17 Scientific Health Benefits of Royal Jelly for Women (Nutrients and Facts)

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Royal Jelly is a delicious food that we probably ever it. Thus, royal jelly has sweet and fresh taste. It’s usually for food and beverage dressing. Also, royal jelly has many benefits for our body as it contains high sources of nutrient values.

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The Nutrition Values of Royal Jelly

  • Water 60% – 70 %
    Almost all of our body is water, water is the most important thing in the body. Meanwhile, royal jelly contain so much water.
  • Protein ( 13% )
    Protein inside Royal jelly can play an important role in the formation of the structure, function, regulation of cells of living organisms and viruses. Protein also works as a neurotransmitter and a carrier of Oxygen in the blood (Haemoglobin). Protein is also useful as an energy source of the body.
  • Carbohydrate ( 15% )
    Carbohydrates are the body’s main energy source. is a nutrient that is found in food that is composed of the elements carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Carbohydrate sources are very much like rice, maize, wheat etc.
  • Fat ( 5% )
    fat are organic substances that are not soluble in water. Fat is producing the most calories and fat our bodies need to perform daily activities
  • Amino Acid
    Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of protein. Although the body is able to produce some Amino Acids, Amino Acid intake from food is still needed. An Amino Acid produced by the body (especially the liver) is referred to as non-essential Amino Acids. While the Amino Acids needed by the body and obtained from the food known as essential Amino Acids. Amino Acids play an important role because it helps the formation of the protein as a base material forming the cells, muscles, and immune system.
  • Vitamin A
    Vitamin A is a vitamin that is very famous among the other vitamins, it is in because vitamin A is needed by the human body. Vitamin A is often also known as Retinol which function is very important to maintain eye health and also make your body healthy and can also be made in a natural beauty ingredient. That is very important to consume vitamin A that you are healthier.
  • Vitamin B
    Vitamin B is water-soluble vitamin and plays an important role in cell metabolism.
  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is a vitamin that is needed by the body to produce a substance called collagen. This substance is useful for maintaining health as well as repair the cartilage, teeth, bones, and skin. In addition to vitamin C from supplements, vitamin C can be found naturally in most fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, lemon, pineapple, papaya, broccoli, peppers, potatoes, and peppers.
  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D is one of the nutrients the body needs to maintain levels of calcium and phosphate. The fat-soluble vitamin is needed to help the body to absorb calcium, a mineral that is essential to establish and protect the structure of bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin E
    Everybody knows that Vitamin E can use for your skin and health.
  • Vitamin K
    Vitamin K may be a vitamin that is not well known, compared with other types of vitamins. Actually, the body requires vitamin K to maintain health and function of vital organs. If your body is deficient in vitamin K it can have health problems and fatal consequences.
  • Collagen
    Collagen is one of the proteins that make up the human body. Collagen contains 30% total protein found in the body. Thus, collagen is a natural structure builder joints, muscles, and skin, bone, and tooth.

Health Tricks with Royal Jelly

1. Prevent Heart Attack

Royal Jelly has a Vitamin B which is can Decrease your cholesterol in your body. When your Cholesterol is reduced, your blood can flow well. It makes your heart in a good condition. As a result, the good condition of heart will prevent you from heart attack.


2. Increase your Immune System

Royal Jelly has almost complex vitamin and minerals that your body need. Automatically, Royal Jelly is a good for your health. Also, the complete vitamin and mineral will automatically increase your immune system. Thus, you will be protected by virus and bacteria.


3. Make your Bone and Tooth Stronger

Vitamin D helps calcium to make the absorbing process of calcium to your body faster. Thus, Vitamin D is playing an important role for your bones and tooth. At the same time, the nutrients is good to promote strong bone, bone density, prevent captivity and promote healthy teeth.

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4. Prevent Anemia

Royal Jelly contain a Vitamin B for increasing your blood. Thus, the source of its vitamin B will promote blood production to organs. Thus, royal jelly may be the solution to prevent anemia in early age. As a result, you may be spared by anemia symptoms such as tired and weak at any times.

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5. Prevent Cancer

Substances against cancer are one of the main benefits of Vitamin C inside of Royal Jelly. Vitamin C Vitamin asked as a substance that is toxic to the cancer disease. Vitamin C is a vitamin that works to increase the power of the human body, the cancer cells can not thrive if our immune system intact.

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6. Prevent Stroke

Vitamin B and C is also strongly correlated positively to prevent the occurrence of stroke. The study revealed that people with vitamin C sufficient in blood can suppress 42% lower stroke. Meanwhile, royal jelly contains the high source of vitamin B and C to help you prevent stroke.

