12 Household Chores and Their Health Benefits

Some people may not enjoy doing household chores, because they probably think that the chores have no health benefits. Actually, household chores bring health benefits such as increase happiness, reduce the risk of stress, including help the body to prevent diseases. In addition, the household chores are including clean yard, wash dishes, clean bathroom, get […]

10 Health Benefits of Justicia Gandarusa

Justicia Gandarusa has scientific name Justicia gendarussa Burm. F and the synonym of the plant are gendarussa vulganis Nees and gendarussa nosea Rumph. The altitude of the plant in Java is 100-500 meters above sea and can reach 2 meters high that starts from near the base of the stem. Furthermore, its young branches are […]

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Through A Straw

Drinking through a straw acts as a representative of the oldest eating utensils ever made. It is popular as the industrial revolution of 1800s introduce of rye grass straw. Furthermore, the popularity increases by the industrial production of paper straws. Straw has the ability to transfer beverages from its container to the user’s mouth by […]

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Armagnac Brandy

Armagnac is a kind of brandy products belong to Armagnac or region in Gascony, southwest France. The beverage made of the blending of grapes such as Baco 22A, Colombard, Folle blanche and Ugni blanc, or you can also read health benefits of red and black grapes and health benefits of green grapes. Recently, research from […]

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Squid Ink

Black squid ink is one of ingredients that are being used to make the foods taste better with its deep flavor. The flavor comes from black color in the ink and furthermore it is being known as iron source. The other nutrients of black squid ink are including antioxidants as well as proteins, lipids, minerals, […]

12 Health Benefits of Blue Tea – Blue Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea tea (Clitoria Ternatea) is also popular with Asian Pigeon Wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin pea, or you can also read health benefits of peas. Usually called as blue tea, the tea is an amazing brain boosting herb native to tropical equatorial Asia. The name comes from its luminous […]

10 Health Benefits of Lollo Rosso (Red Coral Lettuce)

Lollo rosso (red coral lettuce) is similar to red oak leaf lettuce because it belongs to the variety of lettuce, or you can also read health benefits of oak leaves. Those two vegetables come from India in ancient times and being known as the oldest vegetable for salad. Or you can also read health benefits […]

11 Health Benefits of Dill Pickles Juice – Cramps Relief

For many years, dill pickles have been known as healthy food, while they can be found nowadays in a juice called as dill pickles juice. For the first time, the juice might sound kind of gross but it is worth to try. The beverage is popular especially for athletes. They seem to drink the beverage […]

11 Popular Health Benefits of Dill Leaves

Dill is a plant that has scientific name Anethum graveolens. The plant is being used for several purposes such as culinary and medicinal purposes. In industry of food or culinary, dill is usually you can find in pickles and it placed commonly on fast food such as grilled burgers and sandwiches. In addition, the industry […]

12 Health Benefits of Ube Fruit (African Fruit)

Ube fruit is a kind of pear native to Africa, particularly grows in Nigeria with its nickname Ube. The fruit belongs to a tree whose scientific name is Dascroides Edulis. The tree you can find in plantations or widely in the forest reaching heights of between 12 and 40 m. In addition, the fruit has […]