18 Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves (No.5 is Amazing)

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Blackberry is a fruit from Rosaceae family. Meanwhile, blackberry has sweet and sour taste. This fruit is usually process as jam, seedless jelly, dessert, or food dressing. Thus, blackberry is familiar in our menu but most people do not know about its benefits. Thus, it’s not only the fruits but its leaves also have amazing benefits that no one of you ever know before. Indeed, blackberry contains vitamins and nutrients that is good for our health.

Nutrient Amount of Blackberry

InformationPer 100 g
Energy180 kj
Protein1,39 g
Dietary Fiber5,3 g
Riboflavin0.02 mg
Niacin0,646 mg
Folate25 μg
Fat0,49 g
Calcium29 mg
Iron0,62 mg
Magnesium20 mg
Phosphorus22 mg
Potassium162 mg
Zinc0,53 mg
Vitamin A214 IU
Vitamin C21.0 mg

As it is, blackberry leaves also have its nutrients just like the fruit. In the end, this is the health benefits of blackberry leaves in case you want to know.


Blackberry Leaves for Oral Health

1. Promote Oral Health

Blackberry have the properties that act as anti-bacterial. Indeed, it’s good to fight off bacteria in mouth. Also, it’s been used to promote oral health and prevent from serious mouth problems such as gum infection, chronic gums inflammation, or teeth problems.

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2. Sore Throat Treatment

Having sore throat is a bad idea. This problem creates something itch and hurt on your throat. Also, it effects your voice sounding like robot. Thus, blackberry leaves maybe the best traditional solution to fix it. Indeed, you may just boil blackberry leaves and drink them straight to warm the throat.

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3. Cures Mouth Sore 

When you are having mouth sore, you are being the quiets person. Indeed, you may wash your mouth with that general mouth wash yet the traditional ones work faster. Indeed, you can use blackberry leaves as your new taste mouth wash. Thus, it’s to cure mouth wash and kill more mouth bacteria.


4. Mocous Membrane Inflammation 

In some countries, blackberry is used as membrane inflammation treatment. Thus, this traditional medicine is work to cure it. Indeed, blackberry leaves can be used to cure mouth sore and gum inflammation. Meanwhile, you can process blackberry leaves as mouth wash or tea.

More Advantages of Blackberry Leaves Extract

5. Cures Diarrhea 

Diarrhea is common problem that people may experience it in unexpected time. Thus, the best way to cure diarrhea faster is by herbal treatment. Thus, blackberry leaves have the nutrients to cure diarrhea. On this treatment, you may process blackberry leaves as herbal tea. How to process the blackberry leaves? You could just simply take 4.5 grams leaves and boil them. Then, squeeze the extract and drink it straight. You can also add honey on it. As a result, the herbal blackberry leaves drink may cure diarrhea faster.


6. Boosts Immune System 

In case you never know, you can use blackberry leaves to boost your immunity system. Indeed, blackberry leaf is rich of flavonoids which is the source of antioxidant. Thus, that’s beneficial to increase immunity so you don’t get ill so easily. Also, the flavonoids content may prevent you from bacteria and virus.

7. Heals Wounds 

Well, there are moment where you fall of the floors and it left wound on your skin. Meanwhile, there are just many medicine to cure wound yet you must hear about the traditional way. Indeed, the properties of blackberry leaves has the power to aid wound faster than you ever thought.

8. Heals Ulcers 

This is one of many skin disorder that may happen to everyone. Meanwhile, having ulcers isn’t good idea and it’s also a bit dirty. Indeed, blackberry leaves have the anti bacterial to fight the ulcers bacteria. So, that ulcers can be treated right by applying the blackberry extract on it.

9. Hemorrhoids Treatment 

Hemorrhoids cause you feeling bad when you are sitting. No matter how comfortable the chair is, if you have hemorrhoid then it would not be comfy anymore. Thus, blackberry leaves has the property to aid or increase the hemorrhoids.

10. Against Free Radicals 

Free radicals is totally bad for us. First is it promotes cancer cells growth. Second is, it’s bad for your skin. All, that’s just danger for overall health. Meanwhile, a study found that blackberry leaves have higher oxygen than others leaves. Also, its property have the power against free radicals.


11. Rich of Flavonoids

Well, blackberry leaves contain rich amount of flavonoids. Thus, flavonoids is used to prevent us from cardiovascular disease. Also, it’s good to maintain cells, organs, and overall health. As a result, the extract of blackberry leaves is good to promote heart health.

12. Cures Skin Rushes 

Then, any wounds or marks on your skin? Then, you can use the magic of blackberry leaves to cure it. Meanwhile, soak three or four leaves blackberry leaves in warm water. Then, soak the cloth on it, the just rub it or apply it to your rushes skin.


13. Heals Cold and Flu

Well, when it’s cold outside, you may be easily feel cold and flu. Meanwhile, there is a traditional way to cure it. Thus, you can take blackberry leaves to cure it. Also, boil the leaves and drink  it while it’s warm. As a result, it will lower your temperature and free off your nose. 

14. Cures Rheumatism 

Take this herbal treatment to cure rheumatism. Meanwhile, you can take the dried blackberry leaves and boil it. Then, drink it straight at least on cup in two days. Take it in routine to get best benefits from blackberry leaves to heal your rheumatism.

15. Rich of Antioxidant 

The study has proven that blackberry leaves have the rich source of antioxidant. Indeed, antioxidant is the property to prevent us from free radicals. Also, it is to maintain health, prevent cancers, and even good to nourish skin. So, you may now take the blackberry leaves too.


16. Anti-Cancer 

Cancer has been the number one killer that human all hate. Indeed, there is always traditional way to cure, or at least, prevent the growth of cancer cells. As it said, blackberry leaves have the antioxidant properties. As it is, it’s best used as anti-cancer. Indeed, it may prevent cancer colon and it works.


17. Anti-Ageing 

Ageing somehow sound bad. As most of us wants to look always young, yet the free radicals and our bad lifestyle promote early ageing. Indeed, we must take care and find the best natural way to prevent anti-ageing. Indeed, blackberry leaves contain high source of antioxidant to as well prevent early premature ageing.

18. Digestive Treatment

One more health benefits of blackberry leaves is the best treatment for digestive problem. Indeed, drinking the blackberry leaves extract may relax you and promote digestive health. So, you may try blackberry leaves as your herbal digestive problem treatment.

As a result, blackberry is a great fruit with it’s nutrients. Also, blackberry leaves is good to prevent some disease and promote oral health. So, now do not take away blackberry leaves, but take it and bring home for traditional remedy.

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How to Process Blackberry Leaves

Meanwhile, here is the tips and trick to process blackberry leaves to get the benefits.

How to Process Blackberry Leaves

  • Take 5-6 blackberry leaves than wash it
  • Boil them with 100 ml water
  • Then, you get the blackberry extract water
  • Strain the leaves and pour the water
  • Then, blackberry leaves extract is read to serve

Meanwhile, the best way to consume blackberry is by processing it as tea. Thus, you may add honey to get more taste. Also, in recommendation you may drink it once in two days.

How to Use Blackberry Leaves for Skin Rushes Treatment

One best benefit of blackberry leaves is it can be used as alternative treatment to cure skin rushes or skin disorder such as itchy or ulcers. Thus, this is how to treat skin rushes with blackberry leaves

  • Take 3-4 blackberry leaves
  • Sink it in warm water
  • Then, soak a cloth on the water
  • Next it apply it on the skin gently
  • Wash it the to kill the bacteria on skin

Indeed, blackberry leaves have the antibacterial property to clean your skin. As a result, there are many benefits of blackberry leaves that you now know.