.

20. Treatment of Helminth – Children used to play in the garden and never care about their sanitation until helmint grows in the stomach. Thus, helmint is danger for our health as it caused you to lose appetite. However, vermifuge on sourpos leaves can kill it through. 

21. Sedative – Sourpos contains substance than can make the body feel relax. It is also can increase anxiety, depression, or bad feeling.

22. Antispasmodic – It is the traditional treatment for muscle to relax, mostly for smooth muscle that is easy to get hurt, injury, and dislocation too.

23. Blackheads Solution – Blackheads is always the problem that mostly female gets on their nose and it lower their self confidence. Well, it is okay now because we can use sourpos leaves to clean off those blackheads.

24. Rheumatism – Just pound four or five sourpos leaves, then apply it to the rheumatism area for some time. The substance  on the leaves will work to heal it, thus, it needs sometime to fix it all.

25. Treatment of Eczema – Eczema is skin disorder where skin gets too dry or too wet.

26. Treatment of Hair Fall – Maybe you have been using many kinds of shampoo to cope hair fall but it did not work. Now, we can use traditional shampoo to is made from sourpos leaves.

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27. Treatment of Cholesterol – Benefit of sourpos is overcome cholesterol. It increases the potential of bad cholesterol (LDL) that infects body.

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28. Treatment of Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids is the disease of digestion system. There are many medicines to cure hemorrhoids yet sourpos leaves is also good to use.

29. Treatment of Migraine – Having migraine is really worse to feel. It is like there is someone who hits your head all over again. Meanwhile, sourpos contains vitamin B2 and riboflavin to overcome migraine

30. Treatment of Anemia – Anemia is a symptom of lazy, tired, and weak. Meanwhile, sourpos contains a red blood cell (erythrocytes) substance to increase.

31. Treatment of Nerve Demage – The vitamin B1 content on soursop used to accelerate blood circulation and prevent the nerve damage.

Despite all those nutrional value above, there are still many that contains in soursop, likewise it has fiber, iron, phosphorus, nutrient, antioxidant, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and carbohydrate. Furthermore, to get all benefits of Soursop we need to know how to prepare the soursop leaves to be tasty tea and drink.

How to Prepare Soursop Tea

  1. Take 6-10 soursop leaves and clean it (pick old leaves).
  2. Boil them in 300 ml water in 15 minutes.
  3. When the water boiling, the tea is almost ready.
  4. Serve it to cup and you can add lemon on it.
  5. The soursop tea is ready to serve.

Finally, in one drink of soursop, we can get multiple benefits to our body health.