94 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Without No Doubt

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate is still not realy known well around the world, although many research about this great snack. Dark chocolate is a variety of chocolate you may easily find it at your surrounding market, or any mini shop. In fact, you can find it as raw materials directly from its farmers or any packaged products made of it, although the former choice would require much effort as not every area has chocolate as its own farming commodity.

What is dark chocolate

As the name implied, naming of dark chocolate describes its color which is dark or some people call it, black. It makes big sense why dark chocolate has its color dark because it is pure and uncontaminated by other essences such as milk, sugar, cream, cheese etc. Therefore, its taste is also quiet bitter especially when compared to chocolate combined with sugar or sweetener you can find it easily at your surrounding.

At general, the name of dark chocolate is used to describe chocolate or any product of it containing, at minimum, 60% of its total amount from original chocolate taken from Kakao trees. It also implies that any chocolate product containing Kakao fruit less than 60% is excluded from the definition.

Therefore, if you would like to hunt dark chocolate because you are passionate or curious on its taste, you can at least three types of measurement.

  • The first one is about the color, which is dark and darker than usual chocolate,
  • the second one is the taste, which is better than others and
  • the third one is the packaged product or mentioned information.

You need to make sure that you choose the right product whether by paying much attention on the package and ingredients, asking to the waitress, knowing general price of dark chocolate product and so forth. Being in touch with those who like consuming chocolate and having much knowledge or experience on it would also be helpful if you are a newbie chocolate lover. Otherwise, you can also visit any closest chocolate restaurant at your city/town so you will find various types of chocolate and could grab the most original one.

Lifestyle, trends, & Price

Compared to other types of chocolate, original dark chocolate is relatively expensive as you will not find too much other materials contained. However, it is fair enough as what you would like to taste is the original taste of chocolate so you do not need to worry about any contaminated dangerous material such as synthetic sweeter or preservative essences.

In case if you can not find the original dark chocolate from its farmers or other first distributor, you can still experience consuming dark chocolate in any available product although its originality level certainly decreases.


People generally like consuming chocolate based on their own appetite or simply following common lifestyle or trends. They also like to cook then serve its food in various ways and ideas as chocolate can be materials for meals, appetizer, dessert, beverage, snack as well as packaged products. Unfortunately, there is only a few of its lovers who know much about chocolate, its types, its various tastes, its various colors as well as its health benefits.

Therefore, it is urgent for you to know those details especially if you like consuming chocolate. Besides about the matter of taste and appetite, enough information about chocolate would lead you to consume it more proportionally, more tasty, more healthy, safer and also more delicious.

Needless to say, this information would also be beneficial for those who want to have business on chocolate such as selling chocolate food, chocolate drink, any chocolate snack or cake and so on and so forth. Following is the list of information you can consider and take a look about chocolate, especially the dark chocolate, for your own consumption or for your business.

Is dark chocolate good for health ?

If you ever heard about the health benefits of chocolate, then consuming dark chocolate is be far more beneficial for your health. The main reason is just simple, i.e. because dark chocolate is more natural and original so you can get the advantage and health benefits at maximum in comparison to general chocolate contaminated much by other essences.

Some of you who never know about health benefits of chocolate may assume that chocolate is all about appetite, rich taste and having fun or special snack for quality time. Therefore, you must be surprised to know that besides its delicious taste, health benefits of chocolate are also many and could not be ignored.

Knowing those benefits may also make chocolate lovers add their chocolate portion of consumption for knowing that keeping the health can be done by a very simple and nice thing. Meanwhile, those who do not really like chocolate or tend to dislike it would also turn over into a big passion on chocolate knowing how it can be beneficial for keeping and improving people’s health. It is also undeniable that almost everyone likes chocolate.

Herewith the list of health benefits of dark chocolate you may consider so you would not hesitate to hunt it, make it as daily menu or even pay much money to get it.

1. Improving body’s immune

Immune system is one of the cornerstones of body health which would greatly affect the body itself. If it is well kept, the body will be healthy as any disease threat could be paralyzed and all the body organs work well. At opposite, when the immune system is weak or not good, the body would be like a magnet for any disease so the person would be sick or get illness in any easy way.

