10 Best Benefits of Bathing Before Going to Bed

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Bathing is a routine that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean so that germs that cause disease can be removed from the body. Generally, bathing in a day is 2 times, ie morning and evening. However, for some people like workers who work late into the night, bathing activities are usually done at night.

There are pros and cons about the benefits of bathing before going to bed. However, it turns out that the bath at night also gives health effects on the body such as:

  1. Fresher effect

This is because the water is cooler at night. Cold water is what will give a fresh effect compared to bathing in the morning or evening

  1. Lowering blood pressure

Bathing at night also serves as low blood pressure. For those who have high blood pressure, it is advisable to take a bath at night. However, it is not recommended daily because it will lead to other health problems

  1. Overcoming insomnia

For those who have insomnia or difficult to sleep at night, it is advisable to take a warm bath before bed. This will make the body more relaxed so it will get a good night’s sleep. or try health benefits of buttermilk

  1. Relieves tension and anxiety

Taking a bath before bed especially using hot water can help dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. This is what can make the body more relaxed. So the sense of tension and anxiety can be reduced in benefits of gaba supplement for anxiety.

  1. Maintain skin moisture

If you take a hot shower before going to bed and use lotion after bathing, it can open the pores and keep the skin moist. Because the temperature of the hot water makes the pores become wider. or try health benefits of xanthan gum

  1. Prevent the spread of disease

Apparently, taking a shower before bed is a positive activity that can prevent bacterial growth. With a bath, your body will be clean and bacteria attached to the body will be lost. When the bacteria disappear, then the spread of any disease you can prevent. Yes, there are many benefits of bathing before going to bed.

  1. Maintain lung health

The lungs are important organs in the body. if you cannot maintain health, it will arise various dangerous diseases. However, you can maintain lung health by bathing. Taking a bath before bed helps prevent draining mucus from the nose and irritation. 

  1. Prevent headaches

If you often feel a headache, try to take a shower before you go to sleep. Headaches are caused by stiff muscles. With your bath, will relax the blood vessel muscle so that the blood flow becomes smooth. Headaches can be prevented

  1. Avoid the attacks of mites

Mites are very happy to live in dirty places. When you bathe, your body will become cleaner and the mites will not dare to attack

  1. Overcoming allergies

This is because the bath makes the body clean so as to overcome allergies


Benefits of bathing before going to bed too often at night can cause uric acid because it makes pain in joints