11 Benefits of Malai on Face – Skin – Hair

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Having beauty skin is all what people want especially women. Many people nowadays will love to do skin care treatment even if they must spend lots of money to get healthy and beauty skin. There are many skin care products that we can find nowadays on market but some of them not only give benefits to skin but also side effect. If you notice that the product may contain chemical substance that will affect the skin in longer period.

malaiDue to this reason, some people prefer to use natural ingredients as their regular skin treatment. Many herbal plant as well as food products can be used to maintain beauty and healthy skin and we don.t need to purchase it with high cost. One of the ingredients that use as skin care treatment is malai. To know more about malai and its benefits to skin, better check these explanation below.

Malai is very familiar in Indian cuisine. It is known as a milk product that produced by heating up the whole milk in certain temperatures or around 80 degrees and the heating process takes one hour then the milk will be cooled down. The whole milk which is heaten on such temperature will form a coagulated proteins and fat on the surface of the milk and usually it has yellowish color.

Malai contain some number of fat at about 55% and usually Indian people use buffalo milk to produce malai because it contains more fat than cow’s milk. The buffalo milk contain 5 – 12% fat while cow’s milk only contain 3-5% of milk. Even lower in fat, the cow’s milk still can be used to make malai.

Benefits of Malai for skin

Malai or cream milk has great benefits for skin since we know that milk contains most of nutrients that will be beneficial for the body especially skin. Cream milk contains proteins, fat, vitamin and some mineral that can enhance healthy skin. Below are the benefits of malai or cream milk that you can get by applying it on skin

1. Soften skin

Benefits of Malai on Skin for softening skin could be your concern. Malai or cream milk has smooth textures and it also can soften your skin. You can just apply the malai on face or skin as mask or mix the malai with other ingredients such as milk and turmeric. Regular usage of malai can make your skin smooth ans supple. You can also mix the malai with some oatmeal then rub it on skin for some minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water.

2. Moisturize the skin

Malai can help the skin to maintain the liquid inside the tissue. Not only nourish the skin with it nutrients content, malai can help to moisturize dry skin. Cream milk or malai contains some liquid that works inside the skin layer and it can absorb into the deep skin layer to nourish the tissue and prevent it from dryness.

3. Brighten skin

As we know that milk is an ingredients that can make your skin look fair. Malai as milk product also has same effect with milk. It can brighten the skin and face by applying it as mask. Just mix some malai cream with some lemon juice and apply it on skin for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water and do it regularly twice a week to get fairer skin.

4. Make the skin glowing

Malai and honey is best mixture to make your skin glowing and improve your complexion. Milk and honey contains many nutrients that can make your skin look bright and healthy. Just aplly the mixture on face or skin as mask then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the mask with lukewarm water and see the differences after regular usage of this malai mask.

5. Get rid of dead skin

Cream milk or malai can be an effective exfoliator that can get rid of dead skin cell. Mix the malai cream with some oatmeal or breadcrumbs and rub it to your skin. It also can be used in some part of skin which has dead skin accumulation such as neck, armpit, knee, leg and arm. Rub it smoothly for some minutes and feel the difference. Do this treatment at least once a week to clean your skin from dead skin cell and prevent dullness.

6. Cleanse skin

If your skin get dirty because of dust, dirt or make up and you run out of skin cleanser, you can use malai cream as milk cleanser. Malay cream has ability to remove the dirt or make up that can clogging rores and causing acne. Just apply the malai cream on face then massage your skin especially face gently then remove the malai cream with some clean cotton or rinse it with warm water.

7. Tighten pores

Not only removing dirt, dust and make up from skin, malai can be used to tighthen the pores especially for you who have large pores and causing some problems such as acne. Just apply the malai on face for some minutes or at about 15 minutes then rinse it with clean water and dry it with towel. Do this treatment regularly to get the tighter pores. Face which has tighteh pores will not easily get infected by acne and it will be easily applied with make up.

8. Reduce skin irritation

If you get irritation or wound on skin, malai or cream milk will be help to fasten the wound healing. Apply some malai cream on the skin which got irritated and leave it until the cream getting dry. Rinse with warm water then dry it with soft towel.

9. Prevent wrinkles

Who doesn’t want to get healthy and young skin everytime? Rather than spending money on anti aging product you can simply try malai cream to prevent wrinkles and reduce soft lines on your face. Malai cream contains some protein and vitamin that can promotes collagen production which important in keeping young and tight skin.

10. Treat sunburns

Sunburn can be harmful for skin, it can cause heat stroke, skin irritation and even cancer. If you getting sunburn after having activities outdoor you can apply malai or milk cream on the skin that infected by sunburn and leave it on skin for about 20 minutes. Rinse it with cool water then dry it with clean towel.

11. Remove dark spot on face

Using malai cream regularly on face can be helpful to reduce and remove the dark spot on skin which cause by sunlight or acne scar. Malai cream contain proteina and vitamin that can repair the skin cells and promotes new skin cell fornation as well as removing dead skin cells that causing dark spot. Simply apply the malai cream on face and leave it for some minutes. You can also mix the malai cream with honey or lemon to boost the effect to the skin.

How to Make and Tips to Use Malai

Malai can be easily made at home and you can make it anytime. You just need whole milk and heat it in an hour and keep the temperature on 80 degrees celcius. When the milk form a yellow layer after one hour it means you already get the malai. Take the cream and place it on container. You can keep the malai cream on fridge to use it anytime you want.

Malai is save for most types of skin and its rare case that it can cause allergies. Some people may built certain allergic reaction to malai since it contains milk protein. If you have such allergic with milk product better avoid using malay as skin treatment. Malai cream is best used at morning to wash face in order to get moisture and smooth skin. If you never use malai before you can simply try it without any hesitation. Enjoy the malai cream mask and get the benefits.