40 Health Benefits of Drinking High Ph Water (#Beauty)

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Forget about fat, calories, on blood pressure, blood sugar, hormone abnormalities and signs or other health parameters. It turned out that the most important measure for your health is the pH of your body’s blood and tissues, it is means how acidic or alkaline your body fluids. Keep the pH of your body fluids, automatically you will also avoid the problems mentioned above.

Compared to other medical tests, the tests to examine the degree of acidity (pH) of the body is relatively unpopular. But do not consider this is a trivial matter because the acidity of the body. If the body is too acidic, it is a sign that something was wrong. There is significant influence if the body is too acidic.

William Howard Hay, a New York doctor published in his book “A New Era of Health”, he stated that all disease is caused by autotoxication or we known with self-poisoning, due to acid accumulation in our body. It is  just recently discovered how important the pH balance in the body. In fact, the human body is more alkaline than acidic. The lifestyle of modern society that have many prepared foods and much acid is the cause of the condition of our body becomes acidic. Having a healthy diet means having the food which is composed of 20% Acid water (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) and 80% Alkali water (Vegetable & fruit-2an).

But in fact, often the opposite, in everyday life on the contrary we consumed about  80% Acid Water (rice and side dishes), while the Alkali Water is (vegetables and fruits) only 20%. This is unhealthy diet, if it lasts for years will make the blood pH tends toward acid and the blood becomes thick when the pH of the blood had become acidic, the effect of blood coagulate is what causes the buildup of various Toxin (poison) to settle and make a blood pump-in the heart-works become more severe, potentially the emergence of various diseases including: Stroke, Cholesterol,  High Blood pressure, diabetes, renal failure, tumors, cancer etc. Aside from the wrong diet, the water that you drink also affect the acidity of your body.

The health benefits of drinking high pH Water

Potential of hydrogen (pH) is a measure of acidity or alkalinity is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. When the scale lower, it is means more acid, and the scale higher, its more alkaline. PH is said normal if the scale shown in 7.

Water is the most compound in the our body, abouts 70% of the our body is water. The our body has an acid-base ratio called the pH and try to keep to balance its pH continually. When this balance is disturbed, many problems can occurs in our body. PH normal for drinking water is about 6.5 to 8.5. Drinking High pH Water is useful for:

  1. Reduce the risk of high LDL

If the pH is below 7 then it means the body is too acidic. This is very dangerous because the body can not tolerate acid imbalance in a long time. If the pH is too low it means that there is accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. High carbon dioxide will make difficulty of breathing. High acid also allows the bad cholesterol or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) rapidly accumulate in the arteries that damage blood vessel walls and creating plaque buildup.

  1. Avoid gore

Ever heard the term “gore”? High acidity can affect the clotting of red blood cells, which causes the blood becomes more concentrated or condensed.

Providing drugs blood thinners (anticoagulants) in most patients with diseases of the popular today such as obesity, high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), high uric acid, high blood pressure (hypertension), stroke, and various autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS, ACA/APS (anticardiolipin Antibody/Anti-phospholipid syndrome – a blood clot syndrome), lupus and cancer will prove the role of an imbalance in the body’s acid-base.

For nearly 100 years the method of treatment against these diseases still have not shown significant progress. Most medications are giving patients the chance of “recovery”, but what does it mean if you have to live the rest of your life with pain and suffering.

  1. Avoid stress

Most of us experience chronic stress that can be said, whether in the office, at home, or on the road, at least every few days. Whatever the type of stress that we experience, we help the body to deal with stress by producing more of the hormone, regardless of whether it was stress at work are chronic or stress is more primitive example when fleeing from wild animals.

These hormones help to improve our breathing and blood flow to the limbs and to the brain as a victim. Such a response would be useful if you are running away from a tiger. But the increase in breathing and blood flow does not help to solve the chronic stress at work or at home. Hormones that have been issued by the gland increases the acidity of the blood.

Chronic stress also causes us to breathe faster and more deeply instead. Sometimes we are also holding their breath and it causes our blood increases due to the reduced oxygen intake acid that serves to give blood to alkaline conditions. Chronic stress related with heart disease, cancer, lung disease and cirrhosis of the liver, in The Jurnal: American Psychological Association

  1. Avoid bacterial infection

All the time we regularly exposed to thousands of bacteria, fungi, algae, amoeba, and other microbes, and so these germs enter and stay in our bodies, they will do issue byproducts which increases the acidity of our blood.

Funnily enough, the bacteria survive well in an acidic environment, so those who have acidic blood more susceptible to get an infections than those whose their blood is not too acidic. Health experts say the acidity of the body being the pioneer of the infection. Conversely when our body is slightly alkaline, bacteria that invade the body can not survive.

