9 Health Benefits of Baby Corn (No.3 Surprising)

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Not many people know the health benefits of baby corn for human’s body. In fact, most people think that baby corn doesn’t provide nutritional values. But it’s not true. We are going to found out the benefits of a cute baby corn can bring to our health.

Do you ever wonder what kind of plant is a baby corn? Some people think that baby corn comes from a miniature plant. Well, baby corn actually comes from an ordinary corn plant but it is harvested before its prime. The taste is, however, not as sweet as the regular  matured corn. The color of the kernel in a baby corn can be blue, white or yellow. It depends on the variety of the corn. As a food, baby corn can be eaten raw. Its crunchiness and slightly sweet flavor are the main attraction of a baby corn.

Baby corn are mostly produced in Asia regions. To date, Thailand produces most of the world’s baby corn. That is why baby corns are commonly used in Asian dish. USA also produces baby corns but they mostly come in cans.

Benefits for Health

baby cornBaby corn may look and sound cute but it has quite a benefit for human’s health. Study shows that baby corn carries quality nutritional values. Here are 9 benefits of baby corn for our health that you should know:

1. To stimulate digestion

Despite its petite size, a baby corn still contains a quite high amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber can stimulate healthy digestion. Healthy digestion leads to another thing like healthy weight loss.

2. To help balance blood glucose.

The glycemic index of a baby corn is lower than a regular corn. Glycemic index is an index measuring the amount of carbohydrates in food that affect glucose level in blood. Whether you’re on a glucose diet or not, it can be a good substitute for more healthy and delicious food.

3. To help early development of a fetus.

A baby corn contains folic acid. Folic acid plays a crucial part to prevent abnormalities in an unborn baby.

4. To help balance blood pressure.

Baby corn can help keep our blood pressure level in check because it contains potassium.

5. To gain healthy skin

Vitamin C is a nutrient that we need on a daily basis. Baby corn contains vitamin C that help rejuvenate our skin cell which in turn will make a healthy skin.

6. To prevent nausea and vomitting pregnancy

Baby corn contains Vitamin B-6. Some studies show that Vitamin B-6 can treat nausea and vomitting in a pregnant woman.

7. To promote healthy vision

Yellow baby corn contains carotenoids or tetraterpenoids. Carotenoids can help our eyes to stay healthy and lower the risk of cataracts. The more yellow a baby corn is, the higher level of carotenoids it contains.

8. To prevent cancer

Adding yellow baby corn in your diet can lower the risk of cancer. It acts as antioxidant, fighting against free radicals in a human’s body.

9. To promote cardiovascular health

Carotenoids are scientifically proven in maintaining a healthy human’s heart. Triple H that is. Since baby corns are a good source of carotenoids, eating them will do good to your heart. As mentioned in point 1, baby corns contain soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.

Selecting and Storage Tips

Baby corns are sold fresh and canned. It is better to consume fresh baby corns as canned products usually add preservatives and other ingredients like sodium. You might want to see into this since sodium can cause high blood pressure. Should you want your baby corns fresh, choose unhusked baby corns. This will keep their sweetness for a longer period.

Keep them in a refrigerator so they will stay fresh up to one week. You can also boil or steam the baby corns before putting them in a refrigerator.

Serving Tips and Recipe

As I mention before, baby corns can be served cooked or raw. Should you choose to eat them raw, clean your baby corn thouroughly with water.

Some people merely steam or boil them to get the real flavor. Steam or boil them in a hot water not more than 3 minutes. Baby corns are oftenly used in stir fry meals. Try this simple recipe to enjoy your baby corn:
400 grams baby corns
5 pieces meatballs
200  grams carrots
4 cloves onion
3 coves garlic
2 red chili or 1 tsp ground pepper
2 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs oyster sauce
1 tsp salt
sugar to taste
5 tbsp canola oil

1. Slice baby corns, carrots, meat balls, onion, garlic, and chili
2. Heat canola oil, then add onion, garlic and chili respectively. If you choose ground pepper, add it in later
3. Add carrots and meatball.
4. Add soy  and oyster sauce, then stir
5. Add baby corn, salt, and sugar. Stir them all a few times. You can add a little water to set the flavor in.
6. Serve when still hot, along with rice.

Bon appétit.