The big importance of immune system make people try hard to keep it as far as possible by doing any possible way. Besides taking regular exercise and having a healthy life style, being selective and smart in choosing and consuming meal or snack is the other way to keep the immune system work well.

If you think that those all are hard things to do, you should not worry too much because you can do it a relatively simple and fun way, i.e. by consuming the dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has rich essence of vitamin C and E functioning very well in keeping the immune system. At least, you can rely on your consumption to dark chocolate for strengthening your immune system in addition to your healthy lifestyle and routine exercise.

Improving & related to immune systems

2. Conducting A Better Body Metabolism

To have a good metabolism and every body organ works well, a body requires various types of essence such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and copper. Believe it or not, all those essences are altogether found at the dark chocolate.

It also means that just by consuming the dark chocolate, you can fulfill all of what your body needs in only one and simple way. Those essences containing at the dark chocolate are also good for growth process so it would be very nice of you to invite your children consuming it.

This information worth to consider as for consuming the dark chocolate, you must pay a relatively not cheap price. However, again, it is balanced and suitable with the health benefits it has so you do not just satisfy your appetite but also keep your health.

Good idea and facts about metabolism

3. Smoothing the blood stream

The smooth blood stream is one of main keys of good metabolism as well as a healthy body. When the blood—which brings oxygen—can run smoothly and reach every detail of a man’s body through its vessel, he will get the best health as every organ works well and properly. Therefore, most of types of body illness come from the disturbance at the blood especially the blood stream.

Consuming the dark chocolate would be very helpful for you if you would like to keep your blood stream stable. It contains flavanol essence which can impulse artery layer to produce nitrites oxide.

This type of essence would then send signal to the artery so it would work more relaxed and refract the blood vein so the blood stream would be smoother more and more and the distribution of blood run well. If this condition happens, as mentioned above, all of body organs would work well and support the health significantly.

4. Caring the Heart and Keep It Healthy

Still closely related to the blood stream, dark chocolate is also good for heart as it facilitates the blood stream by maximizing the function of blood vessel. As generally known, heart is an organ which pumps the blood and the blood vessel would then deliver it to every side and corner of body. Therefore, when the blood vessel works well, the heart would do so and there would no stream blocking or blood vessel blocking.

This happens because the blood pumped would not randomly return to the heart as the blood vessel distributes is well and properly. In addition to it, dark chocolate also has magnesium functioning to support the ‘task’ of heart to pump the blood while essence iron enables blood to receive oxygen faster.

This information also means that the good condition of heart would avoid any heart disease such as stroke and others. It is well supported by a research conducted at Greece revealing that dark chocolate could prevent and anticipate heart disorders as it can repair the blood vessel and support its function.

The same information was revealed at the Journal of Hypertension and it strengthens the assumption that dark chocolate is good for heart. It even suggests that those who suffer heart disorders routinely consume dark chocolate for recovery and treatment.

Good news and facts about heart

5. Avoiding Anemia and Lowering the Low Blood Pressure

One of essences contained at dark chocolate is iron which is good for curing as well as avoiding anemia or low blood pressure. Iron functions well in increasing the production of thrombosis so that for those who suffer anemia, consuming the dark chocolate would be a preferable treatment as the dark chocolate also offers delicious taste.

From this information, you can conclude that for anemia and low blood pressure, dark chocolate could be your one for all solution. Therefore, you may also consider to enlist it as one of your must-consumed menu.

Meanwhile, if you suffer high blood pressure, it is also good for you to consume dark chocolate as in fact, it works to stabilize the blood pressure, either heightening or lowering. The particular essence contained at dark chocolate which is good and well working in curing the high blood pressure is magnesium and its functioned is scientifically proved and tested.

Therefore, you do not need to worry or hesitate to consume dark chocolate if you have high blood pressure because instead of worsening the condition, it could be your delicious medicine.

6. Preventing and Curing Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease happens because of excessive volume of sugar or glucose at the blood. Some types of food rich with cholesterol essence are considered as main causes of diabetes as it can heighten the sugar level at the blood and chocolate is one of them. However, it does not apply to dark chocolate as dark chocolate is relatively free from other materials such as sugar, colorant or sweeter.

It only has a very small amount of glicemic so that you do not need to worry about the sugar or glucose level of your blood because it would not effect to your sugar or glucose level of the blood. Even, it can prevent you suffered by diabetes, particularly diabetes type II.