  1. Eliminate toxins

The industry now uses more than 80,000 chemicals. Many of them seeping into our bodies through air, water, and food that we consumed everyday. For example, polycarbonate container, which is still widely used by manufacturers of drinking water in Indonesia, issued a CPA, which are carcinogenic. BPA consumption, according to Dr. Katherine Zeratsky at the Mayo Clinic, it can lead to various cancers, brain damage, obesity, miscarriage, and decreased fertility.

In developed countries like as Canada, United States, and European products with BPA has been banned as a food or beverage container. The toxin also can be found in a variety of our daily products such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, air freshener, perfume, cologne, cosmetics and body hygiene products. Whichever way the contact occurred, most of these toxins will get into your body and increase the acid levels in your blood.

  1. Lower the acid in the body

If the pH in our body is under 7 then it means the body is too acidic. This is very dangerous because the body can not tolerate acid imbalance in a long time. If the pH is too low it means that there is accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. High carbon dioxide will make difficulty of  breathing.

Acidic condition of the body causing fatigue, pain, blisters, headache, drowsiness, allergies, colds and flu, and sinus problems. Oxygen levels decline due to the buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. If the oxygen is down body cells will die.

People who have too acidic body more susceptible to a bacteria or virus. Just so you know, the cancer cells more easily develop if the body in a state of excessive acid.

Acidic blood will block the absorption of vitamins, make toxins clogged in the cells, slows organ function, irritate the digestive system is good, spend a lot of gas and bloating, causes unhealthy weight gain and accelerate the aging process. Mild  excessive acid can cause problems such as:

  • 7. cavities
  • 8. Sciatica, lumbago and neck
  • 9. Respiratory problems, shortness of breath, coughing
  • 10. Weight gain, obesity and diabetes.
  • 11. Bladder and kidney conditions, including kidney stones.
  • 12. Immune deficiency.
  • 13. Acceleration of free radical damage
  • 14. Hormonal disorders.
  • 15. Aging.
  • 16. Osteoporosis, weak, brittle bones, hip fractures and bone spurs.
  • 17. Joint pain, aching muscles and lactic acid buildup.
  • 18. Low Energy anda chronic fatigue.
  • 19. The slow digestion and elimination.
  • 20. Yeast / excess mildew.
  • 21. Excess weight acids, its can cause severe diseases such as tumors, cancer, lupus
  • 22. Gingivitis Sensitive
  • 23. Cardiovascular damage
  • 24. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • 25. Osteoporosis, brittle and weak bones, hip fractures, bone spurs
  • 26. Headache
  • 27. Easy sleepy
  • 28. Confusion
  • 29. Allergies
  • 30. Acne
  1. Assist the heart work

American Journal of Epidemiology mention the risk of heart attack who drank more than five cups of high pH water in a day reduced upto 41 percent. While in men who consume other beverages including tea, coffee, juice, milk, alcohol, or even rarely drink, remain at high risk of heart attack. Drinking high pH water will be absorbed into the bloodstream to reduce the thickness of the blood vessels. Instead of other beverages will only thicken the blood vessels, the article after digested this material will contain the same concentration in the blood.

  1. Streamlining Digestive System

Drinking high PH water in adequate amounts on a daily basis will facilitate the digestive system and  its will avoid digestive problems such as ulcers or constipation.

  1. Prevent Cancer

Every cell in the human body functions will be affected by water.  Drinking High PH water can prevent cancer because of the role of water in the human body is have a role as  PH Cleaner that works for:

  • 34. Removing toxins
  • 35. Transporting food and oxygen
  • 36. Maintain body temperature
  • 37. Saturates joints
  • 38. Protect organs and tissues
  • 39. Controlling blood pressure
  1. As Stroke Medicine

Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, relieve pain, preventing muscle stiffness, and soothe the mind. The content of ions, like as magnesium, chlorine, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate, helps the dilation of vessels and improve blood circulation. Besides drinking high pH water is able to sterilize the skin.

How to raise the pH content of drinking water

There are two (2) ways:

  1. Non-Chemical. On the base of water reservoirs by chalk limestone is still in chunks shaped. Limestone that still in chunk shaped is not easy to shrink and can be used in the long term. The amount of use of limestone boulders initial pH-dependent water, put little by little until the desired pH is reached.
  2. Chemical. In addition to using non-chemical way means that we could use chemical way. we can using soda ash (powder) that is inserted into the tank early for measuring pH adjusted to start. To raise the pH of drinking water in addition to soda ash also can use other chemicals to a certain dose. Provision of material is done little by little until it reaches the desired pH. To determine the pH of the drinking water we can use PH meter that cost can be seen in the categories of PH meter

How to lower the pH of drinking water

Alum can be lowered by as well as to the deposition process. Use of Reverse Osmosis apart can produce pure water/without minerals that also can lower the pH of the water from 7 to 6.5 or 5.0