7 Health Benefits of Sumatra Coffee (#Surprising)

Sumatra coffee is one of the most well-known coffee variety in the world. It’s hard not to notice especially among coffee enthusiasts the very mention of its name. Its distinct “earthy” flavor, as well as the combination of sweet and herbaceous tastes in between, has landed the coffee in the heart of many coffee drinkers […]

9 Proven Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms

Most of us probably aren’t that familiar with morel mushrooms. Well, if you happen to work in the culinary industries or at least get involved in there, you’d know that these mushrooms are highly sought after and generally quite pricey. Mushrooms are generally considered as great additions to our overall diets for their high amount […]

20 Benefits of Cuddling in the Morning for Mental Health

All the couples in the world might agree that cuddling can do more wonder than it looks, or sounds. The act of resting together and embracing our loved ones indeed has the ability to make everything about our lives great. The demonstration of intimacy also serves to represent affections, security, trust, as well as loyalty […]

8 Benefits of Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients

Aromatherapy might be an unlikely hero in our long struggles against cancer, that is, if we heard about it 5 years ago or so. The thing is, as years and years go on, science has been extending its relentless hands into the subject of aromatherapy for quite a while now. What seemed so mysterious and […]

9 Health Benefits of Thimbleberries (#1 Amazing Sources)

Fancy eating some berries? out of so many berries out there, be sure to try thimbleberries. Nowadays, there are so many berries which are marketed as mixed berries, usually for practical purposes as well as to complete the nutritional compositions. However, some people don’t like their berries got mixed up. If you happen to be […]

25 Benefits of Lavender for Skin Health #1 Top Natural Treatments

Lavender has gained considerable renowns mostly for the benefits of the extracted essential oil, mostly known as lavender oil. Praises have been sung on its benefits towards skin, both for health and beauty. The distinct scent, as well as its many unique properties, makes lavender such a popular ingredient for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It […]

22 Benefits of Kissing on the Lips for Physical and Mental Health

Kissing is truly something. The simple act of touch between two lips can be physical, mental, emotional or all of them at the same time. Some even say that kissing can be magical. As many Disney’s fairy tales would suggest, kisses can revive poisoned princess from death, wake a beautiful princess from deep eternal slumber, […]

14 Benefits of Eating Pineapple for Weight Loss Treatments

Ever thinking of losing weight lately? if so, pineapple might prove to be some help. Maybe it’s the summer that draws near or some important events that comes up, which prompt you to trim down. Anyway, one of the answers for your weight loss questions might be answered by this tropical fruit. Rich in vitamins […]

10 Benefits of Virginia Snakeroot for Health (#1 Amazing)

Virginia snakeroot is one of the renowned medicinal herb in the snakeroot group. Snakeroots are basically the name given to some species of plants whose main usages are curing snakebites, hence the name. The herb has been known to be exceptionally potent as well as dangerously toxic. Even so, there’s no denying that there’s so […]

11 Benefits of Hepatica for Health (#1 Top Healing)

Hepatica gained its name by the shape of its leaves which resembles that of a liver. Going by other names such as liverwort, kidneywort, and pennywort, this plant is a perrenial herb and has been used as herbal remedy for a long time ago. Not too surprisingly, the herb is believed to have curative effects […]