5 Health Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

Doing physical exercise is something great. You can do it simply by doing some physical activities. You can choose whether you want to do it in the open air as in the park, field or beach, for the example. Also, it is still possible even when you want to do it indoor: at the gym, […]

Surprising Benefits of a Dog Licking You for Body and Mental Health

Dog and human have grown a strong bond. Dog has been a friend for human since long ago. So, it is common for dog to do many things for human. Not only as pet, of which you can get recreational benefits from keeping dog, you can also get some benefits from dog just like the […]

The Benefits of Dog Saliva – Health Risks Included!

Dog is considered as a human’s best friend knowing for its never-ending loyalty. Due to the instinct to keep loyal towards the owner, dog becomes one of favorite animal to be adopt as a pet. You have already perceived there are lots of benefits having canine as companion. A dog is able to make you […]

Benefits of Dog Sleeping With You – Is It Good for You?

If you are tired of work all day long, sleep is undoubtedly a way to get your body a rest. It is like the activity of recharging body, in order to feel fresh at the time you wake up as it already explained in Health Benefits of Sleeping. Everybody has to sleep with enough amount […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Brushing Dog’s Hair

Having a dog as a pet is great fun. Benefits of brushing dog’s hair become a sensation that makes the heart that initially is not in the mood to be happy. But animal hair including dogs is a good environment for growing lice or parasites that actually endanger you. So you need to do regular […]

13 Unknown Health Benefits of Dog Meat (Pros and Cons)

There are many health benefits of eating dog meat, but no many people know about it. Today, dog meat is still became pro and contra because some people won’t to consume it. Behind that pro and cons, dog meat has many health benefits for our body. But not at all people know about that, so […]

10 Incredible Benefits of Giving a Dog Fish Oil

So far we know the many benefits of fish oil for the health of the body and also the intelligence of the brain. However, it turns out that fish oil is not only used for humans only. Dogs is one of the animals that also require the consumption of fish oil. The vets have also […]

20 Best Health Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs (#1 Top Dogs Healthy Herbs and Food)

Do you know that a simple little spice called turmeric would make a huge difference on your dog’s health and even their lifespan? Yes, it is true that turmeric, whenever you’re applying it to your dog, would bring a lot of benefits to them. So, Turmeric, also known as Curcuma longa L is an herbal […]

30 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs (#Top Amazing)

Dog is one of common pets people like to take care. You can easily find dog lovers at your surrounding. Dog festival is also routinely held in some cities as well as other dog events. Caring dog, therefore, begins to become nowadays people’s life style. They choose to care the dog for various reasons ranging […]