Unexpected Health Benefits of Bathing Without Soap

Bathing is a mandatory activity that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean and protected from various diseases. Bathing will also make the body fresher after running daily activities. Then what about the health benefits of bathing without soap? Have you ever tried it? Read more: health benefits using […]

10 Best Benefits of Bathing Before Going to Bed

Bathing is a routine that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean so that germs that cause disease can be removed from the body. Generally, bathing in a day is 2 times, ie morning and evening. However, for some people like workers who work late into the night, bathing […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water in Winter

A cold shower or ice bath is referred to as cryotherapy. This activity is commonly done by both amateur and professional athletes. Many people will shake to the unavoidable sign if offered the benefits of bathing with cold water in winter. However, a cold shower has benefits that are even greater for your health. Here […]

6 Proven Health Benefits of Bathing with Dettol Soap

Bathing is a habit that is very essential to our body and skin health. To emphasize, we need a good soap to rub our body cleanly. While rubbing our body with soap, it kills bacteria and treat our health. Especially bathing with Dettol soap, which gives us many health benefits and improve our beauty. Dettol […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing Feet with Salt Water

Usually after we go back from working we would sleep and lay down to rest our body. On the other hand some of us maybe go to spa to relax their body. Going to spa to relax our body from fatigue might be effective, but it’s quite expensive and need more time. Actually there is […]

5 Benefits of Bathing in River Ganga (No.3 is amazing!)

According to Hinduism, river Ganga is a holy river. Millions of people come to river Ganga every year to bath their body. Especially for Hindus, bathing in river Ganga gives spiritual and cultural benefits. Furthermore, they also believe that Ganga river has power to cure all kind of disease in human body. Hence it’s no […]