35 Science-Based Health Benefits of Brussel Sprout Leaves

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Brussel sprout is a kind of small size cabbage originally planted in Brussel, Belgium. Brussel sprout has scientific name of Brassica Oleracea and it is only enable to be planted on cold higher land. In Indonesia, the plants are suitable to be planted in several higher lands. The vegetable has quite small size compared to others cabbage varieties.

The nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, and anti-oxide are very essential for human health. Brussel sprout is mostly consumed by its flower which is rich of multiple nutrients. Some of vegetables belong to one family are cabbage, broccoli, and kale. As mentioned previously, Brussel sprout will be better planted in cold higher land in cold weather. You are unable to difference the appearance with cabbage unless it has smaller form.

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Nutrients of Brussel Sprout

There are several health benefits of Brussel sprout leaves which you may need to know. The vegetable has multiple essential nutrients for body health which will greatly contribute to health improvement as follows.

  1. Low glycemic which will be good for weight loss program. Each portion of Brussel sprout leaves has only 4,5 % calorie but 3,38 grams of protein and 3,80 grams food fiber instead. Not to mention its 0 percent of cholesterol.
  2. Source of flavonoid and anti-oxide such as tiosianat, indoles, lutein, zeaxanthin, sulforaphane and isothiocyanate.
  3. Containing glucoside and sinigirim to protect your body from colon cancer.
  4. Best source of vitamin C; in each 100 grams Brussel sprout leaves provide 85 mg vitamin C together with others anti-oxide such as vitamin A and E.
  5. Containing zeaxanthin, a very essential nutrient to be selectively absorbed into eyes retina as protection of UV rays.
  6. Source of vitamin A to maintain skin health and eyes.

Such benefits of nutrients from Brussel sprout have improved significantly to our body health. In this article, the health benefits of Brussel sprout leaves will be explained further

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Brussels sprout leaves have various essence which are really essential for our health. Here are the further descriptions of health benefits of Brussel sprout leaves as follows.

  1. Red Blood Cells Forming

The vegetable belongs to cabbage which has a lot of zinc. Brussels sprout leaves will be very suitable to be consumed if you suffered from anemia. As we know that anemia might happen due to zinc deficiency and lack of red blood amount. Meanwhile, zinc is very essential as one of the most important components to form red blood cells along the body.

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  1. Metabolism Improving

Brussel sprout leaves have much vitamins and minerals which are very important for your metabolism. Great metabolism means great healthy investment. Vitamins become very important since it has a booster effect on your metabolism. Therefore, you need to consume this vegetable in moderation portion every single day.

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  1. Free Radicals Preventing

What’s more health benefits of Brussels sprout? Anti-oxide is such powerful essence to be able to protect your body from free radicals. Brussel sprout leaves have much anti-oxide such as vitamin C of about 85 mg on each 100 grams. Each of the contained can be fulfilled your 142% of anti-oxide needed every single day.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Cancer is now being such common diseases which mostly suffered people with unhealthy life style and genetically inherited. Unfortunately people prefer to ignore the root causes than cure it. Several essences found in Brussel sprout leaves can prevent the risk of cancer. The essences of tosianat, indoles, lutein, zea-zanthin, sulforaphane, and isothiocyanate may stimulate the cancer growth lessen.

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  1. Retina Impairment Preventing

Zea-xanthin in Brussel sprout leaves had been examined to have such amazing impact to maintain the eyes particularly retina part. It works by protecting retina from excessive UV protection. The destroyed retina may lead to worse effect that is macula-degeneration especially elderly people.

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  1. Weight Ideal Balancing

Brussels sprout leaves have quite low calorie. On each gram of leaves, they have about 45 grams calorie. Others are 3,38 grams of protein and 3,8 fiber. Therefore, Brussel sprout leaves are very essential and good for you who are in diet program. Now is not the trend of tight diet which is not good for the body. Thus, you need to consume the vegetables into such healthy and fresh food for your healthy.

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  1. Blood Pressure Controlling

Potassium which is contained in Brussel sprout leaves can be separated from the function of cardiovascular system. One of the functions is to control heart beat and blood pressure. Those who are having hyper tense are strongly recommended for the patients. The vegetable has about 389 mg potassium.

  1. Lungs Health Maintaining

Breathe system included lungs are really essential to be kept. Vitamin A inside vegetable can be able to be source of anti-oxide. This anti-oxide will protect lungs from unexpected case. Consuming the Brussel sprout leaves continuously may maintain your lungs health into best and fit condition.

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  1. Bones Strength Maintaining

Brussel sprout leaves are one of the best sources of high vitamin K. A portion of Brussel sprout has 177 mg vitamin K which is quite enough to fulfil your bones strength. If the bones are well maintained, there will be no story of having osteoporosis in your future.

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  1. Big Colon Health Maintaining

Previously, it has been declared of various nutrients in the Brussel sprout leaves. One of them is glucoside and sinigrin. A research done by American Research Institute shows that those two nutrients can destroy the pre-cancer cells particularly in colon organ. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy colon and get rid of cancer, you need to consume Brussel sprout leaves regularly.

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  1. Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacteria

Brussel sprout also has indolyl methane essence which is based on laboratory research has powerful effectivity to again virus and bacteria. In other word, the vegetable contribute huge times in maintaining and improving body immunity.

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  1. Constipation Risk Curing

By having high level of fiber, Brussel sprout leaves are mostly hunted vegetable for those who are having constipation. The vegetable will not only cure, but also can prevent constipation. In moderation portion, consuming the leaves will boost your metabolism way even better.

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  1. Digesting System Health

After fiber contained, Brussel sprout leaves also have sulforphane. The essence is best functioned to maintain your digesting system health by preventing abnormal bacteria growing and protecting stomach layer. If you have such health and smooth digesting system, you can get rid of several diseases such as constipation, cancer, and ulcer.

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More Uses of Brussels Sprout Leaves

Indeed, here are more Health Benefits of Brussel Sprout Leaves:

  1. Fights harmful bacteria
  2. Good for pregnancy health
  3. Works for bone health
  4. Improves eyes health
  5. Nourishes hair
  6. Good for detox
  7. Relieves stress
  8. Tasty vegetable
  9. Good for digestive health
  10. Boosts immune system

Although the health benefits of Brussel sprout leaves are very multiple, you need to make sure that you consume the vegetable only in moderation portion. Best recommended regular consumption is three times up to five times a week with maximum 200 grams of vegetables portion. You can process and cook the vegetables into various dishes such as salad, steamed, boiled, or mixed into other vegetable food. As a result, there are many health benefits of Brussels sprout for us in daily menu.

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