Additionally, consuming dark chocolate would also enable auto-production of insulin naturally. It would give the consumers great impact as insulin could decrease the risk of diabetes. Moreover, by the flavanoid, the insulin produced would also be prevented from resistance so that the cells of your body could work properly and the insulin could do so to avoid or cure diabetes.

By all of those explanation, it is not exaggerated to say that dark chocolate is medicine to prevent and cure diabetes. However, those who suffer diabetes are not advised to put the sugar at his/her dark chocolate as it can damage the good function of dark chocolate.

Benefits for diabetes

7. Protecting the Skin

Rich with antioxidant essence, routine consumption of dark chocolate gives extra protection to the skin particularly from ultraviolet ray. Therefore, if you like to go out at the daylight and do not want your skin dark or dry, consuming dark chocolate would be a good idea.

In addition to it, the antioxidant also make the blood stream smooth to the skin so your skin is nourished from both the inside and outside. At the inside it is nurtured by enough and stable blood stream, at the outside it is protected from the danger of the sun light, ultraviolet, pollutant and other dangerous essences.

Therefore, from now on, you do not need to be afraid of the sun light because dark chocolate you consume, combined with other efforts, such as wearing mask or proper dresses, your skin would be significantly kept and protected (Read : Benefits of gingers).

8. Avoiding Cancer

One of the most common causes of cancer is free-radical contamination. Dark chocolate is rich of antioxidant which can be very helpful in blocking free radical to contaminate the body so that the damage of cell oxidation could be prevented.

Therefore, you do not need to worry if your surrounding is full of free-radical because by consuming rich antioxidant foods, including dark chocolate, your body would strengthen its own immune system and prevent any disease including cancer.

It would also be great information to you because antioxidant also functions as anti aging so you would take various health benefits by just consuming one single type of food.

9. Brightening the Skin

Anti aging function as the good impact of dark chocolate consumption particularly occurs in brightening the skin. It is a real and direct impact of the smooth blood stream to all parts of body including the skin. As occurring to other parts of body, smooth blood stream would make the organ healthy and work well even better.

In the case of skin, the smooth stream of blood could fulfill the need so the skin would be brighter even softer. More specifically, the smooth blood stream would prevent any aging symptom such as wrinkle or furrow which would be very disturbing for most of people.

10. Loosing Weight

Dark chocolate has rich essence of fiber that it can satisfy the hunger through delicious and nice taste. Therefore, consuming the dark chocolate is good for those who do a diet program because it can be effective to loose the weight. Feeling full would avoid the dieter to eat his/her meal or have a snack so they would be able to do diet program well by minimizing the portion and intensity of meal particularly food tasting sweet, salty or greasy.

Therefore, if you are in a diet program and obsessive to loose your weight, dark chocolate could be your alternative menu as you can cook it in various ways and also safe for your health while making your diet program successful. Other alternative you could try benefits of garlic for weight loss.

11. Increasing Brain Work

Some people like to consume coffee due the reason that consuming it could impulse more maximum work of their brain(s). They like to say that coffee is the source of inspiration enabling them to be creative and thoughtful by consuming it. Additionally, they also feel more comfortable by consuming coffee every day and like to think that something is missing when they do not drink coffee yet.

There is also a big number of people who are addicted drinking coffee and feel less healthy (having headache) without coffee. Unfortunately, drinking too much coffee is not really good for the health as its caffeine causes hard and even long term addiction.

If you would like to increase your brain work without having addiction on a certain type of food or drink-let say coffee- or even drinking medicine, dark chocolate could be your preference. It contains caffeine which can increase brain work yet the number is very small, which is approximately 27 mg in two cups of dark chocolate. In comparison to the coffee, the number is so small as a cup of coffee can contain 200 mg caffeine.

You would also be happy to know as drinking dark chocolate would not make you addicted and not causing headache when you do not drink it for some reason. Therefore, you can still rely on your drink to increase your brain work, keep more focus, get better cognitive ability, have stronger memory and give more proportional response.

Again, you should be happy and considering to choose dark chocolate as its rich and various health benefits come without any side effect. Well, after getting the information, would you be still unsure to turn into dark chocolate as your favorite drink for your brain work?

