650 Foods and Drinks Calories Table (Your Diet Guide)

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Milk & Milk Products
1501 cupFull-fat milk
1021 cupLow fat milk (1%)
1571 cupCow’s milk
2641 cupGoat milk
12328 gSweetened Condensed Milk “cans”
635Half a cupFull cream milk powder
435Half a cupSkim milk powder
2081 cupFull-fat chocolate milk
2441 cupStrawberry Milk
114Slice, 28 gmCheddar cheese slices
7528 gFeta cheese
11025 gFinuta cheese
10128 gGouda cheese
8028 gMozzarella cheese
8028 gKraft Cheese “cups”
9828 gEdam cheese
10428 gBlue cheese
11628 gHarafati cheese
12828 gMascarpone cheese
216Half a cupRicotta cheese “whole milk”
171Half a cupRicotta cheese, partly skim milk
13028 gParmesan cheese
8628 gCamembert cheese
99100 gCottage cheese
289100 gAkkawi cheese
404100 gKashkaval cheese
363100 gHalloumi cheese
521 spoonCream focused
371 spoonCream Medium
1411 spoonRob “yogurt” full-fat
1141 spoonRob “yogurt” skim
105155 gBrick
991 cupClabber
135Half a cupVanilla ice cream 10% fat
Ice Cream
2401 ballVanilla
2801 ballCocoa
2201 ballStrawberries


Drinks & Juices
60Half a cupApple juice
72Half a cupApricot juice, canned
78Half a cupGrape juice, canned
3Spoon to eatLemon juice canned
59Half a cupFresh orange juice
52Half a cupCanned orange juice
58Half a cupGrapefruit juice, canned local
47Half a cupGrapefruit juice, unsweetened
67Half a cupCanned peach juice
75Half a cupCanned pear juice
70Half a cupCanned pineapple juice
21Half a cupCanned tomato juice
49Half a cupCanned juice Islands
175One cupGuava juice
110One cupMango juice


Hot Drinks
5TeaspoonInstant coffee without sugar
5TeaspoonInstant coffee without caffeine
1One cupTea without sugar
5One cupAmerican coffee
Soft Drinks
100240 ml cupPepsi-Cola
0.00240 ml cupDiet Pepsi-Cola
90240 ml cupSeven Up
96240 ml cupSprite
119240 ml cupFanta
97240 ml cupCoca-Cola
1.00240 ml cupDiet Coca-Cola
126240 ml cupCream soda


                                                 Luncheon and Sausage Meat                                                
142Approx. 42 gBeef
4028 gPastrami – turkey
14128 gPepperoni beef
5628 gSalami – turkey
7228 gSalami – beef
4728 gMortadella – beef
5728 gTurkey
8828 gBeef
10242 gTurkey
11642 gChicken meat


17One, bigEgg whites, (fresh or iced)
59One, bigFresh egg yolk
79One, bigFull cook boiled eggs
91One, bigFried eggs
92One, bigOmelet
252113 gOmelet with cheese and vegetables
130One, bigDuck eggs
267One, bigGoose eggs
135One, bigTurkey eggs
14One, bigQuail eggs


Nuts & Legumes
380Half a cup, 60 gNuts
209Quarter a cupAlmonds, dry
16028 gCashew, roasted, dry
16528 gCashew, roasted, oily
17028 gNuts, roasted, dry
17628 gHazelnut, roasted, oily
215Half a cupLentils, whole, green
210One cupLentils, cooked
Oils & Fats
1051 TablespoonMargarine
1201 TablespoonOlive oil
1201 TablespoonSunflower oil
1141 TablespoonSheep fat
1261 TablespoonVegetable oil
1251 TablespoonBeef fat
361 TablespoonButter
1201 TablespoonCorn oil


Fresh Fruits
81Medium, 140 gApples
17Medium, 30 gApricot
105Medium, 100 gBanana
37One, 40 gFig
4910 beadsCherries
53Half a cupGrapes
45One, 85 gGuava
46One, 76 gKiwi
68Half, 85 gMango
62One, 110 gOrange
37One, 85 gPeach
98Medium, 170 gPear
42Slice, 82 gPineapple
36One, 60 gPlum
110Medium, 150 gPomegranate
67Medium, 142 gNectarine
26Piece, 100 gWatermelon
33Piece, 100 gMelon
23Half a cupStrawberries
37One, 85 gTangerine
122One cupBlueberry
15010 beadsRutab/ripe dates
49100 gLoquat
52100 gPlum
17One, 60 gLemon
53Fruit sizeSweet Lemon
117One cupBlack berry
930 beadsNabq (rhamnus)
82Half a cupTamarind
Canned Fruits
111Half a cupCanned apricots (with sugar syrup)
94Half a cupFruit salad (with sugar syrup)
107Half a cupCanned cherry (with thick sugar syrup)
95Half a cupCanned peaches (with sugar syrup)
94Half a cupCanned pear with (with sugar syrup)
100Half a cupCanned pineapple (with sugar syrup)
Dried Fruits
26OneDried dates
288100 gDried figs
109Half a cupRaisins
113Half a cupDried plum
169Half a cupDried Apricots
71 teaspoonCardamom
133 teaspoonsDried hot red pepper
71 teaspoonCinnamon
61 teaspoonCloves
61 teaspoonLatency
11 teaspoonGinger “powder”
20One, mediumGinger root
91 teaspoonNutmeg “powder”
81 teaspoonBlack pepper


