10 Proven Health Benefits of Oil Massage #Relaxing

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To keep your physics and mental health is important. Physically and psychologically benefits can you get by doing oil massage through all of your body. The massage includes to rub and manipulate the muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments.

The place you can take to relax your body is at your favorite spa, but now the massage moves to clinics and hospitals due the health benefits and here are health benefits of oil massage:

  1. Increases your blood circulation

The production of heat of oil massages that lead through your nerve and blood vessels under the skin supports to improve blood circulation. Moreover, it can also bring other benefits such as improving your skin texture, eliminating of toxins and improving your internal organs functions. Besides all of the benefits, the heat from the massage helps to boost your metabolism.

  1. Makes your muscle more flexible

When you are doing oil massage, the pressure to the muscles makes your muscle more flexible. It is because your muscle open while stretching, which also can improve the function of your muscle. In addition, doing the massage in a period of time makes more tone to your muscle. Or you can read what is the benefit of doing halasana.

  1. Makes your mood increase and reduces depression

There are 30 pressure points in your feet and palms soles that relate to all of your organs. In addition, there are 7 reflex centers that relate to your neck, head, reproductive organs, pancreas, kidneys and liver. A massage at those 7 reflex centers provides certain hormones that is useful to calm your mind, relieve stress and reduces your depression.

  1. Relieves you pain in the body

A massage is a perfect thing you can do when all over your body is aching, because it can relieve all the pain in the body. Your blood circulation during massage improves, which can increase your hormones and secretions in order to beat pain. However, medical attention is also needed when the pain recurs after the massage.

  1. Increases your heart health

Your right palm points and sole have the reflex center to your heart. Take a gentle pressure regularly on the point helps in improve your heart function that makes it healthy, besides you consume healthy food like vegetables and fruits daily. There are still many ways you can do to make your heart healthy but this one is you can do from the outside. Or you can read benefits of garlic for your healthy heart.

  1. Reduces sinusitis and cold

Cold and symptoms of sinusitis will relieve by massaging your face, nose and area around your eyes. As we known before, it is because the oil massage gives heat to the point due to the gentle pressure. There are also other simple home remedies to treat cold and cough which you can take and read in health benefits of lipton tea and health benefits soaking feet warm water.

  1. Keeps your skin healthy

Vaidya Vandana find that facial massage or Abhayangam helps in prevent pimples and beats dryness especially on the face. In addition, it also can prevent

the onset of wrinkles, pigmentation and signs of sun damage. Some yoga poses also you can do to make your skin glow naturally or you can read benefits of yoga.

  1. Makes your stomach healthy

The health benefits of oil massage are through the stomach and lower abdomen. It helps relieve gas, ensures proper secretion of gastric juices and the proper functioning of the liver and spleen. In order to your save, the gentle pressure in those organs should be done because the organs are delicate.

  1. Aids in better and deeper sleep at night

The massage helps you in deeper sleep at night. You are more like to sleep fast and deeper when you are relaxing your mind and your entire body and it can you get by doing oil massage.

  1. Removes the toxins in your body

Improving your blood circulation during massage also means to remove the toxins from your body. Moreover, the increasing of sweat glands and kidneys function make a great support in eliminate system of the body. One massage probably will not make the best results but take it regularly in a period of time at least helps to remove toxins.

For the notice besides all of health benefits of oil massage, those who are in medical conditions, like cancer, fractures, blood clots, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis or if you are pregnant should consult to the doctor or physician before doing the massage.