12. Increasing Good Mood

Most people may assume that the belief of chocolate as a mood booster is just a rumor or hoax. However, you should be very happy to know that recent researches reveal that the belief is true and that chocolate, especially the dark chocolate, is effective for boosting the mood.

This comes to a big sense as dark chocolate contains serotonin chemical functioning as anti-depression and some other good essences good for stabilizing the mood and make it controlled. Two of them are endorphine and serotonin which could impulse the feeling of relaxed, comfortable and able to heal the state of mind.

Therefore, consuming dark chocolate would make its consumers feel more relaxed and optimistic about the their life and daily activities. This is clear from result of of researchs revealing that those who consume dark chocolate routinely are far happier than those who do not.

The former group has less anxiety level, stress or frustration level and physical tiredness although both of group have the same work hour compared to the latter. You could get this on health benefits of milk tea and benefits of yoga.

In addition to those mentioned essences and function, in turns out that dark chocolate also contain a chemical essence called Phenylethy-lamine (PEA) working well to grow affection, love and happiness. This could be good to emerge positive aura and suggestion for yourself which would also influence others at your surrounding.

trengthened by your positive suggestion about this one function, natural function of dark chocolate essence would refresh your mind and soul. To sum up, besides satisfying your appetite and tongue when drinking it hot or cold, dark chocolate would also touch and reach your mind by making it more relaxed, optimistic and fine.

13. Curing the Cough

It may sound strange but it is medically and scientifically proved that dark chocolate contains essence called theobromine. The essence works in relaxing a nerve triggering the cough or the mucus blocking. Therefore, it would be good for you to cure your cough by consuming the dark chocolate with boiled water so your throat would be warm and comfortable.

Besides its high effectiveness, it would also be good to use the dark chocolate as cough healer as it is free from any side effect. It means that you would not suffer typical side effect of cough medicine such as being sleepy or fast heart beat. For better result, it is advisable for you to also consume other natural essences for curing the cough just like lime, ginger and others

14. Strengthening Teeth Enamel

Another function of theobromine essence is to strengthen teeth enamel, as revealed by a research conducted at Japan. This implies that you do not need to worry when you often consume the dark chocolate or give it to your children because instead of damaging the teeth, the essence contained at the dark chocolate can strengthen teeth enamel so the teeth would be healthy and strong.

If you combine it with other treatment, you can minimize any teeth problem such as cavity, carries, plaque and so forth. However, brushing your teeth after eating or consuming dark chocolate is still a must and should not be missed.

15. Curing Diarrhea

Kakao fruit has long been used by Africans to cure diarrhea since the sixteenth century. This tradition is well preserved and kept up to nowadays in some society although the scientific research observing this tradition has just been conducted.

A research reveals that the essence of flavanoid at Kakao enables the binding of secretion of small intestine liquid so that the diarrhea could be avoided and cured. This shows that dark chocolate containing kakao at least at 60% of its material also functions so.

Therefore, if your digestion system is fragile and easily suffered by diarrhea, try to drink dark chocolate routinely. It would also be far better if you consume it when diarrhea suffers you so you would not feel like consuming medicine because of its delicious taste. However, do not forget to be selective and smart in choosing meal menu as well as its portion and intensity.

About Diarrhea

16. Caring the Eye’s Health

Almost all people know Vitamin A benefits for vision, but rarely know dark chocolate also give significant effects for this organ. As explained above, the smooth blood stream in a body would make and enable body organs work well and maximum. This specially occurs to eyes as enough and stable supply of blood to retina would increase eye’s health and brighten the vision.

Now that you already know this information, you could support your eye treatment by consuming dark chocolate routinely in addition to consuming carrot, papaya and other vitamin-A fruits or vegetables.

Best for eyes

17. Energy Booster

Health benefits of dark chocolate for energy need no debate, there’s 605 calories (30 % DV) just from 101 g. It’s mean when you eat this at the morning, it will help you along the day to prevent sleeply when do your activities. This snack also have many kind of mineral which help our body metabolism.

Last question from this food ? are there another benefits for our body ? to answers this, we must go to its nutrition table. Sure, it has a lot of benefits to our body form its vitamin & mineral.

