5 Health Benefits of Owning a Horse

Horse is a majestic creature with four legs which always be depicted within the colossal or old movie as the only reliable ‘vehicle’ to cross any wilderness, combat fields, or meadows in a middle of a rush, wars, or even just fancy stroll caravan on the silk road. You may get some health benefits by […]

5 Health Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

Doing physical exercise is something great. You can do it simply by doing some physical activities. You can choose whether you want to do it in the open air as in the park, field or beach, for the example. Also, it is still possible even when you want to do it indoor: at the gym, […]

Benefits of Shredded Beet Pulp for Horses – High in Calcium

Shredded beet pulp is stringy chips from sugar beets after the sugar extraction process. It is dried to diminish the water substance to around 9%. Sugar beet pulp fiber is affordable, exceptionally digestible, and a very agreeable feed in a structure that is viewed as less dusty than hay. Molasses can be added to shreds, […]

5 Specific Benefits of Cedar Chips and Pine Woods for Dogs

For those who have pets must be know the benefits of cedar chips and pine woods for dogs. As one of the pet bedding material, it is believe this ingredients bring specific sensation for the pets, including for dogs. This is why many pet grooming or pet store provide this item to sell. Not only […]

Benefits of Raspberry Leaves for Horses (Herbal Supplement)

We have known the Health Benefits of Raspberry Tea for women and pregnancy. But do you know that these serrated leaves are also beneficial for animal? Well, we can rely on the benefits of raspberry leaves for horses. The Benefits of Raspberry Leaves for Horses Just like the fruit, raspberry leaves also contain good amount […]

Proven Benefits of Gabapentin for Dogs Health

Dogs are people’s best friend for a very long time. They accompany, entertain, and guard us. Even, sleeping with dog can present Benefits of Dog Sleeping With You. Or else, you can also get The Benefits of Dog Saliva. Many people live with dogs as if they live with their family member. So, it is […]

Health Benefits of Rosemary for Horses (Treatments and Conditions)

There are sure quite a number of applications available for rosemary; the herb itself are a regular ingredient for dishes like pasta, roasted meat or steak, its essential oil is used as a memory booster, stress reliever along with some other health advantages, and so much more. However, not many are aware that rosemary is […]

Discover Unbelievable Health Benefits of Fruit for Dogs Here!

As a matter of fact, human loves to eat fruits and vegetables due to its taste and nutrition. However, what about pet like dogs? Are they good, too? It turns out that fruits for the dog are also beneficial for them. It will bring good health including promote digestion, boost immunity and promote better eyesight […]

 Scientific Benefits of Dogs Licking Wounds You Should Know

Licking wounds is an intuitive behavior done by animal. It is common for us to see cat or dog licking their wounds. Not only animal, human sometimes also have this kind of habit. Unconsciously, we bite or lick on our small wound, especially those small wounds around the fingers. Well, for some people licking wounds […]

Check The Psychological Benefits of Having Cats for Healthy Mind!

Having a pet is a good thing to do. By having a pet, you can play with them and share the moment as well. In this case, the pet has been a part of people’s life. What kind of pet do you own in your home? Is it a cat, dog or a rabbit? In […]