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7. Treating the Disease Osteomalacia

Osteomalacia is a disease that can be found in human tissues. The main cause, namely the mineral layer formation on human bones is not functioning normally. The new bone is formed without the support layer so that bones become soft and easily cracked and broken. Bone condition as it was certainly a very prone occurs accident. Especially for the many outdoor activities. Osteomalacia usually occurs in adults, as well as osteoporosis in the elderly.

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8. Prevent Osteoporosis

You need Vitamin K inside of Royal Jelly to help bind calcium into the bones and put them in the right place. If you do not have enough Vitamin K, you will not be able to form new bone. In the long term, vitamin K deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, or bone brittle and easily broken.

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9. Maintain your Vision

Eyes are one of the most very important organs in your body.Without eyes, you can’t see anything, so if you consume royal jelly which has the Vitamin A. You can maintain your eyes for still healthy.

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10. Source of Energy

Energy is an important thing for your body. Without energy, you can’t do your daily activity well. Thus, for increasing your energy, you can try to consume a royal jelly. As a result, you can get all vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and energy just by one bite of royal jelly.

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11. Good for Your Brain

Vitamin B inside of Royal Jelly also has a role in improving memory function and concentration. This vitamin builds a protective shield around the nerves of the brain from the threat of homocysteine are known as toxic to nerve cells. So, it is a good trick to have a healthy brain and be smart.

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Royal Jelly Healthy Tricks for Women

12. Good for Your Skin

Thus, many girls out there wanting a bright, smooth, and clear skin. However, there is a natural treatment to get that beautiful skin by consuming royal jelly. Absolutely, Royal Jelly has a Vitamin E that is very famous can make your skin healthy.

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13. Good for Women;s Reproduction Organ

This is another power of Vitamin E. In women this vitamin is recommended as a treatment for infertility, menstrual disorders, vaginal inflammation, symptoms of menopause, and prevent miscarriage and fertility of seeds. As a result, royal jelly is so beneficial for women’s treatments to get beauty inside and out. 

14. Controlling your Weight

Any women’s out there get frustrating on diet? Meanwhile, royal jelly is known as a natural diet food for effective result. Thus, royal jelly has a low fat. It means it can consume for you during your diet program. So, now you can still have your dinner with royal jelly and do not be stress of weight gain.

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15. Good for Pregnancy

Vitamin B can keep the fetal development of the occurrence of serious birth defects. This vitamin is more effective when consumed in adequate amounts before becoming pregnant and during early pregnancy.

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16. Anti-Ageing Treatment

Collagen is an important compound to prevent the ageing process for the ageless goal. Collagen is a crucial ingredient to the skin and bones. For example, bone is a combination of calcium and collagen. Without collagen will easily break bones are like glass and bone calcium without going soft like chewing gum.
So the rich content of gelatin partially forming compounds of collagen in the Royal Jelly Queen Bee that makes ageless. Surely consume Royal Jelly regularly will make our bodies pure adequacy of natural Collagen.


17. Fertility Treatment

Royal jelly has a substance to balance women’s hormone. Also, royal jelly supports endocrine system if you have fertility issue. Also, it’s beneficial not only for women, but for man too. Thus, royal jelly helps to boost libido and support eggs and sperms health. Thus, for couple it’s so good for their fertility treatment and long-term relationship.

As a result, that’s all the benefits of royal jelly that you need to know, mostly for women’s health. So, now we may tell our sister to eat royal jelly and get healthy.

Royal Jelly’s Characteristics

  • Royal Jelly is a white liquid, which has a milky appearance produced Hypopharyngeal glands worker bees. used to feed larvae (the future) bees.
  • Royal Jelly is a type of food that is given to the bee larvae, for about three days, then gradually replaced with Bee Pollen mixed with honey.

Royal Jelly’s Production Fact

Did you know that the secret of youth has been discovered by bees? Bees live normally be 16 weeks but a Queen Bee can live up to 3-5 years so the queen bee has a 30x longer lifespan than regular bees. Then what is the secret of youth from the Queen Bee?
At first, the Queen Bee and regular bees are the larvae of Bees that have similar physical properties and they are assigned the same food intake is Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is given to the bee larvae for 4 days but the prospective assigned the Queen Bee Royal Jelly intake continuously. Well, this is where the secret. Queen Bees grow into larger, always young body cells and were able to lay eggs every day until 1500-2000 grains.
Researchers and health professionals interested in researching the secrets of nature, but until now the secret of Royal Jelly has not revealed everything. Royal Jelly until now remains one of the most mysterious bee products. The fact that Royal Jelly as the secret of youth is the queen bee can live 30 times longer than regular bees. If all the bees also consume Royal Jelly then all will live longer, but because there should only be one Queen Bee in a colony then only queen bee Royal Jelly is entitled to consume a lifetime.