13 Health Benefits of Coconut Water from Young Coconut

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What is coconut water? Is it only fresh chilled beverage people usually drink during their summer vocation or is it just fresh liquid well known as incredible thirst-quencher? Well, coconut water is very popular in tropical countries but recently coconut water’s fame increased around the world and even took over the beverage industry, not because of its incredible ability to help you dealing with your thirst problem but because of it is a healthy and nutritious type of drink with a lot of benefits for your body.

Many studies have been conducted in order to prove the benefits of young coconut water. Some benefits are as below:

Health Benefits of Coconut Water from Young Coconut

  1. For Diet/Weight Loss

Logically the main reason why some people found it difficult to control their weight is because they have unhealthy metabolism or sluggish metabolism. One of the prominent components to help increasing metabolism is body fluid or body water. Young coconut water produced more water than the mature one; that’s why consuming young coconut water could provide your body enough water which helps increasing your body metabolism, especially for those who seems cannot control their appetite toward sweet beverage. Young coconut water might still contain calories but it won’t cause a weight gain. It is a natural and smart choice to replace your regular sweetened drink.

  1. For Diabetes

One of the reasons why diabetes is not an easy disease to deal with is because most people found it very difficult to control their appetite toward foods. It is true that consuming too much calories could increase the level of blood sugar but the relatively low-calories contained in young coconut water has the opposite effect; it helps your body to maximize the glucose absorption which has significant effect in helping people dealing with their hunger much better and prevent diabetes. Besides the amino acid contained in young coconut water could improve the insulin’s insensitivity.

  1. For Digestion/Digestive Problem

The main cause of digestive problem is the increasing of acid fluid in your stomach. The high fiber contained in young coconut water is the relief source for digestion.

  1. For Reducing Blood Pressure

It is true that too much electrolyte in your body could cause high blood pressure. So, how could coconut water reduce blood pressure when almost of advertisement of beverage products using coconut water stated their product is rich of electrolyte? Well, don’t believe everything you saw on TV, fresh coconut water contains natural electrolyte with adequate amount that’s good for your body; instead of increasing the blood pressure, the electrolyte will help in balancing your body mechanism.

  1. Reducing the risk of heart disease

Many studies has proven that by consuming young coconut water could help lowering the LDL or bad cholesterol and increase HDL or good cholesterol because of its low in sugar

  1. Treat Headache

The magnesium contained in young coconut water is a delicious way to provide enough magnesium for your body which could assist in getting rid of headache.

  1. Prevents Urinary tract infection and prevent kidney stones.

It is actually one of the health benefits of coconut water from young coconut that most people don’t know; young coconut water could prevent urinary tract infection because coconut water contains antibacterial properties that could assist in fighting bacteria and the high content of potassium could assist in dissolving kidney stones.

  1. Anticancer

Many experts have stated that cytokines contained in young coconut water is an active anticancer which could slowing down the development of cancerous cell.

Coconut Water for a Pregnant Mother

Health benefits coconut water during pregnancy give amazing contribution for fetal and pregnant health.

  1. Nutritious Drink for Pregnant Mother.

During pregnancy a mother should make sure her body gets enough nutrition and at the same time controlling it; so all the nutrition which enter their body will be absorbed optimally for the benefits of the mother and the baby. All nutrition contained in young coconut water is not only good for a pregnant mother but the amount contained is also adequate, so by consuming young coconut water a mother could provide her body with enough magnesium, potassium, cytokines, amino acid, antioxidant, sugar, calories, electrolytes, vitamins (C and B complex), water, fiber but not too much so could endanger both the baby and the mother.

Coconut Water for Beauty

  1. For Glowing and Healthy Skin

The rich nutrition contained in young coconut water could be a natural choice for your skin treatment. The cytokines has been proven to be an effective anti aging formula that slowing down the aging cell and as natural moisturizer coconut water could help in reducing pigmentation and preventing skin infection which will reduce acne.

  1. For Lustrous Hair

Young coconut water is not only able to help you hydrating your body but by massaging in your scalp it could work as natural conditioner that will hydrate your scalp too. Hydrated scalp and moisturized hair root will enhance the strengthened of hair and increase its density.

Part of Lifestyle

  1. Relieve Hangover

The electrolyte contained in young coconut water is the quick replacement of all liquids that exit your body during hangover.

  1. Healthy beverages

There is no better choice but serving beverages which is not only healthy but also low in calories.

Could you think a better and delicious way in providing enough nutrition for your body other than consuming young coconut water regularly? Well, the health benefits of coconut water from young coconut mentioned above could help you understanding more about the better choice of healthy beverage for your daily and healthy lifestyle.