8 Benefits of Vibrating Foot Massager #1 Body Treatments

Massaging foot is one of health traditional that has been famous this several years. It is quite easy to find foot massager in the mall or public service since many peoples start to understand the vibrating foot massager benefits for the health. Therefore, it is common to have 5-10 minutes relaxation using the massager. This […]

10 Best Benefits of Bathing Before Going to Bed

Bathing is a routine that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean so that germs that cause disease can be removed from the body. Generally, bathing in a day is 2 times, ie morning and evening. However, for some people like workers who work late into the night, bathing […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Brushing Dog’s Hair

Having a dog as a pet is great fun. Benefits of brushing dog’s hair become a sensation that makes the heart that initially is not in the mood to be happy. But animal hair including dogs is a good environment for growing lice or parasites that actually endanger you. So you need to do regular […]

8 Proven Health Benefits of Sleeping for College Students

Keep a sleep schedule regularly is difficult for college students. It is because of some factors such as in the residence hall living, studying hard due to exams, taking many classes and socializing. Furthermore, how well you sleep is probably based on your daily habits including activities. Take a better sleep may help you get […]

10 Excellent Health Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast

Do you love to do exercise? When is the time you love to choose to do a workout? In this article, we will talk about the exercise done before breakfast. You may wonder what kind of benefits you will get if you do this thing. Therefore, we have listed the health benefits of exercising before […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water in Winter

A cold shower or ice bath is referred to as cryotherapy. This activity is commonly done by both amateur and professional athletes. Many people will shake to the unavoidable sign if offered the benefits of bathing with cold water in winter. However, a cold shower has benefits that are even greater for your health. Here […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games in The Classroom

When class breaks arrive, usually children are fond of playing board games that are already available in their class. Board games are various such as chess, snake ladder, monopoly, harma, and so forth. “However, board games are rarely played by young people today,” Clinical Psychologist Son of Three Generations, Saskhya Aulia Prima, M.Psi. In fact, […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage for You

The benefits of Abhyanga or ayurvedic oil massage are as same as the meaning of the name, which sneha means ‘oil’ or ‘love’. As well as being loved, abhyanga makes a deep feeling to your stability and also warmth feeling. Pure sesame oil or herbal oils were being used for the ayurvedic oil massage. Furthermore, […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Oil Massage #Relaxing

To keep your physics and mental health is important. Physically and psychologically benefits can you get by doing oil massage through all of your body. The massage includes to rub and manipulate the muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. The place you can take to relax your body is at your favorite spa, but now the […]

What is the Benefit of Doing Halasana Yoga? Here’s 13 Facts

Halasana pose is a yoga pose that resembles a wooden plow, therefore it is also known for Plough or Plow pose. In Sanskrit, Hala means plow and Asana means seat or posture. Different pose from benefits of lizard pose yoga. The pose is highly recommended in relieving back pains that might occur because of various […]