14 Benefits of Assam Tea for Health #1 Top Herbal Drink

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Assam tea is one kind of drink which has tons of fans drinkers particularly in Indonesia. The tea has been widely known since ages from Japan and China with various types of serving. Usually, East Asia and including Indonesia will serve the drink as a part of their daily life style while enjoying snack time or after meal.

Assam tea is very favor to be served in the middle of the heavy rain in tropical country. That is why those who are living near the equator have such a deep connection with tea as a part of their life style of drinking.

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Assam Tea Contents 

Assam tea has 3 main components which are tea, assam, and brown coconut sugar. The tea leaves have much caffeine which will increase the heart work system and smooth the blood circulation along the body. It will also stimulate the metabolism to be faster and better. Assam which is contained in the tea extract has much of B vitamins, zinc, potassium, and carbo.

Potassium maintains the muscle and nerve system, while it can also neutralize the fluoride exposure coming from any chemical products consumed by the body. Moreover, the brown coconut sugar will give you such energy since it contains much carbo and fructose to increase the blood sugar increase but not that slightly as well as granulated sugar.

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Talking about the benefits of assam tea, the tea has several beenfits for the body by its complex and rich components. The components such as zinc, anti-oxide, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and so on are contributing a lot to the body health. Here are the benefits of assam tea for health which you might need to know. Check it out!

  1. Anemia Preventing

Lacking of red blood cells might trigger to be suffered from anemia, emotional disorder, low concentrate level, and weak body power. By consuming assam tea routinely, you can be prevented of anemia by boosting much carbo and vitamins to produce more red blood cells in order to do the functions as above. Balancing it with a healthy life style and food combining will give an extra impact of preventing anemia.

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  1. Cavities Treatment

Cavities are the most common illness done by many. It is caused by the bad habit of eating too much sugar or any other sweet food which then stuck among the teeth and trigger the cavity. Once your teeth are having cavities, it would be so painful and even worse impact to the nerve health. Consuming assam tea or gargling it regularly every single morning and night before going to bed will aid you fast to cure the cavities.

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  1. Body Warming

Assam tea is the perfect drink to be drunk during the heavy rain or in the middle of winter season to warm your body up. Cold is probably not that bad but it can slower you from doing any daily activities and for some who do not resist of cold, they can get hypothermia. Drinking assam tea in hot will simultaneously warm the body up and stimulate the cells to work so that you will not feel that cold anymore.

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  1. Colic Defusing

When you feel unwell in your stomach due to the pregnancy, poisoned food, or any other cases, you may consume assam tea. The magnesium and anti-oxide in the tea will ease your colic and avoid you from vomiting. For those who are in pregnancy, the tea is also good to be consumed to reduce the morning sickness syndrome.

  1. Fever Healing

Fever is actually not a disease yet a body system to protect the cells from viruses or bacteria attack. When your body temperature is rising up, you may consume the tea as a traditional treatment to reduce the body temperature. Usually, when the body temperature is rising up, it will be followed by such cells painful and sore along the body. You need to take some rest while drinking the tea in order to boost the recovery process.

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  1. Body Weight Balancing

Another good benefit from assam tea which is really essential for you who are concerning on diet and body weight is balancing the body weight. By the assam containing, the tea is claimed to increase the fat burning inside the body in order to reduce the calorie stuck. Consuming one or two glasses each day will give you an extra impact to reach the goals. However, remember to also balance it with healthy food consuming and doing sport regularly.

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  1. Dysmenorrhea Easing

Dysmenorrhea is widely known as the sore suffered by most of women when they are in period of menstruation. The condition can be that worse so that they cannot even get up from bed and do daily activities as usual. Consuming generic medicine probably will help but it is not recommended since it can cause an addiction.

Drinking the assam tea will be much better since it does not have any side effects in order to ease the sore and pain of getting dysmenorrhea. You can consume it once or two cups each day during your period.

  1. High Cholesterol Inheriting

Basically, cholesterol consist of two kinds, they are LDL and HDL. LDL is a bad cholesterol which might trigger some dangerous illness for the body while HDL is a good one functioning to clean up the artery blood from any fat and stuck. When the LDL level is rising up, some people will be given prescriptions to consume the generic medicine in order to inherit the level.

However, there is one safe and alternative way to reduce the LDL by consuming assam tea. The tea will inherit the LDL level by its containing of complex vitamins, protein, and zinc which are really needed by the body.

  1. Fluent Blood Circulation

Don’t ever underestimate when you have such unsmooth blood circulation. Blood circulation is very crucial since it transport the essential nutrient and compositions needed by the body organs. Can you imagine when your blood circulation is having disorder, how will the nutrient be distributed along the body cells and organs? In order to prevent the case, having a habit of drinking assam tea will contribute well to smooth the blood circulation along the body and help the cells and organs to get the needed nutrition as well.

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  1. Skin Healthy Maintaining

Assam tea has A vitamin and E vitamins which are really good for the skin healthy. The vitamins will work to avoid and protect the skin from such wrinkle, acnes, high oil quantity, and inflammation. This tea works from the inside and as a result, the skin particularly on the face will look healthy, glowing, well-hydrated and free of acne problems.

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  1. Awareness Condition

Assam tea is known by its quite high caffeine containing, yet it will work to increase the awareness system for the adult. That is why the tea is more likely to be consumed by adult than children. The tea is quite important to increase the awareness and avoid falling asleep in a moderation portion. However, please consider to not drink it more than three cups in a day to be not feeling unwell of hard sleep, fast heart beats and headache.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Assam tea is surprisingly having more fenolic acid in a higher portion, of which the essential components in one of the compositions of anti-oxide. The component is very important to solve the oxygen destruction and reactive nitrogen inside the body cells. As a result, the tea can reduce the risk of suffering any kind of cancer. A research conducted shown that men who consume the assam tea will get more fitoestrogen way more to reduce the risk of having lung cancer.

  1. Parkinson Controlling

In a research done in the USA shown that a cup of Parkinson tea every single day will stimulate a good improvement for the Parkinson survivor. The tea which has high level of caffeine can stimulate the survivor to be reactive and influence the nerve cells to respond the command from the brain way even better.

The disease is often causing problem related to the attitude and difficult to control the body part moving. By stimulating the brain with the complex vitamins inside the tea, the benefits of assam tea for health is quite good for the Parkinson survivor.

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  1. Artery Blood Vein Maintaining

Assam tea has an essence called flavonoid. The essence is quite essential to maintain the artery blood vein since it can help the function of endotel inside the body. The flavonoid can also reduce the cholesterol plaque forming inside the blood vein which will trigger to several dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart attack. This is also related to the function of the tea as the alternative method to cure the pain and sore suffered by women during their period system.

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Those are 14 benefits of assam tea for the body which you probably need to know. By knowing and reading the information above, your knowledge will be added more related to your awareness of body health and do the healthy life style and food habit. Consuming assam tea can be included into your daily habit of healthy life style from now on!

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