What is the Benefit of Doing Halasana Yoga? Here’s 13 Facts

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Hasil gambar untuk halasanaHalasana pose is a yoga pose that resembles a wooden plow, therefore it is also known for Plough or Plow pose. In Sanskrit, Hala means plow and Asana means seat or posture. Different pose from benefits of lizard pose yoga.

The pose is highly recommended in relieving back pains that might occur because of various reasons, same as other yoga or you can read benefits of bikram yoga. What is the benefit of doing halasana? Moreover, Halasana is effective to stretch each part of spine especially for upper spine or you can also find in benefits of yoga.

Here are some of health benefits of Halasana Yoga:

  1. Treats constipation, stomach disorders, obesity and diabetes.
  2. Helps in reducing belly and body fat.
  3. Gives the well nourishment to the inner organs like thyroid, kidney, spleen and pancreas.
  4. Makes high blood pressure become normal.
  5. Treats menstrual disorders and helps in menopause for woman
  6. Increases the power of your memory.
  7. Gives sleek look because of trim waist and broad shoulder.
  8. Anti-aging.
  9. Makes muscle fibers and cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae on the back become stronger.
  10. Strengthening and make back bone and muscle, neck and shoulder more flexible.
  11. Reduces stress and fatigue.
  12. Improves immune system.
  13. Helps in calming your nervous system.

How to do Halasana pose?

Due to the benefits, here are six steps you can follow in doing Halasana pose therefore you can get health benefits of Halasana pose efficiently:

  1. Makes your body to lie on your back and put your arms beside you then your palms downwards.
  2. Lift your feet off the floor by your abdominal muscle while you are taking breath and your legs in vertically position at an angle of 90-degree.
  3. Next you can take a breath normally and hold the hips and back by your hands then lift them off to the ground.
  4. Sweep your legs in an angle of 180-degree over your head till your toes are on the floor. Make sure that your back perpendicular to the floor. This probably difficult, but you can try in a few seconds.
  5. Keep on the pose and make your body more relax by breathing steadily.
  6. Rest the pose in about a minute (a few seconds for beginners) after that, your legs may down gently on exhalation.

Here are also some tips for Halasana pose:

  1. Take the steps in doing Halasana slowly and gently. You should do not strain your neck including make it down to ground because it will lead you to some injuries.
  2. Put your back on the tops of your shoulders and make your shoulders lift a little towards your ears.
  3. You should not jerk your body while the legs are in down position.

Cautions in doing Halasana

Health benefits of Halasana and other yoga just like vajrasana health benefits will be the reason you doing the yoga but the cautions probably keep you safe and here are the cautions:

  1. Avoid doing Halasana when you are in pregnancy or menstruation. During pregnancy you can try other yoga or you can read health benefits of yoga during pregnancy.
  2. Halasana is not very recommended for those who are in blood pressure and brain diseases.
  3. People who are having an enlarged liver, thyroid or spleen should not do Halasana.
  4. Halasana exercise can be dangerous if you are having headache and weak blood vessels in the eyes.
  5. For those who are suffering from cervical spondylitis or slipped disc, doing Halasana exercise will not make you get any benefits.
  6. Bend the knees is not allowed.
  7. Move fast in a hurry while doing Halasana can make tremendous amount of stress to your spine.

What is the benefit of doing halasana? That’s all you can practice daily for health treatments.