Best for energy booster

Benefits from its nutrients

Dark chocholate benefits for its rich nutrition must be you compare to get real benefits data. Many research done by comparing this nutrition for our body. Here’s the list of dark chocolate nutrition per 101 g :

Calories , Value & Its Health Benefits

Calories 605(2533 kJ) 30% (DV)

  • Controlling Weight
  • Source of Energy
  • Body Growth

Protein , Value & Its Health Benefits

Protein 7.9 g 16% (DV)

  • Proteins for Fetus Development
  • Reduce Depression
  • Maintain Body Cells Health
  • Body metabolism
  • antioxidant
  • Source of energy
  • Hearth Health
  • Improve Skin Health, Hair and Muscles (Read : Benefits of honey for skin and hair)

Minerals, Value & Its Health Benefits

Calcium 73.7mg 7%

  • Bones, teeth development & strength
  • Make body more higher
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Protecting Myocardial

Iron 12.0 mg 67%

  • carrying oxygen
  • Prevent anemia
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Helps Brain Function

Magnesium 230 mg 58%

Phosphorus 311 mg 31%
  • Bones, teeth development & strength
  • Protein synthesis
Potassium 722 mg 21%
  • Prevent from stroke
  • Prevent hypotension
  • Prevent Cramps
  • Normalize Blood Pressure
Sodium 20.2mg 1%
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • binding water in body
Zinc 3.3 mg 22%
  • Eyes vision
  • For healthy brain
  • For healthy Skin
Copper 1.8mg 89%
  • Bone Strength
  • circulation of oxygen
  • Autoimune
Manganese 2.0 mg 98%
  • Counteracting Free Radical
  • Help vitamin Absorption
  • Bone Strength
  • Helping Food Ingestion 
Selenium 6.9 mcg 10%
  • antioxidants
  • Good for sperm production
  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent cataracts

Vitamin, Value & Its Health Benefits

  • Vitamin A 39.4IU : 1%(Dv)
  • Increase Eyes vision & Health
  • Blood Cleanser
  • ovary health
  • fetus health
  • antioxidant
  • Prevent cancer Cell
  • Cell Deveopment
  • Vitamin K 7.4mcg : 9%(dv)
  • Help blood clotting process
  • Preventing osteoporosis
  • Bone strenght
  • Bone growth
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Preventing Liver Bleeding
  • Prevent cancer
  • Niacin 1.3mcg : 5%(dv)
  • Digestion Health
  • Source of Energy
  • Drop cholesterol level
  • Riboflavin 0.1: mg 5% (dv)
  • Energy Source
  • increases red blood cells
  • Protect nervous system
  • Fetus Development
  • Vitamin B12 0.3 mcg : 5% (dv)
  • Mental Health
  • Produce and support myelin cells
  • Produce red blood cell
  • Processing fat and amino acids to produce energy.
  • Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) : 0.4 mg ; 4%
  • Taking pantothenic acid by mouth, prevents and treats pantothenic acid deficiency.
Fats & Fatty Acids, value & its health benefits
  • Fat 43.1 66 %,
  • Source of Energy
  • Cells growth
  • Supporting production of hormones
  • Skin Health

Carbohydrates, Value & Its Health Benefits

  • Total Carbohydrate 46.3g ; 15%(Dv)
  • Source of energy
  • Controlling body weight
  • autoimmune
  • Heart Health
  • Supports Digestive Function
  • Increases Absorption of Nutrients
  • Prevents Muscles Damage
  • Adjusting Increase sugar level in blood
  • Source of Phytonutrients
  • Brain health
  • Overcoming Anxiety

Nutrition data from ¹:

Dark Chocholate benefits for health is very important to our body development, pregnant, and baby, but you must know that you should choice more then 70% original dark chocholate to get more benefits from it. Although dark chocolate has a lot of benefits, but you better know its side effect.

Dark Chocolate Side Effects

Worsens diabetes. Some of them compound with high sugar in its composition, so it could increase your diabetes level.

  • Worsens diarrhea
  • Worsens gastroesophagealreflux disease (GERD)
  • Triggersmigraine headaches
  • Causes weight gain andheart disease
  • Causes irregular, rapid heartbeat

So, anyting you eat must not over and over, it could make another side effects than its health benefits.