Red Meat
22063 gLamb shoulder, cooked with fat
13548 gLamb shoulder, cooked without fat
20585 gLamb thigh, roasted with fat
14073 gLamb thigh, roasted without fat
20085 gLamb rib, grilled without fat
30785 gLamb rib, grilled with fat
18985 gBeef, chest, cooked
18385 gBeef shoulder, without fat
24585 gBeef, minced and cooked
31785 gShawarma, only meat
17485 gBeef steak without fat
13385 gTekkah
22685 gKebab
28185 gKubba, stuffed
18285 gSlices without fat
14885 gCow heart, cooked
12285 gCow kidney,  cooked
24185 gCow tongue, cooked
31Medium, 60 gCarrot
35Half a cupCarrot, cooked
15Half a cupCauliflower, cooked
12Half a cupCauliflower, uncooked
7Half a cupCucumbers, chopped
100Half a cupFried eggplant
13Half a cupEggplant, cooked
20Half a cupGreen beans, cooked
25Half a cupGreen beans, canned
16Half a cupCabbage, cooked
8Half a cupCabbage, uncooked
10Half a cupCelery
77One, mediumCorn
9Half a cupMushrooms, fresh
19Half a cupMushroom, canned
4Half a cupLettuce
54Half a cupMixed vegetables (a variety of vegetables cooked together)
25Half a cupOkra, cooked and chopped
27Half a cupFresh onions, chopped
16Half a cupGreen onions, chopped
67Half a cupGreen peas, cooked
12Half a cupPeppers, chopped
18One, 30 gHot pepper
220195 gBaked potato, with the peel
162195 gBaked potato, without the peel
15810 pieces, 42 gFried potato
14Half a cupShalgam kale, boiled
2Half a cupWatercress
41Half a cupSquash
710 grains, 40 gRed rweid radish
910 leaves, mediumRed rweid radish, leaves
6Half a cupChopped spinach
18Half a cupZucchini, chopped and cooked
111Half a cupSweet potatoes, mashed
26One, mediumRed tomatoes
73One cupGreen beans
46One cupBeet
73One cupCabbage
11 Spoon, mincedLeek
971 packageCoriander
251 packageFenugreek, leaves
75 pieces of garlic peeledGarlic
1461 cupGrape leaves
84Package, mediumMint
9510 grains, mediumBlack olives
6610 grains, mediumGreen olives
341 cup, mincedParsley
25Package, mediumParsley
58Package, mediumWhite rweid radishes
141 Cup, choppedSpinach
311 cup, choppedZucchini
40One, mediumZucchini
50100 gBasil
32100 gBoil
32100 gLegume
82100 gSugar-cane


17100 gBread, cereals
70Quarter of a loafLebanese bread
79Quarter of a loafOven bread, Iranian
130One, 50 gWhole wheat bread
208One, 75 gManaqich (bread with thyme)
209One, 75 gSammon
15050 gRusk (cake)
190Small, 130 gPasta with sauce
95Cup, 25 gCorn flakes
333Quarter of a loaf, 115 gFrench bread
1784 pieces, 55 gPlain biscuits
131Half a cupWhite rice, cooked (long grain)
61A sliceBrown toast
64A slicePlain white toast
99Half a cupSpaghetti, cooked or pasta
110Half a cupSpaghetti, cooked with minced meat and tomato
154Half a cupLasagna with meat sauce
672One cupBarley
344One cupPasta
471One cupCornstarch
675One cupRice, uncooked
354One cupRice powder
99One cupVermicelli (balaleet)
613One cupBulgur (groats, crushed)
485One cupWheat
225One, mediumJabati (Indian bread)
Meat & Chicken
16785 gChicken leg (hip), without skin, grilled
22385 gChicken leg (hip), with skin, grilled
142Half a breastChicken breast, without skin, grilled
193Half a breastChicken breast, with skin, grilled
161Half a breastChicken breast, without skin, fried
991 wing “35.5 g”Chicken wings, with skin, grilled
2906 pieces “104 g”Chicken pieces, vacuum, fried
23885 gChicken gizzards, fried
13585 gChicken livers, cooked
17385 gDuck meat, without skin, roasted
Kinds of Turkey Meat
16185 gRed dark meat, without skin
19085 gRed dark meat, with skin
13585 gRed light meat, meat without skin
16985 gRed light meat, meat with skin


Fish and Shellfish
5828 gSardines, canned in oil
4221 gAnchovies, canned in oil
10485 gTuna, canned in water
16985 gTuna, canned in oil
9985 gSmoked salmon
13685 gGrilled Fish
2283 pieces, 85 gFish fried with rusk
20685 gShrimp fried with rusk
8485 gCrab, canned
8385 gShrimp, cooked
2328 gOyster, uncooked
4628 gOysters, fried
8485 gOysters, fried with rusk
401 tablespoonCaviar, black or red
187One cupBeans, boiled
349One cupDry beans
37Half a cupBeans
269Half a cupChickpeas, boiled
339One cupFlour
192Half a cupLentil
17028 gNuts mixed with roasted and dry peanuts
17528 gMixed nuts roasted in oil
17028 gSunflower seeds, roasted and dry
17528 gSunflower seed, roasted in oil
357Half a cupPistachios, dry and roasted
16528 gPeanuts, dry and roasted
17028 gPeanuts, roasted in oil
95Spoon 16 gPeanut butter
4428 gRoasted chestnut
10028 gCoconut
5928 gGrated coconut
12728 gRoasted pumpkin seeds
15828 gDried watermelon seeds
102.228 gCircuit pills
174.1628 gSesame
172.728 gPine